12 Fall 2021 Trends (and 4 Flops)

Fall Trends 2021


What are the hottest fall trends for 2021 that are also sustainable and investment-worthy? At Current Boutique, we love considering current fashion trends in conjunction with our value of sustainability. Let’s check out the hottest fall 2021 trends to decide which are worth adoring based on sustainability and style—and which trends might be worth skipping.

Fall 2021 winner: saturated shades

You’ve probably seen me write a lot about neutral colors. I’m a firm believer that every woman needs a solid foundation of black, white, and neutral tones in her closet because neutrals never go out of style and they’re the perfect foundational canvas for playing around with other trends and colors.

With that said, that doesn’t mean I don’t also incorporate colors into my outfits. On the contrary, I love colors. I particularly love wearing colors that suit my skin and hair tone, as well as those that match the season (like oranges and browns for fall 2021, reds and gold for the holidays, pastels for the spring, and yellows and light blues for summer). Colors are a fun way to brighten up your wardrobe, your look, and your day!

While spring brought a lot of pastel colors to the scene, we’re seeing a deepening of these colors for fall 2021. “Saturated shades” are coming to the runways with bold, deep colors in streetwear outfits. Not only that, but we’re seeing bright and unusual color pairings like marigold and bubblegum pink, lavender and rust, and emerald with sage.

If you love deep colors that look like luxuriant candy for your eyes, fall 2021 is opening the doors for you to play around with complementary colors, secondary hues, and saturated pairings. Play around with color and have some fun!

Love: tailored clothing

Clothing looks and feels better when it fits well. Tailored clothing designed with well-fitted silhouettes isn’t just a fall 2021 trend; it’s a classic look that makes the wearer feel put-together and ready to tackle anything thrown their way. Studies have shown that wearing clothing has an impact on psychology, and tailored clothing puts you in a smart, composed mindset that’s perfect for rocking every area of your life, from work to happy hour to hanging out with friends.

Tailored clothing tends to be of higher quality with a focus on material, fit, and form. We’re seeing a lot of button-downs, turtlenecks, vests, long coats, and trousers moving out of the academia world and onto the fashion scene. These timeless looks are always in style, but now they’re more than just classic—they’re trending!

Suit coats are particularly trending for fall 2021. We love long trench-style coats because they are an ageless and era-less look that flatters every body type and style.  

Psst… Tailored clothing doesn’t mean form-fitting or tight. Tailored clothing means it fits you well and looks “smart”—both intellectually and stylishly smart! These pieces are designed to complement your unique body shape so you can look and feel your best.

Flop: large puff jackets

We like puffer jackets. They’re cute and cozy. However, we’re seeing a lot of designers bringing out oversized, extra-large puffer coats in bold colors like red leopard or hot pink. When it comes to outerwear, we prefer more functional looks like black or neutrals in manageable (not oversized) silhouettes. You’re probably going to be wearing these jackets around town in the snow and rain, so you want something that’s going to be practical. You also want your outerwear to last for a few years because it generally has a higher price point, so choosing something more timeless and less trendy is usually a good investment.

If you like bold colors and large puffer jackets, go for it! We just don’t see this style hanging around past this season.

Love: knitted tops

Knit sweaters and tops are always “in” for every autumn season, but this year we’re seeing them not just in everyday streetwear—they’re also taking over the runway. Knitted pieces are both comfy and cute, and they’re an easy way to stay warm while also staying stylish. We love the simple yet put-together look of a white knit blouse paired with a denim or corduroy skirt, a harvest-colored sweater with jeans and booties, or a knitted dress with black leggings.

Knits can be chunky or slim. They come in a variety of colors and materials. And they’re the perfect way to dress up or dress down, even with the same knitted top. The only rule of knits is: don’t buy an itchy one! That means you want a quality knit that will give you the comfort you’re looking for this fall. That’s why we typically recommend you avoid fast fashion knits and purchase something designer that will be your go-to knit for years to come.

Since knits are as timeless as autumn itself, investing in a quality knit purchased from Current Boutique is going to be one of the best decisions you can make for your wardrobe and wallet. Shop our sweaters and knits here!

Love: Western boots

Boots are always trending for fall, but we always see slight variations in which boots are hottest each season. Some seasons, shorter boots are in while other seasons knee highs or thigh highs are trending. Chunky heels versus stiletto heels versus no heels is another great debate of the fall boots world. (The answer is: go with the boot you like the most!)

For 2021, Western boots (aka cowboy boots) are particularly trendy and we are here for it. Although the cowboy style goes in and out of fashion, Western boots can be an easy go-to in your closet. They’re typically brown—which is always a classic boot color—and made of quality, timeless material like leather or suede. Beyond that, everyone knows and loves cowboy boots—they’re fun, flirty, and practical all at the same time. So, if you’ve got a pair already, whip them out for the season. If not, there are a lot of high-end, gorgeous options you can buy preloved.  

