Sell With Us

Fashion Lovers Unite! Our fashion community will help you turn your pre-loved gems into cash!

Sell to Earn More

Fund your next shopping spree! Our competitive commission means you earn more. Easily deposit your earnings into your bank account or use them to buy your new favorite piece. Current Boutique is the best place to sell designer clothes on consignment, because we enable you to get your products in front of buyers and let them see the many fashions that you’re offering--from the eccentric to the exotic, from the formal to the foreign, and from the subtle to the surprising. Selling designer clothes is what we do best!

Guaranteed Authentic

Our team prides itself on selecting curated pieces. We consider the quality, fabric, style and condition of each item. We especially love natural fabrics: silk, cashmere, wool, cotton, linen.

Sustainable Fashion

By consigning and shopping consignment you are reducing waste and giving new life to your clothing for someone else to enjoy.

The Future
is Pre-loved

3 Easy Ways to Sell

Drop Off

No appointment needed!

Visit one of our locations in Northern Virginia or Washington, D.C., and a store member will review your items to determine which items will be accepted for consignment.

After review, all consignors are asked to complete our Consignment Agreement and Listing Form describing the items you are consigning.

For a speedy process, drop off your items with both Consignment Agreement and Listing Forms completed and we'll take care of the rest. It can take up to two weeks for items to be entered into your consignment account.

Items we do not accept for consignment will be donated.

Send It

Save time, earn money!

It's the easiest way to sell designer clothes.

Request a prepaid USPS shipping label below. Valid only for those who are shipping from a United States address.

List your items in the Listing Form and fill out our Consignment Agreement.

Drop-off your items along with completed forms in the mail.

Once your package is received, we will evaluate and process your items within two weeks.

Items we do not accept for consignment will be donated.

We Pick-up

Let us come to you!

This option is available to you if you have at least 50 or more items to consign and live within the D.C. metro area.

Majority of items must be high-end brands: Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Kate Spade, etc.

If you qualify for this service, please email

Please include the following in your email: pick-up address, list of total amount of items you wish to consign, and ideal time frame to pick-up.

Sell your Clothes,

Protect the planet

By choosing pre-loved and consignment, you help reduce waste, give new life to clothing and recycle for someone else to enjoy!

Request Mail-in Label

We make it incredibly easy for you to sell designer clothes online. Whether you want to drop off your clothes at one of our locations in-person, whether you want to mail the items into Current Boutique, or whether you want us to come pick them up from you, we have set up a seamless system for making it simple for you to sell designer clothes on consignment online

Don’t let your amazing clothes go to waste by sending them to the landfill. All of these clothes can be reused by eager customers who have been DYING to get their hands on the fashion that you’ve been wearing. You’re a fashion icon, and the clothes that remain in your closet are valuable. Don’t sell yourself short--the clothes in the back of your drawer could just be the perfect thing that someone else has been looking for to completely light up their life.

And it’s not just your clothes, but the pre-loved clothing at the back of your daughter’s closet that she doesn’t want to wear anymore because her passions have changed. The shoes, the accessories, the jewelry--everything that you have been keeping in storage could turn into cash by selling your clothes on consignment through Current Boutique.

The Time is Now

Don’t wait! The time to sell your designer clothes on consignment is right now. Turn that shelf of clothes that don’t fit into cash. Make the most out of your former fashions by giving them new life in the hands of some other eager person.

Remember: our personal styles may change, but every piece of clothing will always be valuable--to the right person. Current Boutiques makes sure to get your clothes in front of the right pair of eyes to get them sold.