22 Outfits for 2022 that are the Perfect Amount of Extra

Perfect Amount of Extra

Everyone has been talking recently about minimalism and capsule wardrobes, praising the more simplistic, classy, and timeless style. But… sometimes, you just want to show off your fun, crazy style! Fashion is about expressing yourself. So, if you prefer the maximalist approach to getting dressed, don’t hold back or feel the need to fit in with the minimalist look. Besides, maximalism is trending for 2022, as more women are looking towards fashion as a means of fun, art, and self-confidence. And with the right confidence, you can make any outfit come alive. Don’t believe us? Get inspired by these 22 outfits that are the perfect amount of extra.

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color blocking maximalist outfit

Color blocking is a striking and head-turning style technique. Wearing vivid colors can brighten your face – and your day! I love how this lovely lady pairs green and blue in deep, cool, saturated tones, utilizing a monochrome blue palette as the outfit foundation with a puffy, metallic top as the statement piece. Learn how to rock the color blocking trend here to create the perfect outfit combination of refined and fun.

popped collar maximalist outfit

Is it just me or does a popped collar always feel bold, sexy, and extra? This monochrome outfit is taken up a notch by simply including a large-and-in-charge collar on the coat.

band tee and striped skirt maximalist outfit

I love how this gorgeous lady pairs two basics together – a basic band tee and a striped skirt – to build an outfit that’s out-there and fun. Notice how she uses the same shade of gray in both pieces, tied together with matching black accessories, to create a cohesive yet eye-catching look. 

animal print jacket maximalist outfit

Animal prints are forever fierce and timeless. I love that animal prints come in neutral, natural colors so you can pair them with other neutrals in your closet. But, at the same time, the print adds dimension, taking the look from simple to stunning. Add a little flair to a simple outfit by adding an animal print, especially in an unexpected piece like a jacket or pants.

maximalist colorful animal prints

Want to take your animal prints one step further into “extra” territory? Try an animal pattern in bright, beguiling colors!

matching animal prints maximalist outfit

For even more fun with animal prints, try an entire head-to-toe outfit in matching animal prints.

mismatched animal prints

Or an outfit of mismatched animal prints! 

patterned skirt with yellow top "extra" outfit

If you find a bold pattern or piece that you love, throw it on! Then, add pieces with colors that match the colors found in the pattern. Like this bright patterned skirt with perfectly-matched pink shoes and yellow, ruffled blouse (the ruffles add a little extra touch of fun too).

patterned skirt with black top

When in doubt, tone down a vibrant or intricate piece with something neutral like a white or black tee.

mismatched maximalist outfit

Make it even easier to look chic (and a little eccentric) by purposefully mismatching your top and bottom. These patterns and colors don’t match, and yet they are so resolutely unmatching that together they create a unique, gorgeous look.

clashing prints maximalist outfit

Don’t want to get that bold? Try clashing prints in the same color family.

outfits that are so extra

Or try mixing and matching patterns with a similar pattern, like how this outfit has an analogous color scheme and thin lines throughout the top, skirt, and jacket. Because the colors and line-based patterns matched, the mismatching of the stripes, checks, and pleats looks purposeful and tasteful. 

matching square patterns maximalist

The same concept of matching patterns is true here too. The top and bottom are the same size squares, which makes the outfit look uniform even though they have mismatched colors. And the use of the pleated plaid skirt adds even more dimension to this look.

textured color blocking maximalist outfit

Texture is a must for every adventurous woman. Whether it’s pleats, ruffles, feathers, or sequins, the more texture you can add to an outfit the better!

textured black outfit with cuffs

Even an all-black outfit can look “extra” with the use of varying textures and materials.

maximalist leather with floral outfit

Faux leather is one of my favorite fabrics to use because it gives an edgy, sultry vibe to an outfit. Paired with florals and you have a gorgeous contradiction that’s as complex as you are! 

asymmetric maximalist outfit

Asymmetrical necklines, hemlines, and prints create a head-turning outfit that’s as unexpected and intriguing as your personality.

maximalist jumpsuit

Make the maximalist vibe easy, simple, and fun with a jumpsuit in a graphic pattern or print that makes you feel good and accentuates your natural coloring.

breaking fashion rules

Basically, it’s all about breaking fashion rules. The rules say not to wear socks with sandals, but who cares? Do it and add a mini skirt and trench coat in mismatched colors while you’re at it!

wear a ballgown in the middle of the day

Want to wear a cocktail dress or ballgown in the middle of the day? Go for it! You’ll probably have the best day of your life, feeling and acting like a princess!

yellow skirt chunky sweater maximalist outfit

Always buy that piece with the unique accent or special detail that makes you feel unstoppable.  

wear outfits that make you happy

If it makes you happy, inspired, and confident, it’s worth having in your closet.

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