How to Look Hot While Staying Cool: 12 Summer Fashion Tips

The Little White Dress

As the days grow warmer and longer, you want to look chic and stay cool and comfortable in the hot sun rays. In this article, we’re giving you our top 12 summer fashion tips while still maintaining your classy, fashionable vibe from the cooler seasons.

1. Loose silhouettes are breezy and feminine.

Steer clear of tight clothing that will make you feel hot, sticky, and sweaty this summer. Tight clothes used to be trendy, but they’re quickly going out of style in favor of comfortable, loose, tailored pieces. Flowing silhouettes are forever timeless because they are effortlessly feminine and beautiful. Check out some summer silhouettes that will keep you cool and chic.

You can never go wrong with a midi or maxi skirt that blows in the wind. I love that it offers coverage while still allowing for plenty of airflow. Plus, there’s nothing more feminine, simple, and graceful!

Flowy skirt for summer

Tiered dresses are fun and flouncy, giving you the freedom to twist and twirl in the summer rays.

tiered dress for summer 

Wide-leg pants give a professional and clean look while still feeling breezy, light, and summery.

wide leg for summer fashion 

Spruce up your classic jean shorts and tee with a light cardigan for a classy, boho summer look.

flowing cardigan for summer fashion

Don’t sleep on a kaftan! Keep it loose and relaxed for a day on the beach, and then add a belt and heels for an evening downtown. It’s so simple, so chic, and forever a timeless summer investment.

cute summer kaftan

2. Summer calls for breathable fabrics.

On hot, humid days, nothing’s worse than clothes that stick to your body with no airflow, leaving you sweaty and uncomfortable. Once the warm weather starts rolling in, it’s time to start rolling out your light, breathable fabrics. This typically means steering clear of synthetics like spandex and polyester that cling to the body and hold in heat. Instead, you want to wear natural, eco-friendly fabrics that are inherently light and breezy, allowing air to flow through the fabric and around your body. Some of my favorite breathable, sustainable fabrics for summer include linen, organic cotton (like seersucker), and silk.

Linen, particularly white or beige linen, is effortlessly classy for the summertime. It’s breathable and airy, and linen even gets softer the more you wash and wear it! Wearing linen always makes me feel like I should be wandering through lemon groves along the Italian coastline in a light summer breeze. I love pairing linen pants and blouses…

linen pants and blouse to stay cool in summer 

Or an elegant linen dress or skirt. A tie-belt is a great way to cinch the waist on a more rectangular linen dress, while a line of buttons is a popular way to add a touch of nautical style. 

summer linen dress 

Linen trousers easily transition from night to day with a quick change from a tee to a blouse and from sandals to wedges.

linen trousers for summer 

Every woman needs a quality pair of cozy, cute linen overalls that function as a simple summertime go-to jumpsuit. 

linen overalls for summer fashion 

Cotton is one of the most versatile fabrics, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Organic cotton uses a lot less water and chemicals than conventionally manufactured cotton, which is why you should purchase organic cotton whenever you can. (Learn more about sustainability in fashion here!) When shopping for clothes, try to find pieces that are 100% organic cotton, rather than partially cotton and partially synthetic.

organic cotton summer fashion

Seersucker is one of my favorite kinds of cotton for summer. It is a striped or checked clothing that’s woven in a way that gives an almost wrinkled, bumpy texture. It’s light and airy and instantly reminiscent of nostalgic summer days. 

seersucker summer fashion

Silk is perfect for summer because it has thin threads and it doesn’t absorb sweat or odors. A beautiful short sleeve or cami silk top with linen wide-leg trousers or a flowy skirt is an easy way to look refined on even the hottest summer days.

silk for summer

3. Balance your top and bottom.

If you want a style that looks highly refined, even on those hot summer days, focus on creating an outfit that’s balanced on top and bottom.  The general rule of thumb is either the top or bottom is tight, and the other is loose and flowy. For example, if you have a strapless tube top or tight-fitting tank that shows off your back and chest, you might want to wear wide-leg, ankle-length trousers or a flowing maxi skirt. This pairing of tight with flowy creates a dimensional outfit that’s both elegant and sexy.

crop top and skirt summer fashion 

Or, for example, a maxi skirt looks effortless and airy with a crop top, tucked blouse, or tied tee, while a mini skirt looks stunning with a blouse that has puff sleeves or an illusion neckline.


maxi skirt with crop top for summer fashion


My favorite summer go-to outfit that’s both cool and chic is a bodysuit with wide-leg trousers. It’s easy, simple, and can go from day to night with just the addition of a jacket and some accessories.

