Fall Colors to Covet for 2023

Fall Pantone

It’s time to say goodbye to summer and embrace the captivating colors of the fall. If you love bright, vibrant colors that infuse your wardrobe with energy, you’ll absolutely adore the trending colors for fall 2023. Every year, Pantone’s Color Trend Report identifies the season’s chicest colors based on what designers and culture are gravitating towards. And this year’s Pantone colors are “an exultant mix of joyful color and new contemporary classics” that will make you feel happy and free-spirited. Keep reading for colorful outfit inspiration!  

Animated autumnal vibes

The classic go-to colors like red, orange, maroon, brown, and beige tend to dominate the fall scene every year, but fall 2023 is showing a twist on these classic colors with more pigmented, bold shades of these beloved autumnal favorites.  

Red Dahlia Red Dahlia Fall 2023 Pantone Colors

Red Dahlia (Pantone 19-1555) is this year’s maroon, but it’s much richer and deeper than traditional burgundy. It exudes sophistication and elegance, creating a timeless look that you can wear beyond fall 2023. It has more elements of brown mixed in than traditional maroon, so it leans more toward a neutral color than a bold red, making it perfect for everyday wear like dresses or cozy sweaters. If you want a pop of color to enliven chilly days, Red Dahlia outwear is particularly sleek when paired with a neutral outfit.

 Red Dahlia Fall 2023

Viva MagentaViva Magenta Fall 2023 Pantone Colors

Viva Magenta (Pantone 18-1750) is equally as dark, brooding, and bold as Red Dahlia, but it’s more pink than red. This color demands attention and boosts confidence, so you may want to incorporate it in your special occasion looks and powerhouse office suits. Play around with this rich magenta by matching it with navy, black, pinks, reds, and even metallics for a true showstopper.

Viva Magenta Fall 2023 Pantone Colors

Rose VioletRose Violet Fall 2023 Pantone Colors

Rose Violet (Pantone 17-2624) is a radiant, high-energy fuchsia. This shade combines the romance of red with the vibrancy of Barbie pink (that’s still hot from summer 2023). For striking drama, wear a head-to-toe fuchsia ensemble – even with a hint of fuchsia on your purse. There are many ways to incorporate this gorgeous color in subtle ways too, like a vibrant belt with neutral workwear or a violet touch in your accessories.  

Rose Violet Fall 2023

Tender PeachTender Peach Fall 2023 Pantone Colors

The previous colors have been richly pigmented, but Tender Peach (Pantone 12-0912) adds softness and delicateness to the fall 2023 palette. This beige-peach blends warmth and sophistication, perfect for versatile styling. Because this color borders on a warm neutral, it looks particularly refined when paired with black, white, navy, and delicate gold jewelry. Its neutrality also makes it a more timeless option, so don’t be afraid to invest in a few high-quality pieces you’ll re-wear for years to come.

Tender Peach Fall Pantone 2023

Red OrangeRed Orange Fall Pantone 2023

Red Orange (Pantone 17-1464) is a fiery, captivating tone that ignites the spirit of autumn. This classic Halloween color pulsates with energy, perfect for revitalizing your fall wardrobe. While Red Orange looks beautiful with neutrals, it is also particularly stunning when paired with some of the other rich colors on this list, like Viva Magenta and Rose Violet. 

Red Orange Fall 2023 Pantone Colors

High VisibilityHigh Visibility Color Fall 2023

High Visibility (Pantone 13-0751) is a yellow tone that expresses joy and good cheer. Meant to reflect the sun's splendor, this yellow is bold enough to make a statement but subdued enough for everyday use. It’s a blend of bright yellow and mustard, creating a restrained tone that pairs beautifully with autumn browns and beiges. 

High Visibility Fall 2023 Pantone Colors

Bold Vibes

Although fall will always include rich, warm colors, fall 2023 also shows some cool and brighter tones that will add a refreshing pop of color to your cold-weather wardrobe. 

