6 Holiday Party Looks as Sustainable as They Are Festive

Holiday Sequin

The holiday season is upon us, and that means dressing up in fun, festive outfits for parties and celebrations. While it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of holiday shopping, it’s also important to consider the environmental impact of our purchasing choices. Fortunately, you can look fabulous and be eco-conscious this holiday season, thanks to fashion sustainability efforts from consignment stores like Current Boutique.

By shopping on consignment, you’re not only getting high-quality designer goods at an affordable price, but you’re also promoting fashion sustainability by minimizing the demand for new manufacturing and diverting preloved pieces away from landfills. That’s why so many eco-conscious consumers rely on consignment stores for green and gorgeous fashion options. If you want to be sustainable and festive this year, consignment shopping is the way to go.

In this article, we’ve gathered our favorite sophisticated holiday party outfits – all inspired by the most popular pieces you can find at local consignment stores.

1. Elegant little black dress

You can never go wrong with a classic little black dress. The LBD is a versatile, timeless choice that can easily be dressed up or down for any occasion. With just a few tweaks of your accessories, you can flawlessly transition from workwear to cocktail attire to casual Friendsgiving vibes in a snap.

little black dress holiday outfits 

Pair your dress with festive jewelry and preloved heels for a stunning holiday outfit that’ll bring out your confidence this season.

little black dress holiday outfit ideas 

Luxury consignment stores like Current Boutique almost always have a rotating inventory of little black dresses on hand. You’ll be amazed at the high-end designer options available at a fraction of their original price. Find your perfect little black dress for under $100 with our LBD collection.  

Learn how to find the perfect little black dress for your style here.

2. Luxurious velvet

Velvet is a quintessential holiday fabric that exudes indulgence and warmth. For a festive holiday outfit that always looks good, opt for a stunning velvet dress that creates a stunning silhouette.

velvet dress for holiday parties 

Velvet blazers are a trendy way to add texture and visual intrigue to your outfit. For the winter season, look for blazers in rich jewel tones like deep red or emerald green.

velvet blazer holiday inspiration

Because velvet is considered a luxury fabric, it’s often expensive when bought new. But you don’t have to break the bank to pamper your closet with this deluxe material. Buying velvet on consignment is a great way to get high-quality materials and pieces for less. Check out our Velvet Crush collection here to start shopping for your perfect holiday look.

3. Sustainable sequin showstopper

Sequins are a holiday staple that instantly add glamor to any outfit. Get glitzy with a full sequin dress, or pair a sequin skirt with a comfortable cashmere or knit sweater for a polished ensemble. Sequin jumpsuits are also particularly trendy for winter 2022.

sequin dress outfit inspiration for holidays 

Sequins are usually made of plastic and synthetic materials, so they’re not the most sustainable texture. But you don’t have to feel bad about wearing sequins if you buy preloved pieces from a consignment store. By giving these garments a second life, you’ll be diverting harmful materials away from landfills. Current Boutique offers unique, preloved sequin dresses that will add sparkle to your closet without added strain on the environment.

holiday party outfit inspiration 

Check out this blog to learn how to know if a clothing purchase is truly sustainable.

4. Dress up with tulle

Tulle has recently become one of my favorite materials. A tulle skirt instantly makes you feel like a princess, and tulle overlays and detailing add a feminine touch to any outfit. Plus, it’s more versatile than you think! Dress up a tulle skirt with a sweater or satin blouse, or dress it down with a band tee or flannel.

tulle skirt for holiday parties 

Tulle is typically made from polyester, nylon, or rayon, which are all synthetic materials. If you want all the beauty of tulle without the guilt of contributing to fashion waste, consider buying tulle and other synthetic material pieces on consignment. Doing so adds texture and dimension to your closet without increasing demand for waste-intensive production processes to create new fabrics.

tulle outfit inspiration

5. Statement outerwear

For many states, the holiday season means chillier weather. Adding a statement coat or jacket can be a gorgeous game-changer for your holiday party look. Outerwear works overtime not only to keep you warm but also to help you make a stylish, stunning entrance to a holiday event. For that “wow” factor, look for a coat with unique details like faux fur trim, intricate embroidery, or a bold pattern or color.

holiday outerwear 2024 

Investing in a quality coat can make a huge difference in your overall style. Your winter coat starts to “define” you because you wear it everywhere, so you want a high-quality piece that can withstand the winter elements and years of wear and tear. Take your wardrobe to the next level with our designer outerwear pieces,  made with fit and finish in mind.

sustainable outerwear 

Check out these tips on how to buy sustainable, gorgeous outerwear. 

6. Festive jumpsuit 

Jumpsuits have been trending for the past few years, and for a good reason. They’re like an entire outfit in one piece! Just throw on a jumpsuit, add your favorite accessories and outerwear, and you’re ready to go. Jumpsuits offer a chic alternative to dresses and suits, and they come in various silhouettes, colors, and patterns to suit your unique holiday style. 

holiday jumpsuit inspiration 

The most important aspect of buying a jumpsuit is finding one that accentuates your body. You might want a cinched waist to add definition to your figure or one with a wide leg to let you dance the night away. As for color, a black jumpsuit is as versatile as a little black dress, but a bold color with eye-catching details might be the perfect fashion statement at your next party. Check out our hottest on-trend jumpsuits here.

sequin jumpsuit for holidays 

Sustainable holiday party outfits

Celebrating in style doesn’t have to hurt the environment. Thanks to consignment as an alternative to big box stores, you can dress in your favorite fabrics, sequins, and styles without compromising on quality or sustainability. Shopping on consignment means finding high-end, environmentally-conscious outfits that won’t break the bank.

sustainable holiday outfits 

As you prepare for your holiday parties, we invite you to browse our racks at Current Boutique online to discover a world of fashion possibilities. From little black dresses to velvet blazers, we have something for everyone. Thanks for doing your part for the planet and for supporting Current Boutique this holiday season!

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