The Journey of Consignment from Seller to Buyer

Have you ever wondered what the consignment process really looks like from start to finish? At Current Boutique, we rigorously assess and carefully curate high-end, preloved pieces to ensure we offer the best stock to our discerning clientele. Let’s explore the consignment journey in-depth so you can feel confident that your Current Boutique clothes and accessories are sustainable, clean, and authentic.

Selling: the adventure begins

1. Choosing to sell

Sellers kickstart the journey by deciding it’s time to part ways with their fashion gems. There are several reasons a woman might choose to sell her clothes and accessories: the clothes no longer fit, she’s looking for a wardrobe refresh, she’s made lifestyle changes, or she’s simply looking for a little extra cash.

2. Consultation

The initial contact with a consignment store can either be online or in-person.

  • In-person, there’s an initial consultation with the consignment store’s expert team. This is when sellers provide details about the items they want to consign, ask questions, and build rapport with the store.
  • Online is a similar process, but everything happens digitally. Sellers complete the paperwork online and can email or call the store with questions.

3. Contracts

Once the seller and store are on the same page, they agree on the terms and conditions. This is usually a standard contract that includes commission rates, consignment duration, pricing strategies, and expectations for item quality and authenticity. Transparency is critical so sellers feel confident and informed. If a consignment store is not upfront and transparent, sellers should consider partnering with other shops who have the seller’s best interests in mind.

4. Custom service

Throughout the consultation process, experts at Current Boutique provide personalized service tailored to our sellers’ needs and preferences. For example, we offer a few ways to send us your items: you can drop them off in-store (with no appointment needed), send them via USPS, or we can pick them up locally.

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Assessment and authentication: finding quality

5. Assessment valuation

Most high-end consignment stores like Current Boutique have an expert team of fashion detectives to evaluate all garments for authenticity, quality, and condition. We’ll carefully inspect each stitch, seam, and detail to appropriately label the condition and quality. This includes everything from examining the suppleness of leather handbags to the resilience of a dress’s stitching. We ensure all our pieces meet the highest quality standards, and we don’t stock anything damaged, stained, or inauthentic.

6. Authentication

Authenticity is paramount in the world of luxury consignment. Our comprehensive authentication process ensures everything we stock is genuine and branded. Learn more about our authenticity promise here.

Art of curation: getting ready for the shelves

7. Curation

Once the pieces are reviewed and authenticated, we carefully consider each piece for its aesthetic appeal, brand relevance, and market demand. We don’t accept all pieces – even if they’re authentic and in good condition – because we want to curate a collection that our target market of fashionistas will enjoy. We’re constantly monitoring consumer preferences and trends, and our clients prefer timeless pieces with on-trend appeal, such as modern little black dresses or Chanel purses. We also buy and sell seasonally, so you’re less likely to see new winter coats on our shelves in July.

8. Cleaning

Although our sellers usually bring their items in excellent condition, we do professional cleaning as well. Our cleaning pros specialize in handling luxury materials, and they use gentle techniques and premium detergents. This means buyers can feel confident that their new clothes and accessories are hygienic and ready for re-wear.

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9. Pricing

Pricing is based on a combination of factors, including brand reputation, rarity, condition, and market demand. We use in-depth market research and industry insights to ensure fair, competitive prices for both sellers and buyers. We emphasize transparent pricing. Sellers know how much to expect for every item they sell, and our payouts are significantly higher than our online competitors.

But our primary goal is to make luxury more affordable and accessible for our market. That means buyers can feel confident we’re never price-gauging on items.

10. Marketing

We create a marketing plan for each item. We focus on creating captivating visual content that tells a story about the garment’s brand, history, and potential future. We work diligently to create a unique shopping experience in-store and online that feels like a high-end luxury couture house mixed with the excitement and thrill of the consignment “find” that our shoppers love so much.

Buying pieces: bringing home new goodies

11. Customer Experience

Now the pieces are ready for purchase. But at Current Boutique, we don’t just throw the pieces on the shelves and wait for customers. We build relationships and create memorable experiences with our buyers. We offer expert advice and insight on investment-worthy pieces, styling tips, and brand information so customers have a friend by their side while making consignment purchases.

“Our goal is to provide a fun, inviting environment that allows our customers and consignors to enjoy their experience and feel comfortable about the consignment process,” says Carmen Lopez, the founder and CEO of Current Boutique.

12. Community

Consignment shopping has become so much more than just buying preloved items. Consignment sellers and shoppers are part of a unique fashion community centered around quality, affordability, and sustainability. At Current Boutique, we go the extra step to cultivate this fashion community even after the sale. We’re known for our innovative events that connect influencers and fashon-lovers who want to celebrate the wonderful world of consignment.

13. Resell

Many of our buyers often become sellers in the future. Consignment shopping is addictive – it’s exciting, fun, and doesn’t break the bank. Many buyers go home, clean out their closets, and return with items to sell, getting cash in hand they can use to refresh their wardrobe on more preloved goods that better suit their current style.

This circular fashion community is a wonderful way to constantly access fresh high-end pieces at an affordable price point… all without hurting the environment by minimizing new manufacturing. That’s a win-win-win!

The consignment journey

The journey from selling to buying isn’t quick with luxury consignment stores. The process involves careful and meticulous assessment, curation, and celebration of craftsmanship to stock only the highest quality pieces. But thanks to this process, luxury consignment stores like Current Boutique bridge the gap between sellers who want to make money on their preloved possessions and and buyers seeking exclusive, affordable pieces with a storied history.

We are committed to transparency and unparalleled service at Current Boutique. Whether you’re buying or selling, we put our community above all else.

Start shopping to feel the Current Boutique difference.  

Carmen Lopez, President & CEO


Hello Fashion Lovers! I've been in the fashion industry for over 15 years. I started Current Boutique with the desire to recycle amazing pre-loved designer gems for others to enjoy! I value quality, unique craftsmanship, sustainability & saving money. I am a fashion lover who is energized by the challenges and rewards of being an entrepreneur. I'm here to share tips on fashion, style, bargain shopping and business. I hope you enjoy!
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