Top 2022 Spring Fashion Trends You Need to Know About

Spring Trends You Need to Know About

Spring is on its way and, after such a harsh and unforgiving winter, we’re eager to get outside and flaunt our favorite spring clothes. But which 2022 spring fashion trends are worth it – and which are a dud?

Although we’re always following and keeping track of trends here at Current Boutique, our company’s mission focuses on long-term fashion. We believe in high-quality, high-craftsmanship clothes that look better, fit better, save money, reduce waste, and withstand the test of time while also staying trendy and chic. That’s why, every season, we like to look at what’s hot on the runways and cherry-pick those trends that we deem the most timeless, sustainable, and enduring in the fashion world. 

We’ve rounded up our favorite 2022 spring trends that are trendy enough for 2022 while still timeless enough to re-wear them for months and years to come. On the flip side, we’ve also listed some of the 2022 spring trends that are not timeless and not worth spending money on (unless you’re absolutely in love with the look). So let’s dive in!

Spring 2022 is about early 2000s fashion…

If you love Y2K fashion, you’ll be excited to hear that 2022 is the revival of all things early 2000s. Fashion designers are getting playful with prints, colors, and patterns, including bright colors, neons, and even smiley faces hitting the runways. A push towards showing off more skin also seems to be hot in 2020.

Y2K fashion is one of the most controversial fashion eras, so it’s not a huge surprise that 2022 is also bringing out some trends that we both love and hate. Don’t worry, though. Even if you look back on the fashion styles from the early 2000s with embarrassment, you’ll love how our article picks out only the most timeless trends that can work for any style and personality.  

Love: Pleated skirts

 pleated skirt 2022 spring trends

Pleated skirts are always sophisticated and feminine, regardless of season, so I’m loving them on the runways for 2022 spring. They’re effortlessly chic while still staying cool on hot summer days. And there’s just something about pleats that makes you feel so free to dance, jump, and play—but, at the same time, ready to work and get down to business. The midi pleated skirt (just below the knee to the ankle) is particularly trendy for 2022 spring, perfect for letting your calves free for the summer and showing off cute heels or sandals. Pair your pleated skirt with a button-down blouse for a work-ready look or with a white tee for a casual and cute spring date vibe.

Skip: Mini-minis

2022 spring trends mini mini

Miniskirts and mini-dresses are getting daringly short for spring 2022. We’re seeing designers showing mini-minis, aka miniskirts that are even shorter than those donned in the early 2000s. Although this style can look cute when dressed up with oversized tops or thigh-high boots, it’s a trend that is almost certainly not going to last past the season. Feeling uncomfortable in revealing clothes can make you feel less confident and self-assured—and being fashionable stems from confidence. So, if you’re not 110% into wearing mini-skirts, forgo this trend- it won’t be big in streetwear and it’ll be gone by the fall.

Love: Subtle metallics

2022 spring trends subtle metallics

Looking for a more sustainable way to add glitter to your wardrobe? Forgo the sequins, which can be damaging to the environment, and try out the 2022 spring trend of metallic colors. Liquid or “wet” metal fabrics add shimmer to your outfit in a more mature and modern way than sequins, and they work with any kind of vibe from disco to rock or from glamor shot to subtle star. Choose gold, silver, or neutral-colored metallics that you’ll be able to pair with other neutrals in your closet for long after spring 2022.

Skip: Ultra-sheer fabrics


sheer fabrics 2022 spring trends

Super sheer, barely-there fabrics are having a moment this season. We’re seeing a lot of see-through fabrics like chiffon and nylon that give the appearance of a nothing-there sort of look. Even though designers have layered these fabrics in ways that add some modesty, the outfits are still bold and overly revealing. If this is your style, go for it and enjoy it! If not, don’t purchase sheer fabrics just for the trend. The most important part about fashion is feeling comfortable and happy in your clothes.

Love: White suiting

 2022 spring trends white suiting

While most of us have transitioned away from traditional suiting during our time working from home, tailored clothing is forever timeless. We’re already starting to see a return of the suit (or at least the blazer) both at home on Zoom calls and in the office, though. The suited look is back and ready to play this spring 2022… in white. Bright white suits with white tops, black accessories, and strong shoulders is an outfit aesthetic I can’t get enough of. It’s so chic and modern, but it’s also classic enough that it will always look put-together and refined. What better way to return to the office this spring than with a white suit that makes you look fierce and sophisticated at the same time?

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Skip: Underwear as outerwear

2022 spring trends underwear as outerwear

When done the right way, wearing a bralette or corset as a top can be gorgeous and chic underneath a blazer or dress. However, the trends of wearing a bra on the outside of your shirt or lingerie as the entire outfit can be too bold for most women or inappropriate for social situations. If you’re eager to show off your favorite bra or lingerie as part of your outfit, try it out—you go, girl! But if it’s not your style, flaunting your underwear is not a must-have look for 2022.

