5 Ways Shopping and Selling on Consignment is Good for the Earth

Every day is a great time to reflect and think of ways to protect Mother Earth. A small step in the right direction is to consider recycling your wardrobe for someone else to enjoy! By doing so, you play an important role in the shared, circular economy which is the future! You can also shop consignment as a way to reduce consumption. A win-win all around.

5 Ways Shopping and Selling on Consignment is Good for the Earth

1. Reduce waste and consumption. By consigning your clothing you are reducing waste and giving new life to your clothing for someone else to enjoy. By shopping consignment, you are participating in the circular economy by extending the life of the item which is in perfectly useable condition. High-quality clothing and natural fabrics are not cheap. Shopping consignment gives everyone the opportunity to experience high quality, designer clothing that can last a lifetime if cared for properly.

2. Care for clothes to make them last longer. At Current Boutique, we use a bunch of secret weapons to repair, remove stains, de-pill items and make them last longer. Every household should have a sewing kit, steamer, tide pens for spot cleaning, and a fabric de-piller to bring items back to life. The goal is to help your items sustain longer use for yourself or for someone else to enjoy. You should consider washing your clothes in cold water, delicate cycle and hanging them dry, this will help prevent unnecessary wear and tear.

3. Operate on a less is more philosophy. At Current Boutique, we help customers see the value of the items they are buying. Even on consignment, high-end items can be quite expensive. While you may spend more money now, your items will last longer and you will save in the long run. For instance, if you spend $88 on a cashmere sweater, it will last twice as long as a 2 or 3, cheap acrylic sweaters if cared for properly. Look for great craftsmanship and plan your purchases help reduce useless consumption of items you don’t need.

4. Purchase the most sustainable fabrics. Fabrics go through several chemical processes before they end up on store racks. We can do our part in ethical and sustainable fashion by purchasing sustainable fabrics like linen, cotton, wool, rayon/modal, silk. They feel best on the skin and you will enjoy wearing them. These items will get a lot of use and will be frequently grabbed from your closet. They will last longer which will result in fewer trips to the store for consumption.

5. Shop Sustainable Brands. Some of our favorite sustainable brands at Current Boutique are Eileen Fisher, Reformation, Mara Hoffman, Stella McCartney. These brands understand their role in being environmentally and socially responsible in the manufacturing of their products. Current Boutique also recently launched their in-house brand featuring cotton and other natural fibers that are environmentally sustainable while also maintaining the fashion aesthetic that has kept loyal customers shopping with us for over a decade.

Carmen Lopez, President & CEO www.currentboutique.com


Hello Fashion Lovers! I've been in the fashion industry for over 15 years. I started Current Boutique with the desire to recycle amazing pre-loved designer gems for others to enjoy! I value quality, unique craftsmanship, sustainability & saving money. I am a fashion lover who is energized by the challenges and rewards of being an entrepreneur. I'm here to share tips on fashion, style, bargain shopping and business. I hope you enjoy!
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