Fall Fashion Trends You’ll Love to Wear

Fall Trends

We have been fawning over the fall fashion trends to escape the end of Summer blues. Dressing up for fall is definitely on-trend. That’s because fashion is self-care. We’ll say it louder for those in the back: fashion is self-care. Dressing in your favorite outfits is one of the best ways to remind your brain that you are worthy of love, of confidence, of style, and of having a great day! And if you’re as passionate about fashion as we are, you can’t let a season slip by without indulging in what makes you happy.

What are some of the “looks” we’re seeing on the runway and on the streets for fall fashion? And how can you incorporate these trends into your wardrobe—without breaking the bank?

  1. The Preppy Girl
  2. The Punk Girl
  3. The Boss Babe
  4. The Blanket Babe
  5. The Nude and Neutral
  6. The Upcycled Beauty

Psst… You’ll see a lot of overlapping trends between these styles—like neutral colors and an emphasis on sustainable clothing options.

1. The Preppy Girl

We all started the lockdown excited to wear our sweats and PJs all day long. But for most of us, the novelty of the sweats wore off quickly. So quickly, in fact, that fall fashion is ushering in an entirely different end of the style spectrum: fancy and preppy clothing.

When it comes to preppy, the critical design element is tailored clothing with structured silhouettes. You’re looking for high-quality clothing that accentuates your unique features and “fits like a glove.” The best way to get this classic beauty look without having your clothing custom-tailored is to purchase high-end designer clothing, which is made with fit and finish in mind. If you’re not looking to drop hundreds of dollars on designer pieces this fall, though, you will LOVE shopping consignment. Current Boutique offers the hottest designer pieces at a fraction of their ticket price. Check out these reasons to love shopping consignment.

Some of the popular preppy trends in this season:

  • Embellished headbands
  • Pleated skirts
  • Collared necklines
  • Ribbed sweaters
  • Blazers with large buttons
  • Lace accents
  • Wool vests
  • Mary Jane heels
  • Loafers and boat shoes
  • Stripes, polka dots, navy, and black/white
  • Bright, bold colors
  • Cardigans
  • Tights and sheer leggings
  • Wristwatches
  • Light scarves

Think “Blair Waldorf” and Jackie Kennedy for inspiration. Check out these It Girl Gear pieces to get you started.

2. The Punk Girl

Preppy and punk go hand in hand. If one is in style, you can bet there’s an opposing force at work at the same time. ‘90s punk is back, especially when it comes to leather, plaid patterns, and fringe.

Leather was hot last season and we’re still seeing it hit the runway in a big way with names like Versace, Fendi, and Ferragamo showing full-body leather outfits. There’s an emphasis on butter-soft pieces that are elegant enough to strut around town (wearing a mask) while maintaining the level of comfort to which we’ve all grown accustomed at home. We’re seeing a lot of versatile leather pieces in blacks, browns, and burgundies, and we guarantee you’ll want to keep these classic pieces in your wardrobe for years to come.

Plaid patterns are also really hot right now, especially plaid skirts and pants. We’re not surprised to see plaid come back into style, because some form of this pattern is always present during the autumn fashion season—from cozy flannels to elegant Burberry. This year’s plaid is a little more rocker-ish, like our Rebel Style Star look.

Fringe has been around for a few seasons, and it’s still holding its own. In fact, fringe is “in” almost every other season. It’s cyclical but also timeless. Fringe offers texture to clothing to spice up an everyday outfit. Fringe has become an especially punk-cool way to dress up monochromatic outfits.

3. The Boss Babe

There’s no denying that one of the hottest trends for fall fashion is the WFH boss lady. Despite the impacts of COVID-19 on work life and fashion, motivated women are pushing forward to be the best polished professionals they can be. Before lockdown, skirt-suits were a popular trend. But now, women are looking for a higher level of comfort while maintaining professionalism and elegance. In a Zoom world, that means gorgeous work-ready blouses—not full suits and tight pants.

That’s why statement collars are especially trendy this season. A super-sized or bold collar makes a splash on Zoom that catches the eye and draws attention to what you have to say in the virtual meeting. The right eye-catching clothing can make you even more interesting than the puppy that’s annoying your colleagues behind the screen. Large necklaces and earrings are also trending for the same reason. Bold blouses and plain pants are the movement for work attire this season.

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Browse these sustainable (and totally affordable) boss lady pieces.

4. The Blanket Babe

When the workday is done (or at least when your Zoom meetings are done), there’s nothing quite like cozying up for fall in warm, comfy clothes. What we’re loving this year are that our favorite comfy blankets have actually worked their way into the fashion world. Blanket wraps have become a must-have for every lady because you can go from watching Netflix to grocery shopping to outdoor dining without changing your outerwear. Plus, blanket wraps will keep you warm and toasty as the weather starts to cool down. (I can smell the pumpkin spice now!) You’ll look great and feel good in your work from home clothes, guaranteed.

In keeping with the blanket theme, a lot of patchwork has also made its way to the runway for fall fashion. Patchwork isn’t for everyone, but it’s a really unique look that can make you totally stand out while also having a historically classic vibe.

Other comfortable clothing trends that are hot for fall 2020 fashion include faux fur (for a warm yet refined look) and cashmere sweaters (which are always in if you ask us). Check out these eco-friendly clothing materials that will keep you warm this season.

You deserve to feel comfortable and look great with these couch-side career pieces.

5. The Nude and Neutral

Neutral colors are evergreen. They’re always going to be in style, and they look good on everyone. Neutrals are especially “hot” this season because women are looking to save money and invest in quality, long-lasting pieces. Since neutrals never go out of style, that makes them totally in-style for the smart fashionista.

Nudes are especially popular this fall like deep browns, camel, and beige. We’re also seeing a lot of grays and blushes as part of the “new neutral” that girls are falling in love with.

For a little bolder take, we’re also seeing a lot of geometric shape patterns atop neutral colors. This includes abstract lines and dots—and the bolder the better when it comes to the geometric trend. We think geometric neutrals are hot this season because people are itching to break out of their COVID-19 rut and be brave, adventurous, and exciting with their wardrobes. We’re all for it!

We created a safari neutrals trend in our shop because we’re seeing that a lot of girls want to take the neutral color and twist it to make it a little more daring. From cream wide-leg trousers to neutral leopard prints to wool fringe vests, this subsection of our shop is for the girl looking to keep it timeless yet distinctive.

6. The Upcycled Beauty

We’ve saved the best (and hottest trend) for last. Upcycled garments have officially made their way to the runway, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Designers and consumers alike are focusing on sustainable materials and using resources that are already in circulation to create this season’s styles.

By reusing clothing or buying secondhand, you’re saving money, saving the environment, and revolutionizing your wardrobe. This year, people have been dispelling the myths about consignment stores and realizing that buying preloved clothing is one of the BEST solutions to meet all your fashion needs.

Some of the incredible benefits of shopping secondhand:

  • Good consignment shops only resell higher quality, healthier clothing (which is good for your wellness)
  • It’s more sustainable for the environment (good for the world)
  • Used clothing costs less but still looks AMAZING (good for the wallet)
  • Trendy and timeless, with a style that’s totally your own (good for the wardrobe)
  • More benefits here

Not sure how to start shopping the secondhand and upcycled beauty trend? Visit these 7 websites to shop secondhand designer clothing.

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If you want to be on-trend for fall fashion while staying comfy and budget-friendly, start browsing Current Boutique for the styles you’ll fall in love with.

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