How To Wear Animal Prints

Animal Prints Craving Current

We go wild for animal prints. Animal prints aren’t new to the fashion scene, but they tend to reappear in new, unique styles every few seasons. Animal prints are making a bigger splash than we’ve seen in recent years. Instagram influencers, magazine editors, and celebrities have been sporting the animal prints for months, and it’s enduring through the fall and winter season.

The goal of animal print fashion is not to make the pattern the center of attention (as it was in previous seasons). Instead, you want to use animal prints as a subtle layer with an air of chic luxury.

Animal prints are a great way to stand out in the urban jungle. They’re eye-catching without being overstated or garish. There are endless print options, so you can show off your own style while staying on-trend. Plus, they’re an easy way to upgrade and enhance any outfit.

How can YOU channel your exotic side and rock the animal prints this year?

Types of animal prints

Leopard print is the most popular animal right now. Leopard rosettes typically have dark, irregular-shaped circles with a different color inside. (This is different than cheetah print, which is solid black spots.) Leopard is a popular print because it’s highly versatile, as the spots can come in multiple sizes and colors. Plus, the leopard print instantly reminds us of the “big cat,” which gives a sense of magnificent majesty.

Zebra is another popular print. It’s fun and flirty, which makes it a great option for everyday wear. Zebra stripes add dimension to your outfit in a delicately understated way.

Tiger has become increasingly more common in recent seasons. Like leopard, the tiger print emits a sense of royalty and grandeur. This is a luxurious print that can be subtle and elegant or bold and audacious.

Snake and alligator are popular prints for accessories, like bags and shoes. A snakeskin print bag has become a luxury staple for every girl’s closet!

Choose the animal print that speaks most to you—or get different pieces in different prints!

How to wear animal prints

1. Pair with neutrals

Animal prints today have become the “new neutral,” because they are themselves made of neutral colors. Leopard and tiger are often browns and blacks and zebra is black and white. This makes them compatible with other neutral colors, and they’re easy to match with other colors and styles.

For example, a zebra print cardigan pairs perfectly with a black blouse and dark denim. A leopard scarf looks great with a white blouse and tan pants.

You can even add another accent color with your neutral palette for an extra pop. Add red heels with that zebra cardigan look for a bold statement. Put that leopard scarf over a hot pink blouse for a sexy “wow” outfit.

Today’s animal prints aren’t as daring as they once were. They’ve become subtler, which means you have more flexibility with the rest of your outfit.

2. Mix and match prints

A surprising and exciting trend from 2018 is the mix-and-match of animal prints. We’re seeing leopard print blouses with zebra heels. Designers are sporting snakeskin bags with tiger dresses.

We expect that mixing and matching animal prints will be especially trendy this autumn and winter. We’ve been seeing it in Vogue, and stylists are grabbing all the animal prints they can. This is because mixing and matching animal prints creates a warm, exciting look that’s great for cooler months.

It doesn’t have to be hard to mix and match animal prints. Follow the typical rules for pairing patterns and you’re ready to go. Check out our 4 easy tips to mixing and matching patterns.

3. Try out different tones

Multicolored animal prints used to be big in the early 2000s, but these audacious colors are mostly out now. Today, animal prints come in neutrals that make them elegantly refined.

But you still have endless options. Not only can you try out different prints, but each of those prints comes in different tones and sizes. You might have a leopard print with large, faded spots or smaller, darker spots. You could have a zebra print with deep slashes of black or short marks of grey.

Try out different tones for different styles. Lighter tones tend to create a more minimalist style, while deeper shades lean towards the bold. Pastel animal prints are also becoming more popular.

Pairing different tones together is a great way to mix and match prints to create your own unique style!

4. Wear head to toe

Because of the neutrality of animal prints, it’s okay to wear one or two prints head to toe. Animal dresses are especially popular this season.

If you’ve got a bold sense of fashion, a full animal print outfit can put you on the prowl.

What’s not hot? Animal print pants. They’re not usually flattering, and they’re often too bold for the more subtle elegance that designers are going for with the animal trend today.

5. Focus on accessories

Animal print accessories are a must this season. From leopard print scarves to snakeskin bags to tiger print shoes, animal accessories are an amazing accent piece for any outfit. Cat-eye leopard sunglasses are particularly hot this season.

We especially love animal print accessories for workplace style. Not all workplaces are okay with bold animal prints, but accessories are usually appropriate for work. Plus, they give you an extra shot of conviction and boldness that can help you dominate any project you’re working on.

If you’re new to animal prints, starting with an accessory or two is a great way to get comfortable with bolder patterns and styles.

6. Keep it faux

Fur is still a luxury, but it’s not as trendy as it once was. Furs can be highly expensive, hard to care for, and bad for the environment (especially if made with an endangered species).

But nowadays you can find faux prints that are equally as luxurious and beautiful as real coats. You can get that feminine glamour without harming nature or breaking the bank.

If you do opt for real fur, make sure it’s ethically sourced. You also want to learn the care instructions, so you don’t damage or ruin your fur investment.

7. Put on your confidence

You can rock any style if you believe that you can. The key to wearing a bold pattern like animal prints is your confidence. Whether you’re starting with a print accessory or going head-to-toe in a print, it’s all about how assured and certain you are. Don’t be afraid to let the world hear you roar.

So throw on your animal skins - and feel great in your own skin!

How do you like to rock the animal prints? What’s your go-to exotic style? 

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