Ultimate Guide to Fall Fashion Essentials

This fall, the buzzword is circular fashion. That means sustainability in every definition of the word! I’m going to give you a rundown of the most gorgeous fall prints, textures, styles, and pieces—that are all great for your closet and the environment.

Here’s your ultimate go-to list of fall trends and essentials that are timeless, sustainable, eco-conscious, and perfect for your closet.

What is circular fashion?

Circular fashion (aka cyclical fashion) means that the clothes you put on are both sustainable for the environment and for your closet.

Circular fashion has two main dimensions:

First, you’re investing in wardrobe pieces that consistently and regularly cycle back into trend. For example, leather jackets never go out of fashion. There are some seasons that leather is “hotter” than others, and different colors and styles of leather may change, but you always know that a leather jacket will look and feel great—no matter what the current fashion trends are.

All of the items on this list are items we see sell REALLY well on consignment. They’re the pieces that people want to buy year and year again, and they’re the. pieces. that. you’ll be able to sell to Current Boutique with ease (and for a decent chunk of change). That means you not only get a full life out of your clothes, but you’ll also get a return on your investment when you sell them back on consignment.

Second, you’re only purchasing clothes that have a “closed loop” and minimize the negative impact on the environment. You’re avoiding waste and ecological damage by purchasing natural products that are made through healthy production processes with little emissions. These items are also recyclable or up-cyclable because of their natural materials—and because they’re always in fashion!

One of the most effective ways to participate in circular fashion is secondhand shopping. When you purchase clothes on consignment, you give them a renewed life in your closet so they don’t go to waste—plus, you’re getting gorgeous trend pieces that will last through the years.

And when you sell these items on consignment, you’re giving someone else the change to love and reuse your articles. As we said, all of the items on this list are some of our top sellers on consignment – so you can’t go wrong with having them in your closet!

Why do you care about circular fashion for fall fashion now and beyond?

You know the importance of sustainable fashion. Too many fashion companies are focused on the bottom line without caring about the quality of clothing they’re producing or the effect they’re having on our world and future.

You’re conscious about what you put on your body—and how you spend your money.

So you want…

  • High quality pieces that look and feel great on your body,
  • That are gorgeously in fashion—both trendy and timeless,
  • And don’t hurt the environment during production,
  • That last awhile in your closet with a long lifespan,
  • And that are easy to reuse or recycle.

Plus… You want to get into the spirit of the fall season!

So let’s get into those fall fashion timeless-trends that are sustainable and cyclical!

Classic Fall Textures


“Denim is a love that never fades.” – Elio Fiorucci

Jean denim never goes out of fashion. The style of denim might change, like high waisted vs low waisted or light wash vs dark wash. But a pair of blue jeans or a light denim jacket will always be a beloved pillar of your closet. Plus, denim is made from cotton—which is one of the most natural and sustainable fabrics out there! (Learn more about eco-friendly fabrics, like cotton, here.)

Light wash jeans with a slim silhouette, like skinny jeans, are in fashion for the end of 2019. (These look particularly stunning with brown booties.) This fall, denim jackets and skirts are also popular. Throw a denim jacket over your dress to keep you warm on cooler days (and take it off when those hot remnants of summer drop by).


Suede is similar to both leather and velvet, and it’s one of the most adored textures for fall time. It has a cozy, comforting look, while also maintaining a refined elegance that works in any situation—from work to play.

Suede is made from the underside of an animal hide, so it tends to be softer and more pliable than leather. There are also a lot of faux suede that create a similar look and feel but can be water and stain resistant (and not an animal product).

For fall fashion 2019, suede is most popular in shoes (booties) and brown mini or midi skirts. Add suede to any outfit and you’ll be ready for fall!

Suede can be hard to care for. So check out these 10 easy hacks to make your clothes last longer.


Velvet is a luxurious, warm fabric that will make you feel like you’re being embraced in a hug whenever you wear it. I love that velvet has been considered a “royal” trend for centuries—and it’s not leaving the scene anytime soon.

Velvet is actually the structure of the fabric, rather than the material used. It has raised loops and tufts of yarn that cover the surface. It can be made from silk, cotton, linen, or wool—so it’s usually made from highly sustainable materials. (Note that some companies make it from synthetic fibers like polyester, which is less eco-friendly.)

Not all companies are super conscious when creating velvet. The best way to get velvet in your closet is by shopping secondhand. You’ll get access to this stunning cold winter fabric—while reducing your impact on the environment and giving a second life to stunning velvet pieces.

Fall Textures

The following textures are particularly trendy for the fall season, but they’re equally as sustainable as the classic materials.

You might notice that these textures are reminiscent of “English boarding school’ (as we’ve been calling it). These textures have a distinct feeling of old-world Europe with full, heavy fabrics and have a high-end luxurious vibe.

Psst… Not sure how to buy clothes that are actually made of high-quality materials? Learn how to buy quality clothing like an expert designer here.


At Current Boutique, we are obsessed with corduroy because it’s warm yet cool, and it maintains a distinct fall feel. Similar to velvet, corduroy is made of tufted cords, which creates narrow vertical ridges. Most corduroy is made from cotton or wool, which means it’s good for the earth (and your skin).

