9 Amazing Ways to Style a Blazer

How To Style A Blazer

Blazers are one of my favorite wardrobe staples because they’re stunningly versatile and elegant. A blazer can easily dress up a casual outfit or compliment a fancy one. And it’s masculine-inspired with a gorgeous feminine flair in its tailored silhouette. There’s a good reason that blazers have made it to every runway for the past few years – they’re simply the best! Today, we’re talking about 9 Amazing ways to style a blazer.

The good news is: you probably already have one of these in your closet! Whether it’s from that one time you went on an interview or you wear one every day to work. Most women have at least one blazer in their closets that you can use for these outfit looks. So let’s get styling!

1. Dark-colored blazers are a closet must-have

For a staple blazer, I typically recommend a darker color, like black or navy. That’s because they go with just about every style and color palette (including light neutrals, which I’ll talk about below). Darker colors also create a slimming silhouette that flatters nearly all body types.

It’s not all about the color, though. Texture and silhouette are equally as important. When choosing the right piece for your wardrobe, consider:

  • The Fabric weight (heavy, light, or in-between)
  • Color factor (dark neutral, light neutral, or colorful)
  • The Fit (tailored, unstructured, long, short, etc.)

For my staple piece, I usually choose a medium weight fabric in a dark color with a tailored, structured look. But play around with different fabrics, colors, and fits to see what you like best.

Check out these 24 types of fashion blazers to get an idea of how to start shopping for the right blazer for your closet.

2. Browse for the standout, bold blazers

With that being said, I am a HUGE fan of the fun standout fashion blazer. So, for me, that means having more than just one blazer adorning my closet. I like having at least:

  • One dark-colored blazer in a heavy fabric like wool (for the winter),
  • A dark-colored blazer in a light fabric (for the spring and autumn),
  • One light-colored blazer with a heavier fabric (fall and winter),
  • A light-colored blazer with an airy fabric like linen (for summer),
  • And at least one bold fashion statement blazer (like a bold red or an animal print).

If you can’t tell, I just adore a good blazer. This is one of my go-to pieces as both an outer layer and middle layer, and I wear them all year long! That’s why I always like having a few to choose from in my closet. If you’re like me and like having an array of options, especially when it comes to basics like the blazer, check out our trending collection of Perfect Blazers. (There is a Trina Turk zebra print blazer available at the time I’m writing this… but it may not last long because I might buy it up myself!)

3. Pair with jeans and a tee

Blazers are the easiest way to dress up any casual look. Whether you’re wearing a graphic tee and ripped jeans or a white blouse with dark jeans, throwing a blazer on top can instantly elevate your outfit. Blazers can even make leggings or yoga pants look high-end and elegant.

We are all about comfort and style at Current Boutique, especially when it comes to work-at-home outfits. So throw on some cozy leggings, a white top, and your favorite blazer for your zoom call and you’re good to go! (Well, maybe brush your hair, too.)

4. Throw a blazer over a mini or maxi dress

Sometimes blazers can fall at the wrong spot when wearing a midi dress, but if you’re looking to spruce up a casual mini dress or a summer maxi, the blazer’s the perfect piece for you. Wearing a cardigan over a dress used to be the cool thing, but now the trend is to throw on a blazer or other structured outer garment. This will accentuate the lines of your dress while adding a textured silhouette that is totally eye-catching. Whether it’s a loose and flowy dress or a tight and sexy one, a blazer is the perfect way to spruce up some of your favorite go-to dresses.

Jazz up a jumpsuit: Pair a blazer with your favorite jumpsuit. Jumpsuits are one of my favorite trending wardrobe pieces, but they can feel a little one-dimensional if you wear the same one over and over. Throwing a blazer on top instantly changes the look, so you can always have an on-trend outfit (that’s only two pieces!).

5. Turn your blazer into an overcoat

Blazers are one of those items that just always look good and fit into every situation. Using a suit jacket as an overcoat is an easy way to take your outfit to the next level (without putting in any effort… shhh, don’t tell anyone). A navy, unstructured blazer works perfectly over a white dress on a cool summer night, or wear a structured black fashion blazer with gold buttons over a gown at a black-tie affair. Seriously, fashion blazers are that versatile!

If your blazer isn’t warm enough for cold winter weather, wear it as the middle layer underneath another jacket. This double-breasted look is timeless yet trendy, and it will make you look and feel like you’re a Parisian runway model. Plus, it’ll keep you warm in the chillier months while still looking gorgeous; safety and style can sometimes be a challenging balance, but not with a blazer!

Fashion tip: When it comes to creating a stunning outfit, it’s all about layering.

6. Go for the trendy full-suit look

Pantsuits may not be trending at the moment, but “full suits” are. This is what we mean: similar, but not exact. Wearing a matching blazer and pants or skirt is beautifully stylish, as long as you focus on the fit and fabric. You don’t want your top and bottom to be the same, like a traditional pantsuit. Instead, mix-and-match fabrics, colors, and styles between your top and bottom. This creates a dynamic outfit that is perfect for work, happy hour, or just browsing downtown (with your mask on, of course).

I personally love the look of a structured blazer with a pencil or A-line skirt paired with kitten heels. You get a sort of ‘60s work vibe that screams female empowerment.

7. Make it sexy

One of the trendiest ways to wear a blazer in 2021 is over a bralette. Button it up or keep it loose, fashion blazers can dress up jeans and a bralette or crop top so elegantly. It creates a casually sexy look that will have you feeling yourself (and winking at yourself every time you pass a mirror). You are so confident and sexy, girl.

8. Use blazers as a statement

Pair a dark-colored blazer with whites and neutrals to add dimension to your outfit (or a light blazer with dark outfit). Blazers are so versatile and easy, so they’re a great piece if you’re trying out new and unexpected colors, like as a contrast to the rest of your outfit or as a statement piece. It can be as easy as pairing a navy blazer with a white blouse and beige pants, or a linen pastel blue blazer with a black dress. Get creative with it! If you love making a statement but are still testing the waters, a blazer is an easy and effective fashion choice.

9. Try out a ‘70s chic look

I couldn’t skip this unique trend that is also so easy to do - even if you don’t usually follow trends. The ‘70s have been in style for the past few years, and we don’t expect that to change any time soon. So get yourself a retro-print blouse with an oversized collar. Throw on your staple blazer and lay the oversized collar on top of the blazer. Pair with some sleek cat eyes and you have a super trendy ’70s outfit that doesn’t take a lot of effort (and doesn’t require a fast-fashion purchase).

The look that goes with everything

If you can’t tell by now, I am obsessed with blazers. They’re comfortable, versatile, elegant, and they’re one of those evergreen pieces that stands the test of time in your closet. I can’t even think of an outfit that doesn’t work with the chic, sophisticated look of a neutral or dark blazer.

Check out our Perfect Blazers collection to start browsing for high-quality, stunning designer pieces at a fraction of their label price.

What about you? Are you as obsessed with fashion blazers as much as me? Share this article with your tips for styling a blazer!

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