bodysuit and wide leg pants summer fashion 

Feel free to break this “rule” though, if you want. For summer, you can balance two oversized pieces or two skin-tight pieces to create a gorgeous look that’s ready for a day in the sun. It all boils down to the confidence behind your outfit.

oversized summer outfit

4. Find a pair of shorts you love.

I have a pair of high-waisted jean shorts that fall to the perfect spot on my thigh. It has gold buttons down the front that give it a nautical yet elevated look that’s casual when paired with a white tee or more professional with a lace top and wedges. I have had them almost a decade, and I love them! They’ve never gone out of style because they suit my body type perfectly.

All women deserve their perfect pair of shorts. It can be hard to shop for shorts. But when you find that pair that falls on your hips and thighs just right, it’s like finding the key to a treasure chest! I recommend every woman find at least one pair of neutral tailored shorts that you can wear to work, happy hour, or play, so you always have an easy go-to that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

tailored shorts for summer

5. Incorporate white denim.

If jeans are your go-to, try expanding into white denim too. White denim is more elevated and sophisticated than blue jeans, but it’s equally as easy and comfy to wear! Blue jeans can often feel too heavy and constricting for hot summer days, but white denim reflects the sun’s rays while giving an effortlessly beachy vibe. Plus, white bottoms are super versatile and will match beautifully with just about any top you choose to wear.

If it works with your height and body type, wide-leg white jeans will help you stay cool (offering lots of airflow) while also giving that cute, chic vibe.

wide leg white denim summer outfit

If you like a more tapered look, white cropped jeans look stunning with heels, wedges, and sandals for an effortless look.

summer white cropped jeans 

Add a white denim jacket for a simple layering moment that’s easy to match with just about any casual outfit.

white denim jacket for summer fashion 

There’s nothing more timeless and summery than a monochrome outfit of whites and light beiges to make you feel ready for the beach, a night on the town, or a casual day with the girls.

white and beige summer outfit

6. Have a go-to LWD.

Speaking of white, get yourself a little white dress! White sundresses are forever stylish and always look put together. So, do a little digging this season to find the perfect white dress that matches your body type and style. Dress it up with heels and gold jewelry for date night, or dress it down with sandals and a large tote for a day spent shopping.

Find a white dress that matches your style! Maybe you like something boho with a bamboo purse…

boho white summer dress 

Or something more classic with a flowing skirt and loose sleeves.

classic white dress for summer fashion 

If you prefer maxi dresses, a white flowy dress in a light fabric like linen or cotton is gorgeous and flattering.

maxi white dress summer fashion 

You can’t go wrong with a sleek, modern white button-down dress. Leave it loose and free or belt it to accentuate your waist. You can also use a cross-body to add some dimension and lines to a boxier button-down dress.

button down white dress for summer 

There are endless options for a little white dress. Start shopping for a high-quality, designer LWD (at a fraction of its original ticket price) on Current Boutique!

7. Play around with prints, patterns, and colors.

The bright, sunny days of summer are the perfect time to break out your colors! Light colors like pastels will help reflect the harsh sun rays and keep you cool, while bright pops of color can really make an outfit stand out.

bright summer dress fashion 

Floral prints are always popular for summer because they give that springy, garden vibe. Big and bright florals look stunning on those with angular features…

big floral prints for summer fashion 

And smaller florals and dots bring out rounded features beautifully.

small floral prints for summer fashion 

Fruit patterns, like lemons and oranges, offer a fresh bite that’s feminine in a more unexpected way.  

fruit pattern for summer 2022

8. Invest in summer classics.

A lot of wardrobe classics that we often talk about are more appropriate for cold weather, like a leather jacket or tailored blazer. But don’t forget about investing in high-quality summer wardrobe essentials that flatter your body and style. Some of our favorite summer classics include…

Linen overalls. Linen is soft and cool, and overalls are the perfect casual vibe while still looking put-together and purposeful.

cool linen overalls 

A white button-down, which looks beautiful whether tucked into shorts or used as a second layer on top of a tank top.  

white button down shirt summer classic 

A short-sleeve satin shirt that is comfortable yet polished. You know how much I love satin for a classic and classy look!

 satin shirt for summer

A tie-front dress that offers peak airflow while looking cute and feminine.

tie front summer dress 

A maxi skirt in your favorite pattern that you can easily pair with a tee or crop top.

summer maxi skirt 

A flowy midi dress that you can dress up with heels and jewelry for a night out or dress down with sandals and an unstructured bag for a day by the pool.

