6 Top Brands To Find Sustainable Fashion

Do you focus on sustainable fashion? Why or why not?

Do you love the environment?

And care about the clothes you put on your body?

Do you want high-quality items that are actually good for you and the earth?

And want to save the earth by purchasing sustainable fashion?

Buying pre-loved clothing is innately sustainable, because you’re helping to reduce the turnover of textiles that contribute to material consumption and waste. You’re also not contributing to the fast fashion world, where brands load up low-quality clothing with chemicals that runoff into the air and oceans, leading to pollution and environmental toxins.

While there are a lot of websites and stores that sell secondhand and consignment clothing, they don’t all promote sustainable fashion, though. Some brands have a mission of sustainability, while others focus solely on the fashion or prices of consignment. (Read: 7 Websites To Shop Secondhand Designer Clothing)

There are also a lot of “new” stores that offer sustainable options. This means they focus on environmentally friendly materials and processes that do little damage to the earth, so you can feel good about the new clothes you’re buying.

So today we’re giving you a list of the best places and brands to buy sustainable fashion—new and pre-loved— that promote sustainability at every step of the process.

1. Current Boutique

Current Boutique promotes sustainability throughout the fashion journey. From environmentally-friendly materials to eco-friendly cleaning process, all of our secondhand clothing is curated to ensure the healthiest collection of fashion.

While browsing our site, you’ll see a “heart” that identifies the eco-friendly fiber, like cotton, linen, and other organic materials. You’ll also find wooden and wicker accessories that will add to your natural look.


2. Conscious Collection by H&M

H&M is one of those fast fashion icons that sells cheap, lower-quality clothes. But they are working to offset this reputation with their Conscious Collection, launched spring 2019. H&M still promotes affordable fashion, but they use sustainably sourced materials with environmentally friendly methods. This is a great way to get hot trends at low prices, while still purchasing goods that won’t kill the environment. This collection includes 100% organic cotton, Tencel, and recycled polyester, with a focus on positive and healthy labor practices. The style of the line itself is very feminine and floral, including 13 inspirational women from across the globe.

This campaign isn’t H&M’s first run at sustainability. H&M actually offers clothing recycling at their stores. You can drop off clothes and textiles from any brand in any condition, and H&M will recycle the clothes in a sustainable way. Better yet, you get rewarded with a voucher to shop in store. They were the first brand to launch a clothing recycling program in all stores across the world, and they have no signs of slowing down this movement.

Although Conscious Collective is currently a “campaign,” we anticipate H&M will move more towards this level of sustainability in the near future.

3. Reformation

Reformation is completely transparent in their sustainability efforts. They don’t just focus on healthy materials and textiles. They have a deep care for social sustainability—the peoplebehind our clothing. Individuals across the globe come to work at their sustainable factory in Los Angeles, producing passion and products with safety and fair labor practices.

Reformation is so proud of their sustainability efforts that you can actually take a tour of their factory and meet the people making your clothes. On the first Friday of every month, you can save your spot to walk through the factory and chat with the awesome people who love working with Reformation.

If you want gorgeous clothes with a social story, Reformation is an awesome place to start browsing.

4. Mara Hoffman

Mara Hoffman takes a sustainable approach to reduce their impact, generate awareness, and make improvements in the fashion world. They use organic and recycled materials whenever possible, reduce manufacturing pollution, emphasize fair labor, and partner with organizations who also have sustainability initiatives. They follow stringent operating procedures to stay honest and responsible, and they call their customers to hold them accountable as well.

We especially love Mara Hoffman swimsuits. It’s hard to find sustainably made swimsuits that are both practical and trendy, but Mara Hoffman delivers!

5. Stella McCartney

Love designer clothing that emphasizes sustainability as a core mission? Stella McCartney should be your go-to, then. We love their mission statement: “We are agents of change. We challenge and push boundaries to make luxurious products in a way that is fit for the world we live in today and the future: beautiful and sustainable. No compromises.”

Their mission statement radiates from social sustainability to environmental materials to care for animals. They also focus on “circularity,” acknowleding the cyclical lifespan of fashion and textiles. That’s why they work to make clothes that never end up as waste, collaborating along the value chain to make the future of fashion as healthy as (or healthier than) the present.

We love that Stella McCartney makes designer, high-end clothing not just for the sake of beauty and fashion but also as a means of timeless, longstanding clothing that will last through the decades. Read more about their sustainability efforts here.

6. Yooxygen

This is a super unique shop that we’re totally obsessed with. Yooxygen curates green brands, so everything in their collection is organic to zero waste. They sell high-end, unique finds from brands like A Peace Treaty, Daniel Silverstein, Pachacuti, Goodone, The North Circular, Joanna Cave, etc. Their mission is to offer rare fashion finds outside of seasonal styles, while promoting social and environmental responsibility.

We love that they don’t just have sustainability in their clothing production and processes. They emphasize their social mission of sustainability in every aspect of their brand. Their vision has three pillars including education, empowering women, and responsibility. They believe it is their responsibility to empower the future, which is ultimately what leads to sustainability.

Learn more about the breadth of their sustainability mission here.

Shop sustainable fashion

The decisions of today impact every tomorrow. So make the decision for yourself and for the world to buy sustainable. Whether you buy pre-loved or new clothing, you want to focus on natural materials, ethical labor practices, and environmental processes. You want to shop from brands that live and breathe a mission of sustainability.

Not sure where to start? Start with Current Boutique! Our secondhand items are hand-selected to ensure authentic designer goods, and we use eco-friendly cleaning processes. When you shop with Current Boutique, you never have to worry about your impact. We’re a fashion-loving brand with a sustainable mission, made by women for women just like you!

Carmen Lopez, President & CEO www.currentboutique.com


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