March into Spring with These 5 Must-Have Consignment Finds

March into Spring

Springtime brings a beautiful burst of color and life, which means it’s also time to brighten up our wardrobes. What better way to embrace the season of new beginnings than by refreshing your closet with gorgeous, high-quality consignment finds?

Here at Current Boutique, we’re always looking for the chicest finds that are as trendy as they are timeless. We’ve picked out a few of the most popular pieces for spring 2024 that you can find in most consignment stores, meaning you get access to the hottest styles at a fraction of what they’re currently going for.

So, let’s march into March with these five must-have spring consignment treasures.

Bold florals

Spring wardrobes always incorporate flowers because reflecting nature in its purest form is effortlessly stylish and timeless. For spring 2024, we’re still seeing the dainty flowers and small patterns we’ve seen in the pastcottagecore years, but some designers are also favoring bold blooms with unexpected colors.

floral dress for spring 2024 

Look for floral dresses in unique, vintage silhouettes, like asymmetrical necklines or striking color-blocked combinations. Blends of orange, pink, and green are particularly popular this spring.

spring 2024 trends 

While florals are naturally feminine, the right floral pattern can also give your look a daring, high-fashion statement.

floral dress for spring 2024 

Current Boutique offers a selection of floral dresses from high-end designers, so your outfits always stand out from the crowd. If you don’t like wearing floral dresses or blouses, we also offer floral accent accessories, handbags, and shoes.

floral trend for spring 2024 

Check out our floral collection here for inspiration!

Feminine-chic bows

A trend that’s taken over every aspect of design – from homes to weddings to fashion – is bows. Bows are a subtle nod to the trending desire to escape adulthood, longing for the more wistful days of girlhood. When it comes to fashion, these small details make the greatest impact, so embracing the timeless charm of bows is an effortless way to infuse your look with playful sophistication.

bows for spring 2024 

Bow-tie blouses are a classic, vintage-inspired look that exudes elegance. Pair them with trousers for the workplace, or dress them down with casual jeans for a weekend brunch.

bow trend spring 2024 

Bows are both refined and whimsical, perfect for those fashionistas who like to play with different forms and aesthetics.

bow trend for spring 2024 

If you’re not sure bows will suit your style, dip your toe in the trend with bow accessories like hair bows or earrings.

bows spring 2024

Rosette detailing

Rosettes are another staple of the trending “girlcore” that’s making an splash for spring 2024. Spring fashion runways showcased rosettes on everything from workwear to wedding gowns.

rosette trend spring 2024 

Rosettes incorporate the spring vibes of both florals and bows in a new and unique way. This little detail is a beautiful way to romanticize your life, no matter how you integrate it into your outfit.

rosettes and bows for spring 2024 

Rosettes add texture, so they’re a no-brainer addition to more simplistic or monochromatic outfits. Plus, a rosette-embellished blouse or dress will add a little more whimsy and playfulness to your life.

rosette trend spring 2024 

If you’re still toying around with such a highly feminine trend, try a clutch with a rosette embellishment or rosette-covered hairpins instead. Rosette-accented accessories will make a statement without going too bold.

rosette necklace spring 2024 

Versatile crossbody bag

Spring 2024 is all about practical fashion that makes a statement, and that’s just what we’re seeing in handbag fashion, too. Keep your essentials close with a versatile crossbody, which helps you stay organized without sacrificing style.

spring 2024 crossbody purse 

You’ll never go wrong with a classic black, brown, or neutral leather bag. For spring, though, you may want to opt for lighter neutrals like ivory, beige, or light brown to brighten your outfit. Light neutral bags can be a beautiful transitional piece between cold winter days and hot summer ones, meaning you’ll get more use out of your new go-to piece.

spring 2024 crossbody handbag 

If you want to make a statement, go for a pop of color. Compared to the pastel colors of previous spring seasons, we’re seeing a lot of high saturation for spring 2024, like tomato red or regal purple.

spring 2024 crossbody 

Treat yourself to something unique this spring 2024. Maybe there’s a color or style you’ve had your eye on that you’re too afraid to try… Now’s the time to do it! We’re seeing a lot of color, texture, and unique detailing on handbags this year, so it’s the perfect time to try something new. Who knows – maybe it’ll become your next go-to bag!

spring 2024 trends 

Millennial pink 

Millennial pink has resurged in everything from home décor to wedding schemes to branding. The hot Barbie pink from last summer has faded to a more springlike, pastel pink, similar to the color we all worshipped in the mid-2010s.

millennial pink 2024 

If you’re a pink girly, embrace this spring 2024 trend as much as you’d like! We’re even seeing more pink workwear, like pink blazers, trousers, and vests. Balance a millennial pink look with darker shades of pink and pops of white.

pink spring 2024 

Pink doesn’t work on all skin tones. (Find out if pink is your color here.) If you love pink but want to add it more subtly, incorporate the pink trend in your shoes and accessories instead. You can also pair pink with other light colors, like sage green or pastel purple, for the perfect spring-worthy outfit. 

millennial pink for spring 2024 

One of the best parts about buying on consignment is you get access to a ton of high-quality pieces in a range of different pinks. Different designers utilize different shades of pink in their collections, so you can find a range of hues on consignment. Check out our Pretty in Pink collection to start shopping this trend!

millennial pink spring 2024

March into spring 2024

Spring is the perfect opportunity to refresh your wardrobe with light, bright, and girly looks that can fit into just about any style aesthetic. From bold florals to cute bows to pastel pinks, these spring looks are as timeless as they are trendy. And you’re sure to find some new gorgeous pieces at your favorite consignment stores.

Shop at Current Boutique to discover your perfect spring 2024 look, with unique designer finds that won’t break the bank! 


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