How to Wear Animal Prints for Every Season

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Animal prints are always in style. Every season, we see a hot and trendy animal print hitting the runway. These different variations of animal prints make them feel fresh and new, but these prints have actually been around for decades. Animal prints are a classic style that is continuously reimagined with fresh takes to make the look feel chic and modern.

What’s so unique about animal prints is not just that they’re both trendy and timeless, but also that they help us channel the spirit of that animal when we wear it. What we wear impacts our psychology, so animal prints can help us instantly transform into a fierce tiger, a confident cheetah, or an elegant giraffe. Animal prints are like an instant boost of confidence.

Animal prints are an awesome way to stand out in an urban jungle. They’re eye-catching and gorgeous without feeling overstated or garish. With a constant rotation of trending animal prints, unique ways to mix and match, and striking patterns that will boost your confidence, incorporating animal prints in your wardrobe is always a good idea.

Let’s talk about the most popular and timeless animal prints as well as some tips and tricks for rocking the animal prints look in your everyday wardrobe.

Most popular animal prints


Tiger is almost always fashionable, regardless of the season. The reddish-brown backdrop with black stripes is neutral enough to pair with other basics in your closet, yet it’s bold enough to create a statement on its own. Tiger is arguably the best long-term animal print investment because we’ve yet to see it “leave” the fashion scene. Tiger can be subtle and elegant or bold and audacious, depending on how you choose to wear it.


Although zebra print has the mix-and-match minimalism of black and white, this print is anything but simplistic. This eye-catching pattern can be worn head-to-toe in a nod to the majestic zebra, or you can use it as a bold and beautiful statement piece.


Giraffe prints tend to go in and out of trends more frequently than tiger and zebra, but these stunning prints cycle through the fashion world at least once every two years. What’s so unique about the giraffe print are the reddish-brown polygonal spots. For those women who don’t like stripes or polka dots, giraffe offers a large, unique print that is both stunning and sophisticated.


A lot of women either love or dislike cheetah print, but we’re huge cheetah fans here at Current Boutique! Whether you wear a cheetah skirt for a night on the town or just have a pop of cheetah print on your bag, cheetah is a great way to add a little spice to your look. Cheetah is almost always in fashion because it looks like neutral polka dots, making it easy to pair with other basics in your closet.


Another wild cat print that we adore is leopard. While cheetah print consists of black dots on a brownish backdrop, leopard has a more “rosette” style with a brown center and black exterior and the dots have a greater variation in size and shape. This allows the leopard to camouflage with their surroundings—and it makes the wearer of leopard print feel wild, free, and flirty.


Snakeskin is edgy and sexy, bringing a layer of visual texture to bags, shoes, and clothing. Snakeskin has an almost geometric style that’s modern and chic, able to pair with a variety of wardrobes—from rebel star to sexy siren.

Like snake, another popular but more seasonal print is alligator. Alligator is a unique option if you like something different yet still classic.

How to wear animal prints

Pair with the basics.

Animal prints are like the “new neutral,” because animal patterns naturally consist of neutral colors: zebra is black and white, and big cat prints tend towards browns and blacks. These colorways make them a great addition to the neutral part of your closet, while also adding a pattern and texture pop to the outfit.

Unless you’re already used to wearing animal prints regularly, it can feel a little intimidating to start incorporating animal prints in your everyday outfits. They can feel particularly bold or brazen, even if you’re using them as a statement piece or accessory. The easiest way to slowly and subtly introduce yourself to animal prints is to pair them with neutral basics that you already have in your closet.

Pro-tip: Choose animal prints that are in the “original” animal print color—like brown, black, and white. Colored animal prints are more trend-worthy and will likely go out of style by the end of the season. Neutral animal prints are timeless!

Put the print center stage.

You can also put animal prints front and center to create a totally fierce and confident look. If you have a bold sense of fashion and like to grab attention as you walk by, an outfit filled with stunning animal prints will surely put you on the prowl.

For women looking for a confidence glow-up inside and out, I will often recommend they start adding more pops of animal prints to their wardrobe. There’s just something about a leopard print that makes you feel so fierce and sexy.

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Or use animal prints as an accent.

With that being said, you don’t have to go all out with animal prints to get that ferocious confidence boost. Animal patterns can add a subtle layer of luxury as a statement piece or accent as well. Patterned shoes, bags, scarves, and accessories are a great way to incorporate animal prints in an understated way 

Keep in mind that there are infinite ways you can interpret the “essence” of animal print: from leopard print boots to bird feather accessories to cow print vests to snakeskin purses and beyond. There are so many different styles, accessories, and looks that you can try out, so there are no limits to how you employ the animal print trend. If you’re new to animal prints, starting with an accessory or two is a great way to get comfortable with bolder patterns and styles.

Style tip: If you’re new to or unsure about animal prints, start by wearing them at home. Rock a new print in your WFH look on a Zoom meeting, so you can introduce yourself to this side of style at your own pace.  

Use animal prints to accentuate your unique style.

Since there are infinite ways to wear animal prints, why not choose the aesthetic and style that you like the most? The best part about animal prints is that there are no rules. You can wear whichever prints you like— however you like! Whether you’re the queen of cheetah print or just want to switch it up with a new look, you have the freedom to wear animal prints in a way that best suits your unique style.

Don’t worry about trends. If you choose prints and accessories that you love, you’ll always look and feel fashionable.

Focus on faux prints in sustainable materials.

There’s a difference between animal prints and animal fur. Although fur is still considered a “luxury,” it’s quickly losing its status. Fur is expensive, hard to care for, and bad for the environment (particularly for endangered species). If you are committed to making more eco-friendly choices, opt for faux prints that come in sustainable materials. There are so many quality materials that are equally as luxurious and beautiful as real fur but without the danger and harm to animals and the environment. Plus, you’ll get that classic glamor without breaking the bank!

Feel fierce.

Animal prints are, by nature, fierce and ferocious. And so are you! You can rock any style as long as you put on your confidence and believe in yourself. Whether you’re trying out a snakeskin accessory or going head-to-toe in leopard print, it’s all about the confidence you portray. Let the world hear you roar!

Animal prints are always trendy and always timeless. Go into the world with confidence and ferocity in whatever animal prints you like most! Search for pre-loved, sustainable, gorgeous animal print clothing and accessories here!

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