Guide to the Best Consignment and Thrift Shops to Shop Secondhand in 2023

Best Consignment and Thrift City Guide

When I travel to a new destination, visiting the local consignment shops is one of my favorite ways to get a feel for the city’s vibe, culture, and locals. Plus, I’ll never get bored of the unique finds, sustainable fashion, and unbeatable deals of a quality consignment store.

From the bustling streets of NYC to the eclectic neighborhoods of San Francisco to the hustle and bustle of Washington D.C., we’ve scoured some of the most popular urban landscapes to come up with the ultimate list of consignment stores and thrift shops that cater to all tastes and budget. Let’s journey across the country to find the best places to find sustainable and stylish pieces that won’t break the bank.

So far on this list, we’ve included:

  • New York City
  • San Francisco
  • Miami
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Online consignment stores

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    New York City

    AuH20 Thriftique

    This vintage and upcycled shop in the East Village features a curated selection of secondhand and recycled clothing. AuH20 calls itself a “thriftique” because they’re like a boutique store with thrift store prices. Most pieces are under $30, and they even have permanent $5 and $10 racks. You’ll especially love this funky store if you love vintage ‘80s and ‘90s.

    Beacon’s Closet

    Beacon’s Closet is a well-known spot with local New Yorkers, thanks to its locations in Park Slope, Greenwich Village, Greenpoint, and Bushwick. This is a buy/sell/trade store with an abundance of items. With a little patience and a good eye, you can find some real gems at an insanely affordable price. Think Manolos for under $50 or leather jackets for $10. While they have vintage and recycled finds, you’ll also find modern trends from the last few years.

    Buffalo Exchange

    Buffalo Exchange is a beloved consignment store nationwide, including NYC, Boston, LA, San Diego, Seattle, Philadelphia, Dallas, and others. They don’t sell online, so you have to go into the store to uncover gems. You’ll find a lot of colorful, ‘70s-inspired looks at Buffalo Exchange, and they hold sales like their Earth Day sale, where you can get any piece for one dollar! 


    Opened in 1993, INA NYC is a high-end designer consignment store that accepts and sells a rigorously curated collection of designer clothes, shoes, and accessories. Like Current Boutique, they’re committed to reselling only the highest quality and condition. With their constant influx of designer inventory, walking into INA is like walking into a designer store on Madison Ave or SoHo.


    LTV is a collection of shops, including Urban Jungle and No Relation Vintage, with eight locations across New York City. These stores are stocked with pieces that scream nostalgia and individuality. Whether you’re looking for a vintage twist, Instagram-ready looks, knick-knacks, or just a cool vibe, you’ll definitely walk away with a handful of goodies from LTV.

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    San Francisco

    Cris Consignment

    Cris Consignment in Russian Hill is a haven for designer clothes, accessories, and shoes in top-name designers like Louboutin, Hermes, and Chanel. You’ll find a lot of leather goods and upgraded pieces for your capsule wardrobe. This is a great place to find high-end pieces at reasonable prices.


    Crossroads flagship is in San Francisco, but they have expanded across the U.S. Their stores carry a range of vintage and contemporary labels, including in-season and on-trend items. Crossroads prides itself on being an eco-conscious and affordable alternative to traditional fashion while offering a treasure trove of stunning inventory in its stores.

    Labels Luxury

    You’ll find apparel, handbags, and accessories from various designers at both Labels Luxury’s Berkeley and Walnut Creek locations. The Labels stores feel like walking into a fashion house of a luxury designer, particularly with how they present their designer bags in individual displays.

    Pretty Penny

    Pretty Penny in Berkley is a true gem of Oakland. Not only do they offer stunning and eclectic vintage items, but they also consign items from local, independent fashion and jewelry designers. There’s always something special to be found at Pretty Penny.

    Sui Generis

    Sui generis is a Latin phrase meaning “of its own kind,” and this store certainly lives up to its name. Sui Generis is a beloved San Fran favorite for luxury pieces that turn heads. They have two storefronts – one for men, one for women—and they’re constantly changing their inventory. This is a hip favorite for San Fran locals and tourists alike.


    Dragonfly Thrift Boutique

    Dragonfly Thrift in West Flagler is a must-see for thrifters. This eclectic store has everything from designer clothing and jewelry to furniture, sports equipment, and musical instruments. What’s cool about Dragonfly Thrift is that all its proceeds are donated to Ladies Empowerment and Action Program (LEAP), a non-profit that provides education, housing, and employment to women recently released from prison. These women work alongside volunteers to bring Dragonfly’s collection of thrifted merchandise to life.

