Spring Fashion Trends You Already Have In Your Closet

Spring Fashion Trends Craving CurrentWe love being fashionable, trendy, and in-season…But we don’t love blowing our budgets or generating lots of waste with fast fashion.

At Current Boutique, we’ve made it our mission to create the perfect closet, so each and every piece is timeless enough to stay and trendy enough for today. We believe in high quality pieces made to last that also let you indulge in the latest trends and make your own personal fashion statement.

So how can you make your closet work for you with the hottest spring fashion trends that never go out of style?

Let’s go through some of the top spring fashions we’ve seen on the runway, and how you can make them with the pieces you already have in your wardrobe!

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1. Polka Dots

Polka dots are an outfit’s best friend, and they’re a timeless staple that will always persist within feminine fashion trends. Kate Spade put it best, “You can’t have a bad day in polka dots!”

This spring, large black and white polka dots are especially chic. The larger the dot, the more eye-catching it is–and Spring is all about catching the eye! Black and white are easy to match with, so you can make the outfit totally yours based on your own style.

A white top with black polka dots works gorgeously with brightly colored shorts or skirts. Or even get bold and indulge in polka dot pants or shoes to really “wow” the runway (aka the shopping center downtown).

2. Beige everything

Neutrals are a classic, and they never really go out of style. But this season, beige is being bumped up a notch from timeless to trendy, and it’s taking over the entire outfit. Almost every designer showed at least one head-to-toe beige outfit on the runways for spring.

We’re obsessed with beige for spring, because it’s a light and cool color that looks good on almost everyone. It’s the perfect transition color from the heftier winter patterns and fabrics into the airiness of summer clothing.

Awesome ideaTry out a beige sundress with a beige jacket for a casually elegant look.

Monochromatic ensembles have been trending almost every season for the past few years. In fall, monochromatic red was hot. This spring, beige is turning monochrome. It’s especially popular (and exciting) to experiment with different tan fabrics like leather, silk, cotton, and linen.

If you’re not feeling the head-to-toe beige, use pops of pastel to break it up. This keeps the outfit light and springy, while incorporating another spring trend…

3. Pastels (especially blue)

Beige isn’t the only hot color for this season. Pastels are a spring classic, but they’re especially making a splash this year. We saw a lot of gorgeous pastels mixed together on this season’s runways. Pastel outwear and accessories particularly made a splash.

Pastel or pale blue is especially big this season. Did you know that baby blue used to be the color for girls, not boys? Blue was actually considered a more feminine color! Light blue is gorgeously delicate and so easy to match.

Every girl should have at least one pastel shirt or dress in the closet. Pastels are a great way to easily dress up for bridal or baby showers, spring parties, or Sunday spring brunch. You’ll feel stunningly feminine with soft, flowing pastels that look beautiful against the fresh flowers of spring.

4. Pops of leather

This is a surprising trend coming out this spring, but we absolutely love it. Leather has traditionally been a fall and winter textile, but it’s actually a breathable and relaxed material. So we’re excited that leather and faux leather are gaining momentum, even as the warm weather approaches.

Any type of leather accent will get you into the trend. Matte and shiny leather are both in, and a variety of colors from blacks and browns to whites and reds are making their way on the scene. Leather is one of the most versatile materials, easily dressed up or down. Take your leather from the boardroom to happy hour to dancing!

Cool tip: Invest in two leather pieces: one black and one in a light color, like beige or pastel pink. Contrasting leather colors is a gorgeous way to show your style and instantly snazz up any outfit.

5. Biker short chic

Biker shorts are everywhere this season, from celebrities to street style to designer runways. This look was especially established for the season when Fendi and Chanel showcased their own biker short styles on the runway.

Biker shorts are tight shorts, often made of spandex, that are cut off a few inches above the knee. Designers are pairing these with loose-fitted, oversized tops and heels for an elegantly casual feel.

These can be actual biker shorts that you’d find in a sports store, but designers are creating high-end, upscale versions as well.

You can buy high-waisted yoga shorts to workout, spend the day, or go out. They’re a decent purchase for your wardrobe if you don’t already have them, because they’re versatile as well as super flattering and slimming.

Crafty tip: Have a pair of yoga pants or leggings that are starting to get a little baggy around the knees and calves? Cut them a few inches above the knee for DIY biker shorts. If and when biker shorts go out of season, you can cut these pants again to get spandex short-shorts to workout in. Cut waste by cutting your pants!

6. Mix and match prints

Mixing and matching prints was big in the fall, and this trend is still running hot into spring and beyond. The fall saw a lot of pairing bold, big prints like thick stripes. But spring is seeing thin, fine prints for a more delicate look.

We’re also seeing a lot of mixing and matching with floral patterns.

Pair floral with stripes or polka dots for a fun and flirty spring look! Spring this year is especially seeing a matching of floral with animal prints, especially python and leopard. This is a great way to get in the spring mood while indulging in a bold trend!

We think every closet deserves at least one floral - whether it’s a floral sundress, skirt, or blouse - even if this isn’t your typical go-to look. It’s a super easy way to get springy and indulge in your feminine side.

Tip:Paisley is really big this season as well. Start by throwing a light paisley scarf around your neck, or rock a paisley dress or jacket! Mix and match paisley with other prints for an elegant, fun springtime look.

Learn exactly how to mix and match prints here. It’s easier and more doable than you think!

Trend to try: crochet

Crochet items aren’t a wardrobe staple, so you may not have one in your closet. But, if you’re looking to try out something new this spring that has a more seasonal aspect to it, we definitely think you should check out the crochet look!

Large fishnet crochet is the most popular design off the season, and it has a really unique and fresh feel. It’s got a 70s vibe, but in a more modern and sophisticated way. It’s also got a lace vibe, but in a more casual and easygoing way.

If you’re looking for a unique way to get a little trendy and try out a new side of your style without completely changing your wardrobe, crochet and macraméare a unique look to try on for size!

Cool tip:Purchase your crochet piece directly from an artisan or from a business that gives back to artisans. For example, you can find a lot of gorgeous pieces from Krochet Kids, which provides jobs and funds to women in the developing world. Plus, your item has the name of your artisan sewed into it, so you can create fashion-based connections across the world!

Fashion forward

Other hot trends for spring you can try out:

  • Butterfly details, drawn on 90s inspiration
  • Black and white checkerboard pattern, also 90s inspiration
  • Color blocking, especially a single piece with multiple color patches
  • Top handle bags with structured design (learn how to buy an investment bag here)
  • Bright neons
  • Utility dressing (where function meets fashion), like jumpsuits and safari jackets
  • Loose suiting

This spring, make the most of your wardrobe with neutral beiges, hints of pastels, leather accents, biker shorts, pairing prints, and maybe even a little crochet! Break out the items you haven’t seen in awhile…and get springy!

How do you use your closet to stay trendy? How do you minimize your fast fashion waste while showing off your gorgeous style?

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