Transition to Fall: 5 Layering Tips for Stylish Outfits

Sweater Weather

Autumn is the enchanting season of change, and the temperature drop signals a transition from lightweight sundresses to warm, layered outfits. But fall fashion can be a challenge even for the cleverest fashionistas. Some days are sweltering hot, others are windy and cold, and you might have to dress for various environments – like going from warm outdoors to air-conditioned offices or cold city streets to heated indoors. The art of layering can make your outfits more practical and chicer, so you’re ready for whatever fall has in store. Here are our favorite tips and tricks to learn layering to help you dress comfortably and stylishly this fall 2023.  

1. Embrace sweater weather.

Sweaters are the stars of autumn. They come in all sizes, shapes, and colors, making them the perfect foundation for layering. I like throwing a chunky cable-knit sweater over a blouse or tee to add warmth…

Layering Tips for Stylish Outfits fall 2023 

Or styling a lightweight cashmere sweater for in-between days.

cashmere sweater Layering Tips 

You can even layer a sweater underneath your favorite neutral dress, squeezing even more use out of your favorite dresses.

fall layering sweater and dress 

Sweaters are a great layering “accessory,” but you can also let a vibrant sweater steal the show. I love a statement sweater paired with shorts or skirts for a great transitional look.

fall 2023 art of layering

2. Invest in a lightweight jacket.

Lightweight jackets are a must-have layering tool in your toolbox. Rather than opting for heavy outerwear, the goal with layering jackets is to choose pieces that function both outdoors and indoors. For example, puffy jackets are constrained to the outdoors, and very few people wear them inside. On the other hand, a bomber jacket will keep you warm in the elements while adding a cool factor that works well inside also.

layering bomber jacket 

Denim jackets are another fall wardrobe essential. They provide just enough warmth without feeling heavy or cumbersome, making them perfect for layering. Wear them over a sweater or hoodie on cooler days, or tie them around your waist for an effortless, casual look if you get an unseasonably warm day.

denim jacket fall 2023 layering 

Throw a leather jacket over a flowy dress for an edgy yet feminine vibe. Add ankle boots for a touch of autumn aesthetic.

leather jacket fall 2023 

Suede and corduroy jackets are particularly autumnal options. They offer extra warmth and texture, perfect for apple picking, shopping downtown, or hitting a haunted hayride.

suede 2023 fall layering

3. Try bottoms-up layering.

Everyone thinks of layering sweaters and jackets, but what about layering your bottoms? If your legs tend to get chilly or you’re looking for variety in your outfits, play around with your bottoms! For a fashionable yet functional look, layer leggings or tights under skirts and dresses.

Layering Tips for fall 2023 

For a more refined vibe, layer with stockings. For example, this outfit is perfectly layered with a sweater on top, a skirt, sheer tights, and matching shoes to create a polished ensemble.

Transition to Fall layering 

Your layered tights can work as a statement piece. Colorful or patterned tights or leggings can add a unique, fun pop to more neutral basics. This is a low-cost way to add variety to a capsule wardrobe.

colorful fall 2023 pieces 

I also think of knee-high boots as a “layering” opportunity. They’re chic and cute, and they provide warmth for your leg when wearing a mini or midi skirt.

knee high boots for fall 2023

4. Experiment with textures.

Layering isn’t just about practicality. A well-layered outfit shows a sense of refinement that every fashionista aspires to. The success of layering boils down to texture, particularly in the fall months. Layering is the perfect opportunity to play around with different fabrics and materials that create a visually intriguing outfit.

layering textures to fall outfits 

This outfit works so well because it pairs denim, a knit sweater, and a structured blazer for a casual yet work-ready look.

layered blazer for fall 2023 

Pairing plaid with leather is one of my favorite autumn duos. They both have warm fall vibes, but one is edgy while the other is relaxed. This dichotomy makes the outfit uniquely eye-catching. 

fall leather and plaid 2023 

Suede is another autumnal texture that adds a lot of depth. Pair with satin or silk for a stunning tactile outfit that will make you feel confident and cozy.

matching suede and satin fall 2023

5. Layer in the accessories.

A great way to add texture – and practicality – to your outfit is through your accessories. Textured accessories like a velvet clutch or wool hat elevate your outfit.

fall 2023 velvet clutch 

Scarves will be your layering best friend, offering both style and warmth. There are an array of scarves to suit your style, from chunky knits to lightweight silk. Blanket scarves are still popular because they add a lot of dimension to an outfit. Some people even use blanket scarves as their primary outerwear on warmer fall days.

blanket scarf for fall 2023 

Silk scarves are especially trending for fall 2023 because they add polish and refinement, physically and metaphorically “tie together” an outfit.

silk scarf for fall 2023 layering

No fall outfit is complete without a hat. Whether you choose a beanie, wide-brim, or a beret, a hat warms your head while adding the finishing touch to your outfit.

hats for fall layering 

Transitioning to fall with layering 

Transition to Fall: 5 Layering Tips for Stylish Outfits in fall 2023

Fall is the season of vibrant colors and cozy fabrics. By embracing and mastering the art of layering, you can create gorgeous outfits that keep you comfortable and warm while showcasing your personal style. Fall is the season of change, so don’t be afraid to experiment with different textures, styles, and accessories to add visual interest to your outfits. Grab a PSL and step into fall with confidence and fabulous style!


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