How to Wear Athleisure and Still Look Chic: 10 Comfy Looks

Athleisure has been taking the fashion world by the storm (or pandemic!). If there is anything that athleisure style has taught us, it’s that comfy clothes, leggings, sweatshirts, and sneakers no longer need to be reserved for workouts or sports. A matching sweatsuit can be just as stylish and chic as a blazer and jeans.

We have been “working from home” and “staying in” more than ever before. Hibernating and staying close to home has us wanting to dress more casual and comfortable. If you are like me and feel a bit unenthusiastic about getting dressed these days. Upgrading the athleisure items in your closet will not only help you feel more fashionable but also better about how you look. It’s time to get inspired about your athleisure wear and have some fun! In this post I will show you how to wear athleisure and still look chic. Lots of fun creative looks to dive into.

But first, let’s see what athleisure really means, before getting to the 10 Stylish and Comfy looks.

The Term Athleisure

The term athleisure means “casual clothing designed to be worn both for exercising and for general use.” However, over the years, athleisure became the favorite clothes of committed fashion influencers and street style stars. Combining these items with other casual or even elegant garments have become a fashion challenge.

Athleisure is a trend that has staying power and is going to leave an everlasting impact on the fashion world. It represents a change in a lifestyle, accepting the fact that we don’t need to be completely dressed up to look chic, and that we can feel both comfy and fashionable.

Believe it or not, according to the research done in 2016, there was $270 billion spent on athleisure. This number was estimated to grow by 30 percent by the year 2020 and grow even bigger in the next few years. People are not buying these items only for the gym, but to wear them daily. The huge appeal for athleisure is the comfort aspect. People love being able to slip into something casual, no matter where they were going or what they were doing.

Many brands like Zara, H&M, Topshop, and others offer good-quality athleisure clothes that are possible to wear with other wardrobe staples. At Current Boutique, we have curated sections exclusively for pre-loved athleisure styles at all of our store locations. Right now, its what people are buying- crop tops, zip up hoodies, leggings and oversized sweatshirts. It’s keeping customers comfortable and it’s all about how you put your creative flair into it to make it fun!

How to Style Athleisure

This is how the chicest fashion It-girls mix and match their athleisure styles. They all have two things in common – fashionable and comfortable.

Heels and Sweatpants

We know – these two things seem so strange when put together. Heels and sweatpants might sound like a unexpected combo to you, but the fact is – it is super chic and stylish.

Open-toe strappy sandals will surely make a statement, even though you are wearing them with sweatpants or leggings. Comfort and style in one!

  • Style Tip: Make sure to wear sweatpants with elastic cuffs. They will highlight your figure and make your shoes visible.

Leather and Comfy Sweats

Leather is a classy and elegant material. A black leather jacket is such a statement piece – everyone needs to have one. Combining it with soft and stretchy materials and garments is not the usual standard, but is definitely possible and makes a statement.

A Leather coat in black matches with soft beige athleisure pants just perfectly. If you want to stay extra cozy, pick chunky socks and sports sneakers.

  • Style Tip: Vintage leather coats are definitely something you should have nowadays. Try to buy one and don’t hesitate to wear it with sweats and hoodies. Check out online consignment shops or your local thrift store to get something really unique.

Sporty Bralette and Oversized Button-Down

If you are not afraid to show off your body, then a stretchy bralette is a great sporty item to combine with casual and even elegant garments. You can mix and match it with classy button-downs, cardigans, and basic T-shirts.

This is one of those athleisure items that many women love to wear. It is comfortable and great for styling too.

  • Style Tip: Wear your bralette with high-waist jeans. Your figure will look amazing.

Sports Cap and Minimalistic Outfit

Accessories are great for spicing up your casual and daily outfits. A sporty cap seems suitable for wearing to a baseball game but lately, it became a fashion statement. You can now incorporate it with minimalistic and casual daily wear.