Flop: cropped jackets

Cropped tees were super trendy for spring and summer, so we’re not all that surprised to see cropped jackets “cropping” up for fall 2021. Although it’s a cute trend, it’s not timeless enough to last past the season. Cropped jackets aren’t warm enough to persist through the winter, they’re hard to pull together into a composed outfit, and they’re not flattering on most body types.

Since we don’t anticipate cropped jackets to still be trending next season, we’d skip this look. If you’re eager to try out the cropped look, stick to cropped tops underneath chunky cardigans or sweaters, which hold their value and style for years.

Love: kerchiefs

When it comes to fall 2021 accessories, our favorite trend happens to be one that’s classically timeless, even when not trending. That’s the kerchief! Whether tied around your head, neck, or purse, kerchiefs add dimension to your outfit. We particularly love using kerchiefs as a statement piece to liven up a neutral outfit, bringing in some color and patterns to blacks, nudes, and whites.

When you think of kerchiefs, you probably think of Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, and other classic fashion icons—and for a good reason! These have been effortlessly fashionable for decades, so it’s not surprising to see them pop up this fall 2021, especially classic styles that have been coming so heartily back on the scene.

Pro tip: Choose a kerchief with fall colors and thicker materials to bring you through the fall and winter. When summer rolls around, break out the lighter kerchiefs for an easy-breezy look.

Love: long gloves

Another look from eras-gone-by that’s coming back on the scene for fall 2021: long gloves. Otherwise known as opera gloves, these are thin gloves that extend to the elbow. They add a sense of grace, poise, and elegance to the outfit. They’re perfect for fall because they’ll keep your fingertips warm while maintaining a sweet feminine silhouette.

At first, they might feel a little out of your comfort zone (you’ll likely feel like you’ve just stepped into an episode of Downton Abbey), but give it a shot! They might just become your favorite accessory—and we know they’ll cycle back around in fashion at least some time in the next 100 years.

Flop: shearling bags 

Don’t get us wrong, we love cozy shearling in some cases. But, to us, purses should be as functional as they are beautiful. Shearling gets dirty very quickly and it’s hard to clean and care for, so having a shearling trimmed bag means you’ll constantly be fighting off dirt, stains, and bacteria. Unless you’re super cognizant about how you treat your purses, we recommend forgetting this trend and instead incorporating shearling into your outfit in other ways.

Love: midi skirts 

While short skirts and skinny jeans are on their way out, we’re seeing a push towards midi hems and looser silhouettes. This season’s skirts and dresses have hems that end between the knee and the ankle, creating a graceful and timeless look. These sorts of midi skirts can be super easy to wear, and they look nice on most body types. They make your waist appear slimmer and they hug all the right curves in the lower half of your torso—creating a stunning silhouette that every woman will love.

Pair with a fancy blouse or a knit or throw on a crop top with a cardigan. Wear with boots, flip flops, Converse, heels, or thigh highs, and accentuate with your chosen accessories to create the perfect look that suits your style.

Interesting fact: There is a fashion theory that high hemlines indicate economic prosperity while lower hemlines convey economic downturns. This mid to long hem may have something to do with the uncertain times of 2020. 

Love: black dresses

Little black dresses never go out of style. They’ve been in style since the 1930s, and they’ve yet to leave (and probably never will). A lot of designers have been focusing on the little black dress for fall 2021, from midi silhouettes to sexy miniskirts. We’ve even seen tuxedo dresses and black baby-doll silhouettes don runways like Fashion East and Christian Dior for the season.

So, it’s time to give the stage to whichever little black dress(es) you feel most confident in! Pull it out of your closet or buy a new little black dress, and style it up or down with fall colors, accessories, and fabrics. The LBD is the perfect canvas to play around with different accessories, shoes, bags, makeup, hair, and more—so don’t be afraid to try out something new this fall 2021

Flop: oversized totes  

We love bags that carry everything we need (and then some). Although we love baguettes, these too-small trending purses have now made way for oversized totes. But we’re not loving the large tote bag style, either. Although oversized totes pair beautifully with boots and a trench coat, they can feel a little too cumbersome for everyday walking around. Go for tote bags that are reasonably sized – not bigger than overhead luggage!

If you like tote bags, go for one that is a manageable size for your life. We believe in the beauty of an investment bag, which means you want to find bags that fit your practicality, style, and use, rather than caring too much about trends. Check out our guide to all things bags and purses to learn more.

What are your favorite fall 2021 trends—and which do you think are a flop for your style?

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