9 Go-To Outfits When You “Have Nothing to Wear”

The Easiest Outfit Ideas to Live By

Need some outfit inspiration? Feeling a little stagnant in your fashion routine? We got you! In this article, we’re giving you nine easy go-to outfits you can make from the wardrobe basics you likely already have in your closet.

Here are some of the basics we include in this article. They’re pieces we think every full wardrobe deserves to have!

  • Denim jeans
  • Black jeans
  • Solid black and white tees
  • Blazer (for work and otherwise)
  • White button-up
  • Fitted sweater
  • Chunky sweater/oversized sweater
  • Trench coat
  • Leggings
  • Leather jacket
  • Black turtleneck
  • Go-to skirt or dress 

1. Jeans, crisp t-shirt, and blazer

easy outfit ideas

If you’re looking for a refined look that can go from business casual to hitting the town, try pairing jeans, a high-quality tee, and a fitted or oversized blazer.

Jeans: For a more polished look for work or happy hour, opt for dark denim. For a shopping spree downtown or brunch with the girls, light or medium denim allows for a more casual vibe.

Tee: If you want a go-to outfit for every event, wear a solid tee in a neutral color like white, black, or beige. If you’re feeling bolder or want a more casual look, try out a bright color or a graphic tee. But avoid fast fashion tees. The difference between a quality tee and a cheap one is noticeable, and a cheap tee will cheapen the overall look of your outfit. On colder days, swap the tee for a turtleneck!

Blazer: A fitted blazer will accentuate your curves, while an oversized blazer creates a chic and trendy vibe to your outfit. Learn how to style a blazer here.

Shoes: Dress up the look with heels or dress it down with sneakers or flats. You can totally make this easy, go-to look your own!

2. White button-up + white pants + trench coat

stunning easy outfit ideas

This look is so simple yet so gorgeous, and it's a great option for business casual or slightly-dressier events. White button-downs are a wardrobe essential, and they’re both professional and feminine (just like you!). Option to swap it with a white turtleneck for colder days!

While dark denim is always classic and can also work for this outfit, wearing white pants that match your blouse or jacket will create a long, lengthening appearance. The pairing of white with beige creates an effortlessly sophisticated look that we just can't get enough of.

Pair this look with gold jewelry for a knockout ensemble that will have you feeling like the main character of your movie.

Swap out the jeans for shorts on warmer days. There’s something unexpectedly stunning about pairing an oversized blazer with shorts.

3. Skirt + sweater + structured purse

9 basic outfits for everyday

For a more feminine, flowy ensemble, pair a midi dress (knee-length or ankle-length) with a tucked-in fitted sweater. You can really make this outfit your own, and you can play around with colors, textures, and silhouettes. Finish it off with a structured purse and matching heels or booties to tie it all together.

Find the perfect purse for your outfit with this ultimate handbag guide.

4. Fitted sweater + jeans + wool coat

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For cooler days, there’s nothing as simple and polished as a fitted sweater and jeans. Opt for a neutral color sweater like tan or brown for those fall days or wear a navy sweater with denim to satisfy the fashion rule of two color-matching pieces.

The most important part is a sweater that fits well. I love the look of a partially structured or ruffled shoulder, and I love sweaters that cinch at the elbow or wrist. Check out this guide by Suzanne Belle to learn what kind of sweaters work best for your body type.

For chillier days, pair the sweater and jeans with a tan or black wool coat to keep you warm and add another element of sophistication. Psst… Find out how to buy gorgeous, sustainable outerwear here.

5. Oversized sweater or tee + leggings + boots/booties 

9 basic outfits

Prefer an oversized, chunky knit sweater to a fitted one? Throw it on with a pair of your favorite leggings, whether they’re faux leather leggings, cotton leggings, or even have a pair of leggings with a cute print on them. Add tall boots or booties with a little heel to give some height and dimension to your outfit. 

For warmer days, switch out the sweater for an oversized shirt. Tuck the front of the shirt into your leggings to give shape to the silhouette. Add glasses and watch for a studious look. For an athleisure vibe, add sneakers; for something more polished, purposeful, pair with wedges or kitten heels.

6. White tee + mom jeans + leather jacket

9 go-to outfits

A white tee or mom jeans on their own aren’t necessarily cool, but when paired together with a leather jacket, you’ve got a hip and trendy outfit. Just about every celebrity has been photographed in this outfit at one time or another, so try channeling your inner celeb with something cozy and chic.

7. Black turtleneck + black jeans + camel trench coat

black turtleneck and black pants

Black turtlenecks aren’t just for Steve Jobs. Black on black is always classic and sleek, and it has a slimming and lengthening effect as well. Paired with a neutral trench, dainty jewelry, ankle booties, and a handbag, you have a winning “French it girl” outfit that will have you looking and feeling lavish with minimal effort.

8. Dress + cardigan

dress and cardigan easy outfit

Simple, elegant, and adaptable to your style, we love the look of a light cardigan over a dress. This is a great way to keep your favorite dresses in rotation as the weather gets colder while adding new looks and textures with a cardigan. (Another option is a leather jacket!) For shorter dresses, also consider adding stockings to keep your legs warm and add even more dimension. Psst… pair a little black dress with a black leather jacket for a trendy look that’s also timeless. 

9. Peasant blouse + leather pants

gorgeous go-to outfit ideas

This is a surprising pairing that works every time. Whether you have a blend of girly and edgy styles or you’re just looking to add some flair, there’s nothing quite as effective as a ruffled, floral blouse paired with leather leggings or trousers. This creates a stunning juxtaposition that looks chic and put together. Add a neutral coat and play around with accessories to make the look your own. 

Want to learn more about your unique style? Take our style quiz here!

Remembering a few simple, go-to basic outfits will make getting dressed so much easier, and you’ll always feel put-together, trendy, and classic. Start shopping for the basics of these fashion looks with Current Boutique’s high quality, preloved gems!


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