You don’t have to pick the plain ones. The more unique – the better. Pick caps with embroidery, interesting message, and in different colors. Who knows it could become a conversation starter.

  • Style Tip: Are you having a bad hair day? A sporty cap will save you. Just put it on when you go out and match it with your usual casual looks.

Summer Chic

Investing in comfy shorts should be on your list of priorities this summer. You can look chic and comfortable in beige shorts and a matching blouse. This is not only a great outdoor outfit but also perfect for daily walks or even training.

You can match the colors of your tops and bottoms, or go bold with some neon shades.

  • Style Tip: Tuck in a sweatshirt or a blouse in your shorts. It will look much chicer.

Gold Jewelry and Jogging Pants

Eye-catching gold jewelry is unfairly predestined for formal occasions. However, many brands are working on chunky and chic collections of gold jewelry that you can wear every day. After all, pairing gold with joggers was never easier.

Working from home doesn’t necessarily mean you shouldn’t put on your favorite pieces of jewelry. On the contrary, now you can match them with sweatpants and look stylish.

  • Style Tip: Combine necklaces, rings, and a gold watch for straightforward and chic looks.

Cargo Pants

Cargo pants are part of athleisure wear that was a bit forgotten. However, It-girls breathe a new life into these pants, by combining them with their casual and elegant clothes.

You can be sure that cargo pants will make you feel comfy while looking chic, especially if you combine them with blazers, basic and plain tees, and trench coats.

  • Style Tip: Try wearing cargo pants with high heels. Intimidating, yet stylish combination!

Complete Athleisure Look

How to look chic in a complete athleisure look? Easy! Pick a puffer jacket to keep you warm, pair of sweatpants, and sporty sneakers. You should keep it low – basic and neutral shades, clean cuts, and comfortable materials.

  • Style Tip: Your fashionable bag shouldn’t be left home. You can wear it with the athleisure look, just make sure to match the color and style.

Hoodie With Coat

The hoodie has become a classic and statement piece in fashion. Women are wearing it with jeans, trench coats, some are even bold enough to pair it with plaid skirts and high heels. It is not a surprise though – it is comfy and versatile piece that matches with many other items.

Whether you choose to wear the hoodie with blazer, coat or a trench, you should match the colors. It will make you feel warm in winter days, while also look stylish and very chic.

  • Style Tip: Choose oversized hoodies. They provide that casual-yet-chic look that many women are wearing at the moment.

Slouchy Chic

Layers on layers is a trend that is here to stay. Comfortable athleisure wear is perfect for walks in the park, brunches on weekends, and watching movies at your home.

Matching sweatsuit, oversized long coat, a beanie, and sneakers – all these things represent an unique mixture of athleisure and casual items that you need to try out.

  • Style Tip: Synchronize colors and stay neutral when doing layers-on-layers outfits.

How to Nail the Athleisure Looks: Do’s and Don’ts

Here are some dos and don’ts of of wearing this year biggest trend – athleisure.

  • Do mix and match athleisure with other wardrobe staples. Leather jacket, trench coat, jeans – anything that be mixed with a hoodie, leggings, and shorts.
  • Do wear athleisure items with leather items.
  • Do the layers on layers looks. This will dress up your daily casual looks instantly.
  • Don’t wear athleisure clothes that don’t suit your figure. Even if you like oversized and chunky looks, they should still look good on you.
  • Don’t choose low-quality leggings. After a few wears, they can become transparent in a daylight. Always do an opacity test.
  • Do mix fabrics – denim, cotton, and stretchy sports fabrics.
  • Don’t overdo bright colors and prints. Better pick something neutral and basic.
  • Don’t forget to add accessories – from caps, statement bags, to jewelry.


Athleisure looks are here to stay. We have learned how to dress comfortably and stylish, even while we were working from home and going to the grocery store. These looks are chic and versatile, but most importantly they are comfortable. And you should always choose comfort over trends.

Carmen Lopez, President & CEO


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