10 Winter Fashion Trends That Are Totally Irresistible (and Sustainable!)

I’ve been very excited for Winter this year, maybe it’s because winter fashion trends are so gorgeous, unique, and fun!

I’m giving you the rundown on the hottest winter fashion trends, so you can see if any tickle your fancy this season. Remember, though, that timeless, sustainable fashion never goes out of style! Enjoy my list of 10 Winter Fashion Trends That Are Totally Irresistible (and Sustainable!)

1. Overall: Western

There is Western everything popping up on the runways and in street fashion. But this trend is a little different than what you might initially think of. Ladies are taking cowboy style and making it sophisticated.

The trend has been dubbed “urban cowboy,” taking the country into the city for a cool juxtaposition that’s strikingly eye-catching. You’ll find all kinds of fashion brands getting involved with this western trend, from cute cowboy hats to leather boots to chunky belts. Denim and leather reign supreme in this style.

2. Print: plaid

The hottest print this season is plaid. It’s back to those (oh-so-comfortable) days of plaid flannel shirts paired with denim for an effortless cowboy look. Plaid skirts and sweaters are also making an appearance everywhere we look, so pull out those timeless holiday red and white plaid sweaters and you’ll instantly be 100% on-trend.

3. Decade: ‘90s

Oversized denim is equally western and ‘90s style at the same time. ‘90s looks have made a huge resurgence, from hair scrunchies to neon turtlenecks to glitter eye-shadow. What has been dubbed the “VSCO girl” look is really just a recreation of the ‘90s—and we are all for it at Current Boutique! All the fun from my youth is back in full force, and I love how playful and easygoing this style is!

Part of the ‘90s look that’s hot for winter 2019: flared denim jeans (especially high waisted) and Doc Martens shoes.

Is ‘90s right for you? Take our Ultimate Personal Style Quiz to see what style you should rock right now!

4. Colors: neutral with a pop

Although the 1990s was filled to the brim with vibrant colors, its rebirth is a little more subdued. The hot colors for winter are neutral camels, tans, creams, and black—spiked with a pop of color. So throw on your favorite brown sweater, pair it with some cowboy boots, and accessorize with your favorite color—and you’re perfectly on-trend (and comfy cozy).

P.S. Monochrome outfits are still very much trending. Throw together different shades of the same color to create a look that’s attention-grabbing, yet totally refined.

5. Footwear: snakeskin

Animal prints have been hot for a while, but this winter is narrowing in with snake print specifically. Slithering on scene, snakeskin has become one of the most popular footwear prints for the season for boots and even slippers. It’s also become a popular material for bags, trousers, and skirts.

Snakeskin print or material can feel a little wild and foreign to some people. I always think it’s a great idea to step outside of your fashion comfort zone and take a walk on the wild side. Studies show that the clothes you wear have an impact on your psychology—so maybe those snakeskin boots will make you freer, a little more daring, and ready to take on the roaring ‘20s (2020s, that is).

Fashion forward tip: Knee-high boots are also in fashion. Snakeskin knee highs are sure to get you feeling seductive and stunning!

6. Silhouette: square

Square lines are popping up everywhere this season. Over the summer, “milkmaid” tops were hot and trendy. That same style is reimagined with square line sweaters, blouses, and winter dresses. This square silhouette creates a plunging look that exposes some of your chest, but it’s still conservative and flirty.

I’m also seeing square-toe shoes and square sunglasses pop up all over street fashion. The boxier the silhouette, the more in fashion it is this winter!

7. Jewelry: pearl hoops

I’m absolutely obsessed with the new “in” jewelry piece: pearl hoops. These are gold hoops with pearls hanging down from them or floating freely inside the hoop itself. These hoops are dainty and elegant, and they’re the perfect addition to any holiday or winter outfit.

Pearls are always in style, and they’re a winter must-have year after year. But these pearl hoops keep the trend modern and stylish, and we anticipate they’ll be a more regular staple in the months (and years) to come.

8. Accessories: silk scarves

Silk scarves are reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn days. Throw a silk scarf around your neck, put on your sunshades, and you’re ready for a Hepburn-worthy journey through a winter wonderland.

My favorite look: Throw on a satin midi skirt, which keeps you warm but still free-flowing and feminine. (Plus, satin midis are on every runway for the winter season) Pair with a white or neutral sweater, and top off with a silk scarf. This pairing of soft textiles lets the materials do the talking for a gorgeous, comfortable outfit that you’ll re-wear again and again all season long.

9. Hair: “message” hairpins

Personalized hairpins are a fun way to pull your hair out of your face—while showing off a cute and clever message. Bedazzled clips might say things like “diva” or “princess” if you’re feeling cutesy, or you could keep it refined with messages like “breathe” and “joy.” You can even custom order one to say your name or any phrase you want!

There are a lot of Etsy sellers with personalized hairpins, or you may also be able to find some at Ulta, Target, Anthropologie, and other chic stores. This is more of a passing fad than an enduring one, though, so you might want to be mindful of cost and waste.

10. Our winter fashion fave: leather bottoms

Leather jackets are a timeless wardrobe essential every lady needs in her closet. But this winter, leather bottoms are also so hot and stylish. From leather skirts to trousers, this comfy print is hitting below the belt—and we absolutely adore it. Leather is a heavy, resilient material, so it’ll keep you warm and cozy as you wander through the winter season.

Is winter white still in?

Yup! Winter white is still going strong. So, don’t be afraid to wear white after labor day. White can actually be a cozy color reminiscent of snowflakes, snowmen, and holiday cheer.

What’s “cool” for winter fashion?

Let’s sum up this winter’s fashion trends in one phrase: western ‘90s. Throw on your oversized denim and flannel shirts, pair it with leather cowboy boots and skirts, tie a silk scarf around your neck, pull your hair back in a fun pin, and top it all off with an elegant pearl hoop.

It sounds like a jumble of interesting trends—but the altogether look is actually effortlessly chic and gorgeous!

Now is the time to start winter clothes shopping. Don’t wait until the weather is too cold to go outside to start buying your jackets, warm dresses, and boots. Make your New Year’s style resolution right now—to dress in clothes you love, to shop secondhand and sustainable, and to be the totally bad@$$ woman you are!

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