What to Wear to Work After Quarantine? 11 Back to Work Clothing Ideas

Time To Get Back To Business

Whether you’re excited to be back in the office with your work-besties or you’re feeling the blues about having to leave your pets and couch at home, transitioning to work clothing after a long stint of work-from-home attire is daunting. For those ladies who are going back into the office part-time or full-time or if you’re just looking to bump up your work wardrobe for Zoom calls, I’m here to give you the top 11 back-to-work clothing ideas that will have you looking and feeling your best—without missing your sweatpants too much. 

Back to work pants and skirts

Not sure what to wear to work in a post-COVID world? Let’s start with some post-COVID dress codes when it comes to pants (which, let’s face it, make or break a work outfit).


beige sweatpants for COVID work dress code

Did someone say sweatpants? If you’re not ready to put those comfy pants away just yet, fear not. You can make joggers work for casual office wear too! Get yourself a pair of comfy, elevated joggers that are tight to the ankle and tapered down the leg. This creates a streamlined, professional vibe, and no one will even realize you’re in sweats. Match with heels and a blazer and you’ve got a polished look that’s ready for both in and out of the office.  

black sweatpants for COVID work dress code 

I recommend black or neutral-color joggers that you can easily pair with your other work clothes. Steer clear of grey or heather joggers which look too casual for most work environments (unless you’re going for an urban-chic vibe). Colored or patterned sweatpants are also too casual or vibrant for most business casual settings.

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Bow pants

bow pants for COVID work dress code

We are loving bow pants recently because they’re a flirty and feminine take on traditional pencil pants, but you can also find a lot of bow pants in comfortable fabrics like breezy linen or ultra-soft cotton. Gone are the days of uncomfortable pencil pants that are itchy and starchy. Get yourself a pair of silky, comfortable pants that have a bow belt to keep it professional and cute.

Wide-leg pants

black wide leg pants for COVID work dress code

If you’re not a fan of pants that are tight to the ankle, why not go the opposite way with a wide-leg pant? I love that wide-leg pants give your legs room to breathe and move, but they’re still professional and classy. Wide-leg pants are particularly trendy for winter 2022, but they’re still an effortless style that will last for seasons to come. Mix and match with different tops, blazers, and shoes to have a new outfit every day.

wide leg cropped pants for back to work

For longer pants, I recommend pairing them with heels or booties to lengthen the leg and avoid “slouchiness” around the ankle. For cropped wide-leg pants that stop at the calf or ankle, feel free to wear flats for a casual, cute look or heels for a boardroom-ready finish.

Midi slip skirt

Say goodbye to restricting pencil skirts (unless you love them… I have to say, I’m still a sucker for pencil skirts), and say hello to midi slips! Slip dresses and skirts are ultra-trendy right now, but they’re also an evergreen staple that you can wear and re-wear regardless of trend. I love that midi slip skirts are comfortable, flowy, and relaxed, but the satin texture instantly makes them ready for work, happy hour, formal attire—or even just a walk in the park.

navy slip skirt for back to work

Midi slip skirts are also the new must-have work clothes for women because they’re so fun to style. You can tuck in a t-shirt with a long blazer or cardigan, pair it with an oversized sweater, or add a patterned statement top. The possibilities for a post-COVID wardrobe are endless! 

Wear to work tops and dresses

Let's move on to what to pair with your work bottoms, including some dresses and jumpsuits that you'll love including in your new back to work dress code.

Quality white tee

white tshirt for COVID back to work dress code

In our 11 NEW work wardrobe essentials in a COVID world, you’ll see that we’ve traded in classic white button-downs for the white tee. A lot of workplaces are becoming more lenient in terms of casual wear, which means that t-shirts are becoming even more commonplace in the post COVID dress code. That doesn’t mean you should be wearing funny t-shirts or band tees to work, though (unless that’s accepted in your workplace). Instead, focus on pairing high-quality white, black, or neutral tees underneath other more traditional workwear like blazers and dress pants.

white monochrome outfit for COVID back to work dress

Pro-tip: Pick one casual piece per work outfit to play it safe. For example, you can wear black joggers (casual), but pair them with a blazer (work-ready). Wear a white tee (casual) with wide-leg pants and heels (work-ready). Don’t pair joggers (casual) with a white tee (casual) unless you dress the rest of the outfit up with formal accessories and heels.