Persian JewelPersian Jewel Fall 2023 Pantone Colors

Persian Jewel (Pantone 17-3934) is a mesmerizing, regal color that evokes images of opulent tapestries and vibrant gemstones, especially since it was inspired by the lapis lazuli mineral stone. This tone combines blue and purple for a mystical, enchanting aesthetic that looks stunning on both warm and cool skin tones. Persian jewel looks striking with dark neutrals like black and navy, but it’s also a spotlight-stealer when paired with the other fall 2023 colors on this list, like Viva Magenta and Tender Peach.

Fall 2023 Pantone Colors Persian Jewel

Carnival GlassFall 2023 Pantone Colors Carnival Glass

Carnival Glass (Pantone 13-6030) is a mentholated green with an icy yet whimsical charm. Its name is reminiscent of the unique colors found in vintage carnival glassware, giving a retro yet chic vibe. When styling this color, embrace its joyful nature with complementary colors like coral, varying shades of navy, High Visibility yellow, or Burnt Sienna. This color will blend beautifully into winter and even spring color palettes, so choose versatile Carnival Glass pieces you can style in different ways.

Carnival Glass Fall 2023 Pantone Colors

Burnt SiennaBurnt Sienna Fall 2023 Pantone Colors

Burnt Sienna (Pantone 17-1544) is a sturdy, earthy color that embodies the essence of autumn. This sophisticated hue combines deep orange and brown undertones for a shade that radiates elegance. It’s the perfect color to add warmth to cool outfits, and you can even pair Burnt Sienna with summery outfits – like a sundress or white jeans – to create the perfect transitional ensemble. While many people think of an earthy brown when they hear Burnt Sienna, it leans more towards a terracotta brown, like the pants in this picture (which are gorgeously matched with other fall 2023 colors).

Fall 2023 Pantone Colors Burnt Sienna

KohlrabiFall 2023 Pantone Colors Kohlrabi

Kohlrabi (Pantone 14-0255) is a playful addition to the fall 2023 color palette. This color is loosely based on the cruciferous vegetable, also called the “German turnip,” which has a similar green color. Rather than the sages and forest greens we’ve seen in previous autumn seasons, the Kohlrabi is more vibrant and eye-catching, making it a beautiful statement when balanced with neutrals or darker shades of green. Or, if you’re feeling bold, add other bright, cool colors like blue or purple.

Kohlrabi Fall 2023 Pantone Color

Bonus: Fall 2023 Neutrals

The neutrals for fall 2023 are richer, warmer tones compared to traditional autumn neutrals.

Coconut Milk Fall Pantone 2023 ColorsCoconut Milk (Pantone 11-0608) is a milky, ivory white that’s a beautiful base for the other autumnal colors on this list.

Eclipse (19-3810) is a deep, shadowed navy that “displays an air of credible importance,” making it a workwear must-have for fall 2023.

Coconut Milk Fall Pantone 2023 Colors 

Hot Fudge Fall Pantone 2023 ColorsHot Fudge (19-0913) is a delectable brown almost as dark as black but with the versatility and warmth of a rich chocolate brown.

Hot Fudge Fall Pantone 2023 Colors

Silver Birch Fall Pantone 2023 ColorsSilver Birch (13-4403) is an eternal, natural gray that looks stunning when paired with neutrals, cool colors, or as an accent to warm pieces.

Silver Birch Fall 2023 Colors

Doe Fall Pantone 2023 ColorsDoe (Pantone 16-1333) is a tawny, soft beige that’s the quintessential autumn shade for purses, accessories, pants, wool trench coats, and cashmere sweaters.

Doe Fall 2023 Color

Fall colors to cover for 2023 

Which of these colors will you be sporting this fall 2023? Start shopping our trendiest looks right now to find your next gorgeous piece from high-end designers at a fraction of their original price. Browse our racks to fill your wardrobe with fall favorites you’ll love for years!



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