These Are the Hottest Styles for Spring, According to Design Experts

Fashion enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the arrival of warm-weather spring styles. We talked to our design experts at Current Boutique to find out what will be particularly hot for spring 2024, and we were excited to learn that many of spring’s hottest trends are classics already found in most closets. With clever styling and easy updates – like adding a pop of color or layering a crisp button-down – you can make your looks feel fresh and new for the season. So, what are we wearing for spring 2024?

Short shorts

The past two years have seen the resurgence of Y2K fashion, and now fashion is beginning to shift towards the next decade: the 2010s. With that comes the return of – you guessed it – the short-short. The spring 2024 fashion shows in Milan were littered with micro-shorts, even from luxury designers like Chanel and Ferragamo.

short shorts for spring 2024

This year, we’re seeing short shorts paired with something oversized and unexpected on top. Stella McCartney layered a billowing coat over tiny hotpants, and Max Mara showed an oversized blazer with tiny shorts.

Max Mara shorts for spring 2024

Short shorts may still be too rogue for everyday office-wear, but consider them for casual wear. For a more modest but still trendy vibe, add tights, lace-up shoes, or other leg accessories to feel more comfortable when styling.

short shorts for spring 2024

Oversized dressing 

Oversized garments have been on and off the fashion scene for years, and this season, we’re seeing a resurgence of oversized pieces in every facet of the wardrobe. In particular, designers like Bottega Veneta are redefining workwear with roomy tailoring, like more voluminous pea coats and longline skirts.

spring 2024 oversized dressing

To make oversized pieces work on you, focus on balance. Pair oversized items with more fitted pieces to create effective proportions that don’t overwhelm your figure.

oversized trend spring 2024

Oversized dressing also calls for aggressive accessorizing. Accessories add structure and definition to an otherwise flowy silhouette. Belts cinch oversized dresses, tops, and outerwear to define your waist, and statement jewelry can help draw the eyes upward.

oversized dress with belt

Drop waists

Low-rise silhouettes have enjoyed a resurgence in recent seasons, courtesy of the Y2K revival, and spring 2024 is taking low waistlines even lower. We’re stepping into the season of elongated torsos, with major designers showcasing figure-hugging bodices with dropped waists paired with flowing skirts. The key here is to create a harmonious balance between structure and fluidity, keeping the drop waist tight and structured and flaring at the “low rise” point of your hips. 

drop waist for spring 2024

Drop waists are most flattering on individuals with longer torsos, as the lower waist elongates the upper body for a purposefully sleek and streamlined silhouette.

drop waist trend spring 2024

If drop waists don’t suit your body type, don’t be afraid to keep your mid- and high-rises. You can play around with proportions that work for your body type, like layering a cropped jacket over high-waisted trousers to elongate your legs, rather than your torso.

spring 2024 trends

Sheer separates

Transparent clothing is transitioning from the runway into high-street fashion and everyday casual wear. This trend can come in the form of “naked dressing,” but it can also have a more modest vibe, like using sheer as an accent piece over go-to basics.

sheer spring 2024

Throw a mesh top over an undershirt or bralette, and pair it with oversized pants for an ultra-trendy, edgy look.

spring 2024 fashion trends

Or try out sheer panels and overlays, working in some sultry vibes without showing too much skin. 

sheer spring trend 2024

Color of spring 2024: red

Hot pink Barbiecore was all the rage for summer 2023, so we’re not surprised to see the fashion world take it up a notch with pink’s fierce older sister, red. The spring 2024 fashion shows were anything but subtle with this color. We saw many designers cloaking their models in saturated reds that make a big, bold statement.

red for spring 2024

Red comes in various shades, from fiery crimson to deep burgundy, so use this trend however it suits your style and skin tone. If you have warm undertones, opt for shades like tomato red or coral. For cooler undertones, try hues like ruby or raspberry. 

red outfit for spring 2024

Let red take the stage. Whether you incorporate it through small touches in accessories or you’re sporting a full red dress, keep the rest of your outfit neutral to make the red stand out.

red spring 2024 trend

Neutral of spring 2024: white

White is the bright, strong neutral for spring. Wearing white is a timeless, refreshing choice that evokes images of blooming flowers, sunny days, and crisp, clean aesthetics. You likely already have some white in your wardrobe that you can incorporate into your spring looks. And if not, buying more white pieces on consignment is a great investment since white never goes out of style. 

white for spring 2024

But don’t be fooled by its neutrality; white can be just as bold and vibrant as red. A fitted white dress or white monochrome ensemble is a stunning statement. Plus, white is the perfect transitional color from winter white to spring to summer.  

white for spring 2024

The key to wearing white well is texture. Consider how your white outfit plays with visual intrigue through ruffles, cut-outs, materials, necklines, lace, detailing, and more. 

spring 2024 white

Hottest styles for spring 2024

With spring approaching, don’t be afraid to try a new fashion trend or refresh your wardrobe. Whether you want to break out those short shorts, try out a new drop waist style, or incorporate more confidence-boosting red into your looks, there are a ton of options that will have you on-trend this season without breaking the bank.

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