Corduroy pants, in a variety of colors, always seem to come into style every few years. We particularly love maroon corduroys to pair with neutral colored sweaters. Brown corduroy midi skirts (to about the knee) are also especially popular this fall season.


Brocade doesn’t always stay in style, but it’s a unique texture and print that will definitely make you stand out this autumn. The term “brocade” refers to a group of decorative shuttle-woven fabrics, made with colored silks and/or gold and silver threads. It tends to be a heavy fabric that’s often used for upholstery and draperies, now being used for more formal clothing and adornments as well. It’s often adorned with regal designs like flowers and leaves.

This season we are mostly seeing brocade in skirts. It tends to be a weightier and bolder fabric, so it works well as an accent piece. Some runways are showing brocade overcoats as well for fall fashion 2019.


Tweed is a woven wool fabric, usually with a weave, twill, or herringbone structure. It tends to be a bit rougher and coarser, which is what pulls it more towards the colder seasons.

I love that tweed is so durable and moisture resistant, so it’s perfect for those last summer rainfalls or the first few snowfalls =. Coco Chanel brought the Queen’s tweed back into fashion in the 1920s, and it’s been fairly consistent since then, coming back into style every few years.

Tweed blazers are one of the hottest trends for fall. Throw it over your work outfit or a tee with jeans for a gorgeous, put-together look!

Stunning Fall Prints


You’ve definitely seen the houndstooth pattern before, even if the name doesn’t ring a bell. That’s because it’s been around for decades, and it comes in and out of style throughout the decade. This broken check pattern (usually in black and white) has a rich, autumnal feel that looks gorgeous on heavier fabrics like wool and tweed.


Plaid is a staple for fall style. When you think of flannel blankets, for example, your brain goes to plaid. Most plaid comes in deep colors, like reds, dark greens, blues, and charcoals. These rich colors are arranged in different variations of checkered patterns for a beautifully subtle design.

Large plaid jackets are popular for fall—this year and every year. Burberry is especially known for their neutral plaid coats, capes, and purses. See some incredible Burberry offerings at a fraction of the price on consignment with Current Boutique.

Animal Prints

Animal prints roll back into fashion every fall season—and for a good reason. They’re a great accent that will make you stand out, while also pairing gorgeously with traditional autumn colors and textures.

You can buy a few high-quality or designer animal print pieces, knowing that you can use and reuse them every year! Buy animal prints secondhand and you have the best possible investment for your fall wardrobe!

For fall fashion, tiger, leopard, zebra, and snake prints are especially hot. These patterns are bold yet neutral, so they’re an awesome print for party dresses or accent pieces (like scarves and purses).

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Timeless Fall Jackets

Leather Jackets

You can never go wrong with a leather jacket for fall. It’s thin enough to move around in—whether apple picking or going to a haunted house—but it also will keep you warm against the fall chill.

Every girl deserves a leather jacket for her closet. Shop around to find the color and style that best suits you. You might like a black leather jacket with lots of zippers for an edgy style, or maybe a brown distressed jacket for a more rugged look. Whatever your style, a neutral look is best so it’ll sustain as a hot wardrobe item throughout the years.

Want an authentic, timeless leather jacket without the crazy price tag? You can buy gently used or like new leather jackets at a fraction of the price with Current Boutique here!

Wool Coats + Blazers

Real wool is super sustainable, made from the fur of sheep or goats (or camels, llamas, and certain rabbits). Quality companies make sure the animals are happy, and their fur is high-quality and organic. Wool is perfect for fall because it creates air pockets, so it has natural insulation that will keep you cool while alsokeeping you warm. It’s incredibly soft and cozy, plus it’s stain and odor resistant!

Wool is insanely stylish for autumn as well. Wool blazers and coats create a refined silhouette that works in every social situation. At Current Boutique, we are especially obsessed with wool camel-toned jackets for fall fashion. In fact, camel colored jackets are the perfect winter accessory that never go out of style!

Make sure you’re buying real wool, not synthetic, to make sure it’s sustainable.

Most-Wanted Cozy Essential

Cashmere Sweaters

Cashmere is a luxurious type of wool that’s especially soft and light. Sweaters and cardigans made of cashmere feel like a warm embrace that pairs perfectly with a cup of apple cider and a walk through the park.

Neutral colored cashmere sweaters never go out of style. Cashmere fabric is highly sustainable, and the fabric itself lasts for years. Plus, cashmere sweaters offer a feminine silhouette that will make you look and feel great year after year. It’s your fall fashion must have, but it will never go out of style!

Find out some info about why cashmere is so luxurious and expensive here.

Fall Footwear


It’s booties season! Booties are ankle-high boots that usually have a small, chunky heel. Booties look gorgeous with denim jeans, corduroy skirts, or a cute fall dress.

We’re so obsessed with booties that we offer an entire section for them on Current Boutique! The best part about booties is that it’s been a fall trend for years now, but you can take this trend and fit it into your individual style and personality as you wish! Go for trendy snakeskin booties or traditional brown leather ones, or even try one with fur! The possibilities of booties are endless.

Ready To Fall In Love With Fall Styles!

What are your favorite sustainable fall trends? How do you stay conscious and fashion-forward at the same time? Share your favorite fall styles on social media and tag Current Boutique to be featured!

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