But… wear cute underwear underneath your clothes anyway! Fashion psychology says that wearing sexy underwear can make you feel more confident!

Love: Tailored shorts

2022 spring trends tailored shorts

Denim cut-offs are a summer staple, but this spring and summer 2022 we’re also seeing more tailored shorts come on the scene. Tailored shorts create a polished, put-together vibe, even when paired with a tee and denim jacket. Tailored wide-leg pants and slouchy trousers are also hot for spring 2022. We’re particularly seeing a lot of pants that hit at the shin (often called the “pedal pusher,) which has a relaxed spring aesthetic that can effortlessly transition from relaxing to working to hitting the town.

Skip: Dresses over pants

2022 spring trends dress with pants

I cringe to admit I was sort of into this trend back in the early 2000s—throwing my favorite sundresses over a pair of jeans just felt so cool at the time. This trend has come back for 2022, and although there are some cute ways to indulge in this trend, like a long flowy tunic paired with tailored pants or matching dress-pants sets, steer clear of mixing your favorite dresses and pants as you might’ve in the early 2000s. It’s a tough look to master without looking slouchy or frumpy. To get in on the trend while staying timeless (and using items you probably have in your closet), try out leggings under your favorite dress.

Love: Embellished leggings

 embellished tights 2022 spring trends

Speaking of leggings, embroidered leggings are hot for 2022 and we are all for it! For the spring, leggings should be light enough to not overheat and cute enough to pair with your favorite spring and summer ensembles. If you love wearing leggings year-round like I do, try out a pair with embroidered flowers or lace elements for the warmer months. These leggings or tights add visual dimension to plain outfits, and they let you play around with different patterns, prints, and embellishments to suit your style. 

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Skip: Saturated tie-dye

 saturated tie dye 2022 spring trends

I love tie-dye, don’t get me wrong. I also think the right tie-dye print can be just as timeless as neutral colors. However, spring 2022 is showing more saturated colors with an ombre effect, reminiscent of both the ‘70s and Y2K. While these bright colors can be super fun for spring, saturated and trendy tie-dye prints typically aren’t the most enduring wardrobe piece.

Maybe: Neon colors

2022 spring trends neon yellow

Instead of wearing tie-dye colors, try out a solid neon color instead to get that oomph of color. Bright, vibrant neon colors are hot for spring 2022. Highlighter yellow is particularly trendy for spring and summer. We give this trend a “maybe” because it’s right for some people but not all. If you’re someone who loves having bright colors in your closet, adding some neon yellow can be an exciting addition that you can wear and re-wear for summers to come. But if you typically don’t feel comfortable in bright colors, you can easily skip on this trend in favor of other trends that lend more naturally to your wardrobe. 

Maybe: Low-waist jeans

 low waist jeans spring trends 2022

Another trend that’s right for some and not for others is low-waisted jeans. If 2022 is the revival of Y2K fashion, we all knew that low-rise jeans would be back—and not everyone is happy about it. Most body types, particularly if you carry any weight in your belly or hips, don’t look their best in low-waisted jeans. Low waist jeans work well on tall women who want to add some curves, as low-rise pants can make hips and butts look curvier while also lengthening the torso and shortening long legs.  But if you have a body type that doesn’t look best in low-rise pants, stick to high-rise or mid-rise pants to look and feel your most radiant and confident. I’m forever a fan of mid- and high-rise jeans, pants, and skirts.

Not sure which jeans are right for you? Check out our ultimate denim guide here to learn about washes, rises, fits, and flairs!

Maybe: Bulky bags

 bulky bags 2022 spring

Micro bags have been trendy for the past few years, and now we’re moving back into bulky bags and purse-totes. While we like the ease and convenience of a small bag, there’s nothing quite as wonderful as a large, quality bag that fits everything you could want and more. Sometimes I’m like Mary Poppins with all the stuff I can fit in my bag –you never know what you’re going to need! Even though larger bags are on-trend right now, they’re also a long-term, sustainable, and practical solution that you’ll be able to use for years to come. (Just don’t go for something too big.)

The only reason larger bags are on our “maybe” list is because you have to find the right bag. Don’t just buy a purse because it’s large and trendy. You want to find an investment bag that suits your style and your daily needs. Read our guide to choosing the right investment bag here. 

Which spring 2022 trends will you be trying? Get in on the “hot” trends on a budget by buying preloved designer clothes from Current Boutique! Start browsing our hot and trending racks here.


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