 gorgeous summer midi dress

A black one-piece bathing suit that can double as a bodysuit when paired with shorts or white jeans. (I love practical fashion. You never know when you’ll want to splash around in the water!)

black one piece summer fashion 

And, while we always love a good sundress, don’t sleep on a cute summery set. Buying a matching set means your outfit is instantly matching, but you can also mix and match the tops and bottoms with other pieces in your wardrobe for even more endless styles. 

summer set fashion

9. Wear sandals instead of flip-flops.

Even the most casual summer outfit, like a white tank top and jean shorts, can look polished with the right pair of sandals or wedges. Strappy sandals or cute espadrilles have a more elevated look than flip-flops while still offering comfort and breathability for your toes.

Even an outfit as simple as a black tank top and denim shorts can look purposeful with the addition of black sandals and sunglasses.

denim shorts and sandals summer outfit 

A sundress isn’t complete without a pair of neutral sandals that are cute and easy to walk in.

sundress and sandals summer outfit 

Sandals with a wedge bottom add a little height and polish while still being summery.

sandal wedges for summer fashion 

It’s all about finding the right neutral sandals that fit you well. Sweating and humidity make you more likely to get blisters, so comfortable shoes are important! Click here to start browsing for your perfect pair of summer sandals from your favorite designers (at a much lower price point)!

10. Invest in a wide-brimmed hat.

Keep the sun off your face with a cute and practical hat! Not only will a hat take your summer look to the next level, but it may also help prevent exposure to harsh UV rays that can cause skin damage and aging.

A straw hat can sometimes be too casual for daily wear but add a black contrast band and it instantly elevates the vibe.

straw hat black band summer  

Here’s another example of how a little touch of black around the rim can take this hat from beachwear to daily wear.

straw hat black rim cute summer outfits 

If black isn’t part of your wardrobe or doesn’t match your summer uniform, you can never go wrong with a plain floppy, wide-brimmed hat that draws attention to your face.

wide brimmed hat for summer 

If a straw hat isn’t your style, opt for a hat that’s a little more structured, which is a great way to add polish to rompers, overalls, and more casual summer outfits.

structured hat for summer

11. Sunglasses boost the cool factor.

Like a hat, sunglasses help protect your eyes and the delicate skin around your eyes from harmful UV rays. Plus, every outfit looks better with a cool pair of sunnies.

Aviators look gorgeous on most face types, and they’re a timeless style that you’ll be able to wear for years (even decades) to come.

aviator sunglasses for classy summer fashion 

Round sunglasses are a beautiful way to showcase rounded features and short hair.

round sunglasses for summertime 

And I love big square sunglasses as a bold addition to a neutral outfit.

gorgeous square sunglasses  

Tortoiseshell glasses are forever timeless, and they’ll match every outfit in your summer wardrobe.

summer tortoiseshell glasses

But fun, colorful, shaped glasses can be a beautiful statement accessory as well every once in a while!

fun heart shaped glasses for summer  

There are so many different styles of sunglasses, so it can be hard to find a look that will suit your face shape and style. Check out our article How to Choose the Right Sunglasses For Your Face to narrow down your search.  

12. Layer up and lather up!

Sunscreen and sweaters – your two tickets to protecting yourself from the sun and from fickle temperature environments. There’s nothing worse than going from a 90-degree scorching day to a 60-degree cold office. When you’re going to the office or in and out of buildings, you either dress too cool in a sundress or too warm in long sleeves and pants.

sundress with cardigan for summer 

That’s why layers are essential for the summer, particularly as part of your summer work wardrobe. Throw on short sleeves or a tank top for going to and from work, but also have a light sweater on hand in case the AC makes you chilly while inside your office, a store, or a coffee shop. I love that a light-colored cotton cardigan can keep you cool and warm at the same time.

summer work layers 

Layering with floral and flowy pieces keeps it summery while still keeping your shoulders and legs warm.

floral sweater for summer fashion 

I also love using an oversized button-up as my external layer for hot days because it’s effortlessly refined and chic.

oversized summer white shirt 

Plus, wearing a light cardigan and covering up more skin will help protect against sunburn and sun damage. If you spend a lot of time outside, you might even want to invest in a UV-resistant shirt that offers sun protection.

How to dress for summer

Find your perfect summer wardrobe essentials with Current Boutique! We sell high-end preloved pieces from your favorite designers and brands at a fraction of their original ticket price, so you can fill your stunning summer wardrobe without breaking the bank. 


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