4 Easy Tips on How to Mix and Match Prints

Mixing and Matching Stripes and FloralsFor all of you creatives out there mixing prints is probably a piece of cake. Lucky you to be born with innate tendencies towards beauty and synergy. It’s a piece of cake because you are following rules and guidelines you’ve learned or didn’t know exist because it comes naturally to you. But for most, mixing prints can be challenging – even intimidating. The good news is there are tips that can be learned and mastered with practice and a little experimentation. Follow these 4 easy tips on how to mix and match prints to perfection. Soon you can remix like an expert!

1. Find a Common Color

Look through your wardrobe for prints in the same color palette or family to pair together. If your top has a combination of blue & green floral make sure your bottom gingham print has at least a pop of blue or green. You need to have a least one color to tie the two together for a cohesive look. Items will work together even if they have the same pattern but inverted colors. Colors should unify. Remember to combine colors tastefully, they should compliment each other and look pleasing to the eye. You are looking for colors and tones to blend. For a guaranteed flawless look mix light tones and dark tones of the same color.

2. Look for Synergy

It creates harmony to mix the same patterns in reverse colors or wear different sizes of the same print. For a look to work, it is important to have one element of synergy to tie prints together whether it be style, color, scale or theme. You can pair two types of the same print magically and color may not play a part in both. Mix and match two different color paisley prints and it will work because the patterns are the same, just make sure you pay attention to the scale of each. It works because the theme or style matches and creates the synergy needed for the perfect outfit. You need to find one element or essence of the other for the look to work together.

3. Size Matters

Look for one print to dominate the outfit and one to compliment. This is important because you need one focal point to draw the eyes. For example, small stripes and larger florals make for a great combo. The larger florals draw the eyes in and the stripes make for a great compliment. Mixing the same pattern in a larger or smaller scale can work too because the two print sizes complement each other. Mixing two large prints can overpower the whole look. It’s best to pair small prints with larger prints and mix prints in different scales for the best look. It’s always possible to break all the rules and mix two smaller prints or two larger prints together for a good look but it should be done carefully to make sure other elements pair together.

4. Mix in Neutrals & Solids

If you are feeling like a print is too loud or overpowering break it up with a solid neutral. Wearing a head to toe bold print like a geometric might be too much print and needs an addition of a neutral solid for a put together look. Having the print peek through is a great alternative to pattern overload. Pair bold prints with a solid colored jacket or cardigan to tone it down. When mixing two contrasting prints you can mix in a solid colored belt to break it up. By adding a solid or neutral you will evoke a more subtle look to your bold print.

It’s easy to create a unique and individualized look with prints and items you may already have in your closet. Dig out all the gingham, paisley, leopard, stripes, polka dots, florals and geometric patterns you can find and get ready to experiment. Black and white stripes, polka dots and leopard print are classics. These classics are wardrobe staples because they go with almost everything. With these classics and a few other prints, you will be on your way to inject more fun & variety into your wardrobe.

Current Girl's Guide to mixing matching prints

Carmen Lopez, President & CEO www.currentboutique.com


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