The 5 Best Websites to Sell Designer Clothes Online

More and more ladies are starting to sell designer clothes for cash while simultaneously promoting sustainability, cleaning out the closet.!

But there are a lot of different places to sell high end  clothing and accessories online…so how do you know which platform and company will work best for you? Where’s the best place to sell designer clothes without hassle?

We’ve made  finding the best spot easy for you! We’ve curated a list of the  five most reputable websites to sell designer clothes online , including both consignment and marketplaces. Make sure to note convenience, commission fees, pay rate, and ease of selling.

1. Current Boutique

Online and storefront consignment for designer clothing

Current Boutique is one of the highest rated among women who consistently sell designer clothes online. There are four major reasons ladies love selling with Current Boutique so much:

  1. We make it incredibly easy to sell designer clothes. Just drop it off, send it in, or schedule a pick up. Little effort with lots of reward.
  2. We provide fast payment. While a lot of other companies take weeks to process clothing, we can do it on the spot for drop offs and within 48 hours for send-ins.
  3. We offer one of the most competitive commissions in the business. We make it easy to sell high end clothes and collect your money without fees, so you can use your cash for whatever you need (like shopping through Current Boutique’s gorgeous selection of preloved clothing).
  4. We live by a mission of clothing and textile sustainability. Any items we can’t accept, we’ll donate or recycle to maintain and extend the lifecycle of your clothes.

There are three ways you can sell designer clothes online with Current Boutique:

  • Drop it off. You simply walk in one of our Current Boutique locations and fill out some paperwork. We’ll review your clothing on the spot and get you paid then and there!
  • Send it in. You can request a pre-paid shipping label so you can just drop your items in the mail for free! We’ll process your payment within 48 hours of receiving your clothes.
  • Schedule a pickup. If you have at least 50 items to sell with the majority high-end brands, you may qualify for our home pickup service.

We’re not just the best place to sell designer clothes based on convenience and price, though. We understand that it’s not always easy to part with some of your favorite pieces that have treated you so well for so long. You love your clothes and accessories. So we make the process fun and engaging, and we invite you to find new and more pieces to upgrade your wardrobe!

Selling and buying with Current Boutique invites you into our community of incredible ladies who believe in stunning fashion, high-quality clothing, sustainable pieces, and lots of women empowerment. Once you sell your pieces with Current Boutique, we guarantee you’ll never go to another service!

Start selling with Current Boutique.

P.S. Learn more about how we discover and buy quality, designer clothing items (and how you can do the same) here.

2. Poshmark

Buy-and-sell marketplace

Poshmark is one of the most popular apps to sell designer clothes online. You are responsible for listing and selling your own items, so you may or may not make a sale. Although it takes a little bit of work, it can show some strong results with a high payout.

You just take a photo and upload it to your Poshmark closet right from your phone. Then you want to share it as much as possible to gain visibility and boost your sales.

Poshmark requires a little bit of marketing and finesse. You typically need at least five items in your closet, and your closet should be “styled” to attract customers. Essentially, you need to create your own mini clothing store on your Poshmark account. This kind of creativity can be a lot of fun, but it also takes a lot of work.

For sales under $15, they charge a flat commission of $2.95. For sales over $15, you pay 20% rate. This is a little on the pricier side considering all the work you put into making sales, but you have greater control over the list price of your items.

3. ThredUp

Online consignment store

ThredUp is most similar in style to Current Boutique, but they emphasize convenience over compensation. They make it easy to send and sell brand clothes online. They’ll send you a clean-out bag or you can use your own box. You just fill up the bag, drop it off, and it’s out of your hands. They accept over 35,000 brands, so your gently-worn or new items are likely to get purchased.

However, you usually get a much lower cut on your items than comparable services. They claim you can earn 5-90% of the listing price, depending on how high-end the designer is, but it usually averages on the lower end of that.

Also, standard processing is about 3 weeks (or more). If you’re looking to use your cash soon, ThredUp won’t have it available to you. If you want expedited service, you’ll be charged a $16 fee.

ThredUp is awesome about donations, though. You can choose to donate your items directly, so all of the money goes to charities—and you’ll get a donation tax receipt. Any items that they don’t accept, they’ll donate or responsibly recycle as well (like Current Boutique).

ThredUp doesn’t pay out as competitively as other consignment shops, because you’re paying for convenience. But this is a great option if you don’t have access to Current Boutique (which is equally convenient and generally has a more competitive pay out).

4. Tradesy

Buy-and-sell marketplace

Tradesy is a buy-and-sell marketplace with millions of members. Like Poshmark, you are responsible for listing and selling your items on the Tradesy app. This is a great option for selling designer clothes.

What we really like about Tradesy is that they provide a lot of guidance and tips to make sure you are marketing your clothing effectively. If you don’t know how to sell designer clothes online, they’ll make it simple. After you take pictures of your items, the Tradesy app will actually enhance the photo and remove background distractions. They’ll walk you through the process of writing product descriptions, even providing examples to help you sell like a pro. They’ll also give you exclusive tips to help you sell, and you can opt in to their Sales and Promotions plan to gain more visibility.

They have a decently competitive pay rate. For items under $50, they charge a flat fee of $7.50. Over $50, they charge a 19.8% rate. This is comparable with other companies, but it’s a little high considering you still have to do the majority of the work selling your products. They also charge a 2.9% transfer fee if you want to withdraw it from Tradesy. You can also use your earnings to buy more goods on Tradesy.

The buyer covers shipping costs with the price they see on your item. You can use Tradesy’s professional shipping kit or you can print a free USPS priority label.

They’ll also handle returns for you. If the customer no longer wants the item, they will send the return back to Tradesy. You’ll get to keep your earnings if your item is eligible for the Returns Policy. This offers a lot of security and safety when selling designer clothes to an unknown customer.

Tip: Handbags sell the best on Tradesy.

5. Social media

A lot of women are seeing success selling designer clothes and accessories on social media platforms, like Facebook Marketplace. You can blast out some pictures of your item with a catchy description, and nearby people (or your social media friends) may be interested in buying it.

This is about the same amount of work as Poshmark or Tradesy, but you usually get to keep a higher percentage of the list price. However, you’re not as protected on social media, so you have to be careful about who you’re selling to and taking money from. Always protect yourself when on social media or selling through an insecure channel!

Start selling designer clothes today

Do you have clothing or accessories you want to sell? Try out Current Boutique! We have one of the most competitive commission rates in the business, and we make it super easy and convenient to get your clothes in our hands—plus we have an incredibly fast turnaround when it comes to payment! Best yet, selling with us brings you deeper into our awesome community of women gathered together around fashion and sustainability!

We look forward to finding new homes for your preloved items! Start selling designer clothes with Current Boutique today.

Carmen Lopez, President & CEO


Hello Fashion Lovers! I've been in the fashion industry for over 15 years. I started Current Boutique with the desire to recycle amazing pre-loved designer gems for others to enjoy! I value quality, unique craftsmanship, sustainability & saving money. I am a fashion lover who is energized by the challenges and rewards of being an entrepreneur. I'm here to share tips on fashion, style, bargain shopping and business. I hope you enjoy!
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