Oversized button-down

oversized white button-down for work wardrobe

Button-downs are made for the office, but we’re also starting to see a lot of button-downs make their way into casual wear as well. A great way to keep the classy and classic professionalism of the button-down (without sacrificing comfort) is to indulge in the oversized look. Pair a white oversized button-down with black pants, heels, and classic accessories for a stunning and elegant vibe that’s both chic and work-ready.

P.S. Opt for silk. A silk button-down is comfortable, eco-conscious, and effortlessly classy.

Unstructured blazer

 casual work wardrobe blazer for post COVID

Blazers are a workwear staple that probably won’t be leaving the scene anytime soon. But blazers aren’t as staunch and structured as they once were. Oversized, unstructured, and fashion-forward blazers are becoming just as prevalent (if not more so) in the office as well as in everyday streetwear. So, if you hate feeling constrained by a blazer, try finding one that has a little less structure to incorporate in your back-to-work clothing wardrobe.

Check out these 9 ways to style a blazer to get the most out of the blazers you have in your closet.

Belted jumpsuit

belted jumpsuit COVID back to work dress code

Something about a jumpsuit just instantly looks like you have your life together. And maybe you do because jumpsuits are such a smart wardrobe choice! Matching top and bottom? Check. Comfort? Check. Professionalism? Check and check. Pair with a cardigan or blazer, some heels, and a tote bag, and your jumpsuit’s ready to hit the office with you. We recommend a belted or cinched jumpsuit to give some definition to your waist, which will make the jumpsuit less casual and add a gorgeous silhouette that will make you feel confident and fierce.

Linen work outfits

linen outfit for post COVID workwear

Don’t sleep on linen (or do, if you like linen bedsheets like I do!). While I love silk and cotton for workwear, linen is an often-overlooked material that makes for great work pieces. Linen is casual and comfortable (and gets more comfortable with each wear and wash), but it also adds a classic refinement that functions beautifully in both casual and smart business attire situations. Stick to neutral colors that accentuate the natural, organic vibe of the linen texture. If you’re not sure what to wear to work, linen is a particularly great option for eco-friendly companies as it’s one of the most sustainable fabrics on the market.

Professional work outfits shoes and accessories


casual slip on shoes for work

Easy slip-ons that feel like slippers are my new go-to work fave. I will always love heels, but sometimes you just need the practicality of a good walking shoe that makes your feet oh-so-happy. Invest in a quality pair of slip-on shoes. If you’re looking to dress down a professional outfit, try out slip-on sneakers with a matching suit set or dress. You can even add a cool pattern, like an animal print, or a bright color to make your shoes the statement piece of your outfit.

casual slip on mule loafer shoes for work wardrobe 

If you’re looking to dress up a more casual outfit, try suede, faux leather, or velvet slip-on mules. Mules with a front metal buckle will always be in style, and they provide a mature and refined look that will have you feeling like you’re strolling the streets of London. I also love mules because they’re a versatile, classy way to dress up a casual outfit.

casual work loafers for post COVID work

Don’t like slip-ons with an open back? Go for a casual loafer instead. It’s similar to a mule shoe but with a back to keep your foot secure. And you can never go wrong with black or brown loafers.

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Investment bag 

investment bag for post COVID workwear

Every boss babe needs a good bag by her side. You want something practical enough to carry all your work gear like papers, laptop, pens, wallet, phone, accessories, but also something stylish enough to pull together your entire work look. Oh, and you want it to be neutral and timeless enough to match with all the work outfits in your wardrobe.

So, to make the job of finding your perfect investment work bag easier, we’ve created The Ultimate Guide to Finding The Perfect Bag so you can find the perfect tote, satchel, or shoulder bag for your work needs, particularly as you’re transitioning into this new post covid dress code. 

Get new professional work outfits

Going back to the office after working from home for so long can feel both overwhelming and exciting– but your wardrobe shouldn’t make the changeover any harder. With a few comfy basics, you’ll be ready to feel confident and strut your stuff at work with ease.

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