How To Choose The Right Sunglasses For Your Face

Sunglasses Craving CurrentBuying the perfect sunglasses is one of the greatest challenges of being a fashionista! It can feel especially impossible to buy sunglasses online, because you have no way of knowing if they’ll be the perfect fit when they come in the mail. Even if you’re in the store, you could end up staring at a rack of sunnies, trying every pair on for hours…until they all start to look the same.

How can you find the perfect pair in less time without the headache?

Let’s make purchasing sunglasses simpler and easier—and a lot more fun!

In this blog, I’m taking you through how to choose the right sunglasses for you based on face shape, size, style, color, and protection!

Face shape

You can narrow your search quickly and effectively if you start the buying process based on your face shape. You want the shape of your glasses to accentuate your face’s best features. Most face shapes fall into four gorgeous categories: heart, round, oval, or square.


Your heart is so big that it shows up in your face shape too! A heart face has a broad brow line and the chin is the narrowest part of the face. To highlight the downward pointed jawline and moderate the brow, you want frames that are wider on top than on bottom.

Your heart shaped face would love these kinds of frames:

  • Cat eye
  • Retro square
  • Brow line


The soft roundness of your face is gorgeously feminine and delicate. Round faces are widest at the cheekbones and narrower at the forehead and jawline. The width and length of your face are roughly the same. We recommend focusing on horizontal frames, as this will elongate the look of the face while drawing attention to your natural beauty.

Angular frames look especially striking against a round face:

  • Cat eye
  • Square
  • Oversized


The most versatile face shape, an oval face is longer than it is wide. You can pull off just about any sunglasses shape with your oval face, but more upswept styles will complement your cheekbones and brow gorgeously. Horizontal, rectangular frames look especially nice against your face’s vertical orientation.

Some styles you’ll want to start browsing:

  • Aviators
  • Oversized
  • Retro square


Square faces have striking, prominent features like a strong jaw, high cheekbones, and a wide forehead. To balance the strength of your face, you’ll want to look for soft lines, curvy frames, or rimless edges on your glasses.

Try out the follow styles:

  • Aviators
  • Brow line
  • Round
  • Butterfly
  • Rimless or semi-rimless


Want to find the perfect color for your sunglasses frames that will make your face “pop”? Here’s how!

First, determine the undertone of your skin color. There are three classifications:

  • Cool: pink, red, or blue undertones
  • Warm: peachy, gold, or yellow undertones
  • Neural: a mix of warm and cool

The best way to figure out your undertone is by looking at your veins. If they’re blue or purple, you’re likely cool-toned. If they’re greenish, you’re warm toned. You’re likely neutral if your veins look both blue and green.

You may also be able to tell based on the jewelry that looks best on you. If you tend to look better in silver or platinum jewelry, you’ve got cool tones. Gold looks great on warm tones. If both look equally good on you, you’re neutral.

Still not sure? If you burn easily, you’ve probably got a cool skin tone. If you tan more than you burn, your skin tone is likely warm.


Cool-toned skin looks beautiful with blue, green, pink, purple, and magenta colors. You look stunning in indigo, eggplant, and grey frames.


If you have warm-toned skin, you look good in warm colors like red, yellow, orange, brown, and ivory. Amber, turtleshell, and walnut frames look especially beautiful on you.


You can make either shade work for you, but you may look best in a lighter color frame like white, pearl, or pink.

What about the color of your lenses?

Along with adding a unique style, different lens colors can actually have different practical uses –

  • Gray lenses: minimize light without distorting colors
  • Brown lenses: enhance contrast, especially good in the snow or outdoors
  • Yellow lenses: block blue light, but it loses most coloring
  • Red/orange lenses: enhance contrast on cloudy/overcast days

We also absolutely love mirrored lenses. These never go out of style, and they’re a great way to stay in stealth mode!

(If you play a sport or use your glasses for another purpose, you may want to look into the best lenses for that specific activity. For example, copper lenses work well to find a golf ball in the grass, while blue lenses help you with your tennis game.)


Not sure how big your frames should be?

Measure the size of your face from temple to temple using a ruler (measured in inches). In general, you can determine your frame size with the following chart:

Face size (temple to temple) Frame size, suggested
4.5” 49-50mm
5” 52-53mm
5.25” 54-55mm
5.5” 56-57mm
5.75” 58-59mm
6” 60-61mm

Do you already have a pair of glasses or sunglasses that fit you perfectly? Measure them to see the width, height, and length. You especially want to note the length of the earpiece and the width of the lens. Inside your glasses frame, you may find a series of numbers like 54-18-131, which refers to the eye width, bridge size, and temple length respectively. Knowing your size helps narrow your search and ensure you get the right size for your face – so they’re not too tight or sliding off your head.


Sunglasses are one of our favorite fashion accessories, but they also serve a practical purpose. The goal of sunglasses is first and foremost to protect your eyes from UV radiation from the sun. This keeps your eyes healthy and strong, helping to minimize cataracts, burns, cancer, and more. Sunglasses can also help prevent wrinkles! They stop you from squinting in the light, and frequent squinting can cause crow’s feet and wrinkles around the eyes!

If you live somewhere sunny (everywhere has sun), you want your sunglasses to be as protective as possible. Look for sunglasses that block at least 99% of UVB rays and 95% of UVA rays. That means for the most part you’ll want to avoid “cosmetic” sunglasses. Generally, higher-end designer or luxury sunglasses offer strong protection withthe style you’re going for.

Polarized glasses offer more sun protection. These are especially useful if you use your glasses on the water, where the reflective sun can especiallydo damage. Some women don’t like the look of polarized lenses, so you may just want one functional pair for outdoor use.

Fun in the sun

Now you’re ready to take on the sun with gorgeous sunglasses that fit your face, style, and coloring beautifully!

What are you waiting for? Find your perfect pair of designer shades with Current Boutique right now! It’s time to find your summer 2019 pair!

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