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  • Pre-loved Designer Clothing
  • Pre-loved Women's Accessories
  • Pre-loved Women's Shoes
  • Pre-loved Women's Blouses

About us

Founded in 2007 by Carmen Lopez, a retail business expert focused on fashion, style and secondhand shopping. She has been featured in The Zoe Report, Refinery29, Cheddar News, Parents Magazine, Cosmopolitan and many more.

Carmen is an engaging and ambitious entrepreneur who values quality, craftsmanship, sustainability and saving money. With a passion for secondhand clothing and extending the life of amazing pre-loved designer fashion, she possesses an infectious energy onto her customers, employees and consignors. She is a fashion lover who is energized by the challenges and rewards of being an entrepreneur. For over 15 years, Current Boutique has been a destination for fashion lovers that accommodate every lifestyle from budget-friendly to splurge worthy.

Current Boutique has been featured on The Today Show, Good Morning America, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Buzzfeed and many more! Current Boutique was built with the notion that the modern woman’s busy life needs a revolving wardrobe that can keep up with the never ending schedule of parties, meetings and events. Always on the hunt for designer pieces, that kept her fashionable, current and on trend, Carmen had a thirst for recycling her perfectly pre-loved designer gems for others to enjoy. She saw an opportunity to develop a community for fashion lovers! A community where women could bring their pre-loved designer gems and recycle them into, new to her, designer outfits. And mother earth thanks her!

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At This location

  • Pre-Loved Designer Clothing
  • Women's Designer Pre-loved Dresses
  • Women's Pre-Loved Designer Accessories
  • Sell you Designer Clothing with us!


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At This location

  • Pre-loved Designer Clothing
  • Women's Pre-loved Designer Dresses
  • Women's Pre-loved Designer Accessories
  • Sell you Designer Clothing with us!