7 Influencers Who Rock Preloved Fashion

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Preloved fashion is quickly moving from niche to norm, thanks to the work of high-end consignment shops like Current Boutique, the fall of fast fashion, and fashion influencers spreading the word about the benefits of consignment shopping. Social media has given creators a platform to discuss the environmental and ethical harms of the traditional fashion industry. The hottest influencers are promoting the more eco-friendly and budget-friendly impacts of consignment shopping.

Whether you’re new to consignment shopping or your wardrobe is brimming with preloved items, you might be looking for a little inspiration to refresh your closet. Check out these 7 stylish influencers who are showing how to creatively style preloved fashion.

Haley’s Corner 

Haleys Corner Sustainable Influencer

Haley Israelov is a preloved fashion superstar. With 733K Youtube subscribers and 85.7K Insta followers, she is a powerhouse influencer in the world of thrifting, flipping, and consigning clothes. You would never be able to tell that her trendy style is almost entirely thrifted! Her followers love her DIY clothing flips and her “thrift with me” videos, a vlog-style video where she brings the viewer into thrift and consignment stores with her. If you have a modern, trendy style but love the thrill of the preloved-fashion treasure hunt, you’ll love Haley’s Corner’s approachable and fun channel.  

Alexa Sunshine

Stylish Influencers Who Rock Preloved Fashion

Alexa Sunshine is exactly what her name says – she’s a ball of sunshine! If you’re looking for an influencer who feels like a friend you’re shopping with, you’ll love Alexa. I love her “styling outdated fashion trends in 2022” video because it shows how fashion is truly fluid and cyclical. Her Instagram is filled with bright and gorgeous preloved pieces. Alexa’s fun, Disney-loving, smiling content is an approachable way to learn more about styling secondhand fashion.  

Thrift N Tell 

preloved fashion influencer

Iesha Gilchrist at Thrift ‘n Tell is an inspiration not only for her promotion of secondhand clothing but also for her unique sense of style that encourages other ladies to dress to impress – to impress themselves! She focuses on bold, fun outfits that make her happy and that come from thrift and consignment stores! Iesha loves thrifting because it offers the “designer feeling” of fashion at a fraction of the cost. She also loves that buying sustainable items helps reduce fashion waste. She has grown her following to over 355K on Instagram because she is constantly encouraging and supporting women to be their most stylish, more beautiful, most authentic selves – while also protecting the planet (and budget).   

Izzy Manuel

Stylish Influencers Who Rock Preloved Fashion

Izzy Manuel is all about educating others on sustainable, ethical fashion without shame or fear. She wants to show people that even the smallest fashion decisions can help the earth. Her feed is the epitome of dopamine dressing with her bright outfits and cute vibe that make you smile. And her eye-catching content has a real purpose behind it, with Instagram captions about the benefits of consignment, the truths and myths of sustainable fashion, the concerns of fast fashion, how to make your clothes last longer, and so much more. Izzy is proof that consignment fashion can be as fun as it is ethical!

Never Ever Pay Retail

influencers who love consignment shopping

Hannah at Never Ever Pay Retail is all about filling your closet with classic wardrobe essentials that are sustainable, easy to mix and match, and inexpensive. If you have a laidback, straightforward sense of style with an emphasis on high-quality clothes, you’ll love Hannah’s tips and tricks for finding and styling the best preloved pieces. Her top tip for finding cool thrift or consignment finds? Shop every rack! Thrift and consignment shopping can be like a treasure hunt, and you don’t want to miss out on your perfect piece!

Wear I Live

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Jenny (aka Wear I Live) is an NYC- and LA-based creator promoting sustainable fashion and living. Her Youtube vlogs are real, emotional, and approachable, but they also provide her viewers with the tools and tips they need to live a more sustainable life. Her followers love how she lives a full and impactful life without harming the environment. Her style is casual chic with an emphasis on ethical and environmental fashion. She’s a great inspiration for cool girls looking to balance a trendy, Instagram-worthy life while still doing good by the planet.


Fashion sustainable influencers

If you’re looking for an influencer who focuses more on education than on outfits, Gaia’s ssustainably_ is a fun, pastel-colored feed with lots of great resources. She touches on important topics in sustainable fashion, like how fashion’s addiction to fossil fuels needs to end. At the same time, she keeps the content light and fresh thanks to her smiling face and friendly demeanor. Plus, she throws in some cute videos too, like thrift shopping in Milan. Her comments are full of people asking questions and sharing their experience with fashion sustainability, which is building a great community of women working towards a brighter, cleaner tomorrow.

Current Boutique

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If you’re not following Current Boutique on Instagram, you’re missing lots of incredible content about secondhand shopping, styling preloved fashion, and sustainability inspo! We believe in fashion, empowering women, and doing right by the planet. Go follow us at @currentboutique to join our community of fashion lovers!

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