    Consignment Bar

    This sleek consignment shop feels more like a luxury boutique than a secondhand thrift shop. Consignment Bar in Little River sells upscale, designer clothing at a fraction of the price. They’re particularly well-known for their selection of bags, shoes, and accessories in high-end designer names. If you want a luxury experience with affordable pieces, you’ll love wandering around Consignment Bar. 

    Consign with the Times

    Consign with the Times is one of Miami’s first luxury and designer resale boutiques, offering everything from classic brands like Manolos and YSL to contemporary designers like Isabel Marant and Margiela. What’s especially unique about this store is that they focus on personalized service for every customer who walks in the store; they’ll help you find pieces that speak to your unique taste and style.

    Maru Consign

    Maru Consign, created by a fashion lover for fashion lovers, is known for its designer handbags and accessories. Each piece is certified for authenticity and carries lots of ultra-premium and limited-edition pieces. This is the ideal West Avenue spot for going home with a new high-end accessory without paying high-end prices.

    The Fashionista Consignment Boutique

    In the heart of Coconut Grove is The Fashionista Consignment Boutique, a sleek store owned and operated by a mother-daughter duo. When you walk in the door, you’re met with their signature scent and warm smiles, and they’re always ready to help you build a classic yet fashionable closet. You won’t find bargain pricing here. They focus on carrying top-name brands, which is great if you’re looking for luxury but at a more affordable price. 

    Washington, D.C.

    Current Boutique

    Current Boutique is a chic, curated boutique that melds classic styles with contemporary fashion for the modern woman. We’re always on the pulse of the latest trends, offering styles that effortlessly blend fashion-forward designs with timeless sophistication. We only resell high-end designers and brand names, and we authenticate every piece that comes in our doors.

    You’ll find a personalized shopping experience whenever you walk into the store, and our employees are dedicated to helping you find hidden treasures that cater to your individual style. If you want to elevate your fashion game, come look at our selection of contemporary fashion essentials – all pre-loved, environmentally friendly, and at a fraction of their original ticket price! You can find us at three Virginia and Washington, D.C. locations!

    Don’t want to wait to shop? Start browsing Current Boutique’s newest finds right now.

    Inga's Once is Not Enough

    Inga's Once is Not Enough in the Palisades neighborhood of DC is a great place to find designer labels with a boutique feel. Like Current Boutique, they sell only authenticated items. Inga's has been a DC consignment destination since 1994. 

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    Bonus: Consignment shopping online

    Not all the consignment shops on this list offer online shopping. You have to physically go into the stores to find your hidden gems. But if you’re like me, you like online consignment shopping in between your in-person consignment store trips! So, we’ve also rounded up some of the most popular online consignment stores you can start browsing online right now after reading this article:

    • Current Boutique is located in the Virginia and Washington, D.C. area, but we also sell our pieces online. Our website allows us to connect to fashionistas across the country while still maintaining a strong, community-oriented presence in our hometown.
    • Depop is a vibrant online marketplace that focuses on connecting fashion enthusiasts from around the world. You’ll find diverse pieces to cater to all tastes and budgets from one-of-a-kind vintage pieces to fresh and modern styles.
    • The RealReal is one of the leading online marketplaces for authenticated, pre-owned luxury items from clothes to accessories to home décor. Like Current Boutique, they have a meticulous authentication process to ensure every product is genuine and high-quality.
    • Vestaire Collective is a premier online marketplace that brings together fashion-savvy individuals. They aim to create a fashion revolution centered on luxury and designer goods. Not only do they sell authenticated designer clothing and accessories, but they’re also known for promoting sustainable fashion practices.
    • ThredUp is well-known in the space for its affordable inventory and wide selection of offerings. They make it easy to browse thousands of items, so you can find the perfect hidden gem for you. They also focus heavily on reducing fashion waste and promoting fashion sustainability.
    • Beni is a unique way to shop. You download Beni to your computer and mobile browser. Whenever you’re on a product page, they search their database to find a similar item on resale. This is an easy way to swap new clothes for consignment pieces – and save a lot of money, too!

    We want to hear from you! Where are your favorite consignment shops in your area? We’re constantly adding to and updating this list, so send us a DM on Instagram @currentboutique to let us know your favorites!

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