Winter Fashion Trends to Look Cool and Stay Warm

Winter Fashion Trends

Winter is one of the most challenging times to stay fashion-forward, since we also have to prioritize warmth and comfort. Plus, with all of the changes in fashion and lifestyle during the COVID-19 era, winter fashion trends are an even greater feat to pull off. That’s why I’ve gathered the coolest winter fashion trends that are totally accessible and doable for every woman who’s looking to feel chic while also staying warm, safe, and cozy this season.

What’s going to be hot for winter fashion trends?

  • Material: leather (brown)
  • Color: neutrals with a pop of blue
  • Print: tiger
  • Outerwear: puffer jackets
  • Texture: XL fringe
  • Silhouette: bodycon
  • Shoes: cream slouch boots
  • Accessories: chain necklaces with hoop earrings
  • Fun and cute: fuzzy knit cardigans

Material: brown leather

Leather is always a popular cold weather fabric. It’s a gorgeous, timeless material that works double-time to keep you warm in even the coldest temperatures. Any kind of leather pieces are great for winter, whether it’s a leather knee-length skirt, hip-length jacket, or buttery shirt.

What’s really on-trend for the season, though, is a brown leather coat, usually dropping at the knee or calf. This is a striking outerwear piece that draws the eye while creating a silhouette that shows off your curves (which is a challenge with most outerwear). At Current Boutique, we particularly love brown leather because it’s a hot trend for winter, but it’s also an ageless material and neutral color that will endure for many cold weather seasons to come.

Winter fashion trends that last forever…

Another timeless winter material is velvet. If you want to invest in quality fabric that will never go out of style, a romantic velvet dress is a dazzling classic that pairs beautifully with kitten heels and pearls or boots and chunky jewelry. Even go barefoot and the velvet dress is a stunner on its own!

Do you know how to stay warm while wearing a dress? Get that and other winter fashion hacks here.

Color: neutrals with a pop of blue

Speaking of, the “nude and neutral” has been a fall trend that has persisted into winter. But what I’m particularly loving this season are the pops of bright blue paired with neutrals like brown and beige. So obsessed with the stunning contrast between a sleek brown jacket and bright blue bag or a monochrome off-white look with a pop of blue heels.

Brown and blue are the most prominent color combination this season, but I love that this combo doesn’t require you to totally update your wardrobe. Simply mixing and matching pieces that you already have is a great way to look trendy while saving money and ensuring a long lifespan for your wardrobe. With most people being more conscious about how they spend their money, particularly during the pandemic, investing in everlasting pieces that can be styled towards seasonal trends is the new normal.

Print: tiger

Animal prints are always in fashion. They’re an easy statement that can be both bold and delicate at the same time. For winter, tiger print is particularly popular. Maybe it’s thanks to The Tiger King, or maybe it’s the combination of black and brown that compliments the colder temperatures. Tiger accents will liven up a neutral outfit, and it looks particularly attractive with denim jeans or jackets.

What animal print is your fave? Mine is ZEBRA!

Outerwear: puffer jackets

If you’re looking for something cute, easy, and warm, look no further than the puffer jacket. What was once considered “frumpy” has now (thankfully) become the epitome of fashion, particularly if paired with a bodycon sweater dress or curve-rocking leggings. If you live in a cold climate, you can’t risk your health and safety with your outerwear, so we’re thrilled that puffer jackets are the hot topic for winter fashion trends.

This year’s jackets are rocking non-traditional zipper placements and deep-set pockets to add a bit of flair, but your go-to puffer jacket will be equally as warm and stylish for the season. Quilted styles are also in for outerwear, so you’ll see a lot of quilted puffer jackets for winter.

Texture: XL fringe

The ‘70s looks are still trending, but now fringe is getting even bigger and bolder. I’ve been seeing a lot of extra-large fringe hit the winter fashion trends scene, adding both texture and warmth to traditional outfits. Long fringe dresses are an easy go-to outfit for the holidays, and they’ll make you feel both like a ‘70s flower power queen and a 1920s Gatsby-esque flapper gal. This look is fun, fashionable, and flirty! If you haven’t yet found your fringe piece, it’s still a great investment, since the ’70s don’t seem to be leaving the scene anytime soon.

Psst… Another ‘70s look that’s hot in winter fashion trends is faux shearling trim. This adds a textured collar that looks as gorgeous as it is cozy. I particularly love shearling trim on a leather or denim jacket, and it’s great for moderate winter weather or pre-spring.

Silhouette: bodycon

In winters past fashion trends, we saw a lot of square silhouettes. Now, though, women are looking more to show off and show up in elegant ways, particularly on the tail of stay-at-home guidelines. That’s why we’re seeing this year’s hot silhouette more streamlined and form-fitting.

Cozy sweaters are always cute for fall and winter. This season, sweaters are less chunky and instead found as shape-framing bodycon dresses. To keep these silhouettes work-appropriate, throw a blazer on top of your sweater for your Zoom call, or choose high-quality fabrics that drop to the knee or calf.

Tie-waists are also popular this season, particularly for outerwear like leather jackets and puffer coats. This maintains a shapely silhouette while keeping you warm and safe.

What I love about the bodycon silhouette is that it encourages self-confidence and inner beauty. When you feel comfortable and sexy in the clothes you wear, you’ll exude brightness and beauty wherever you go. Learn how to gorgeously glow up from the inside out here.

Shoes: cream slouch boots

This is a beautiful yet effortless look that’s one of our favorite winter fashion trends. The past few winters have seen the introduction of “slouchy boots,” which end just below the knee and “crumple” with each step. These boots usually have a stiletto or block heel, and they offer both functional warmth and an elegant texture. These pair gorgeously with a dress and stockings or you can tuck-in wide leg trousers. This year, cream colored slouch boots are all the rage, optimizing on that off-white winter white that we adore.

Accessories: chain necklaces with hoop earrings

At Current Boutique, we are big believers in timeless wardrobe pieces. We like keeping go-to basics in the closet that will look good no matter what season you’re in or what trends are “hot.” A great example of timeless pieces that are made fresh this season are chain necklaces paired with hoop earrings. We’re seeing a lot of fashion and street models donning these two classic jewelry pieces together, both of which you may already have in your jewelry box.

I’m loving these two pieces together, because they accentuate the jawline and neck—bringing attention to the curves of the face (while the rest of your curves are tucked away under warm, comfy clothing). Choose your favorite metal (gold, silver, rose gold), and put hoops and chains together for a modern yet classic look.

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Fun and cute: fuzzy knit cardigans

Cardigans are a winter basic. This season, fuzzy knit cardigans are all the rage. They’re comfortable enough to lounge in but put-together enough to keep you motivated while working from home. Beige sweaters are a winter accessory that never goes out of style, but this season, cardigans in big, bold checked patterns of browns and reds are also a winter favorite.

Winter fashion trends are heating up

We’re entering into a cold, unforgiving winter in a lot of ways. Don’t forget that fashion is the self-care we all need. Dressing beautifully—even if you’re just going to the living room—will keep you feeling confident, radiant, motivated.

What are you looking forward to this season? Which winter fashion trends are you going to rock?

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