12 Ultimate Fashion Tips to Ensure You’re Always Stylish

12 Ultimate Fashion Tips

Some women always look stylish and fashionable no matter what they’re wearing. Whether you’re already a go-to fashionista or feel like you could use a style revamp, you’ll be able to effortlessly look chic, classy, and put-together after reading this article. We’ve collected our top easy, go-to 12 fashion tips that will make you feel stylish, graceful, and refined every day. And it’s way easier than you think!

 1. Wear neutrals, accessorize with colors.

wear neutrals fashion tips

Neutrals are elegant and timeless. They’re easy to mix and match with one another, and you can use neutrals as a base for the statement pieces in your closet. So, if you’re looking to invest in a fashion-forward wardrobe that will stand the test of time and streamline your life, neutrals are always a safe bet.

neutral outfit with color pop

With that said, too many neutrals can lean the outfit more towards plain than stylish, so you want to balance the two. The easiest and most effective way to straddle the two worlds of neutrals and colors is to use accessories to make a statement. Dress in navy, black, camel, beige, white, and gray, and then add energy to the look with bold colors, patterns, or prints. The best part is that even the most “out there” accessories can become a timeless wardrobe piece as long as they pair well with the other neutrals in your closet. 

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2. Buy quality clothing.

12 tips to always look fashionable

There’s a reason that designer clothes look and feel better, and it’s not to do with branding. Designer clothing feels luxurious because most designers use high-quality materials, cuts, and finishes. Fast fashion clothes are made from cheap materials and are manufactured quickly, so they usually have a lower quality fit and feel. Designer clothes, on the other hand, are made with top-notch materials and high-end manufacturing care. This level of quality and care lends itself to clothing that looks sophisticated, classy, and fashionable.

Don’t buy something just because it’s a good deal. Instead, focus on investment pieces that will last a while in your closet. Check out Current Boutique’s ever-changing closet of designer clothes on consignment for a fraction of their original ticket price, so you can get high-quality designer pieces in your closet at a price that works for your wallet.

3. Wear clothes that fit.

Wearing clothes that don’t fit is the fastest way to look messy and uncoordinated (unless you’re purposely going for the oversized look). Ill-fitting clothing doesn’t just look untidy; it can make you feel less confident too, and this will translate into how you present yourself. If you’re constantly tugging at a dress that’s too tight or pulling up pants that are too big, you’ll be more worried about your appearance than about being fully present in the moment. Clothes can impact our psychology, so wear quality, fitted clothes that build your confidence, not detract from it. Remember that fashion is the ultimate act of self-care! The easiest way to find quality clothes that fit well is by browsing consignment stores like Current Boutique, which sell quality designer clothes that are made with fit and finish in mind.

buy clothes that fit - tips to always look fashionable

Buy clothes that fit you and accentuate your best features, and you’ll always look elegant and refined. If you find a dress, suit, or pants that you love but don’t fit perfectly, get them tailored. Tailored clothing looks polished and refined, and it’s more comfortable.

Pro-tip: Getting a jacket or blazer tailored? Ask your tailor to upgrade the buttons from cheap buttons to fancier ones. This is a little change that will instantly revamp and enhance the elegance of the piece.

4. Invest in jumpsuits and matching sets.

jumpsuit for everyday fashion style

Matching sets, rompers, and jumpsuits are easy to throw on, while also looking chic and purposeful. Think Cher in Clueless: she was the fashion queen of matching blazers and skirts. These take no time to put together (it’s already a match made in the designer’s studio), but it gives the vibe of a complete and polished outfit.

Find a jumpsuit or matching set that works with your wardrobe and personal style. Sets are a great place to play around with colors and patterns but don’t forget that you still want to purchase pieces that will be sustainable in your closet for multiple seasons. Trendy is cool, but a jumpsuit that speaks to your soul and sense of style will always be chic. Check out some awesome examples of matching sets on Carrie Colbert’s blog here.

Psst… Don’t get hung up on “preserving” the set as an outfit. Just because you have two pieces that match doesn’t mean you can’t mix and match them with other pieces to get the most out of your wardrobe.

5. Mix textures.

mix and match textures to look chic

I used to think that “sophistication” meant wearing just one fabric or one color. But one day, I realized that most top designers use several different fabrics, textures, and prints in each outfit. Pairing different textures together creates visual dimension that gives oomph to a look.

If you don’t know where to start, mixing different textures in the same color family or shade creates an ultra-chic monochrome look. Try a black cashmere sweater with a black leather skirt, a brown suede jacket with a camel silk blouse, or a pink ribbed knit with a red satin skirt. When you play around with pairing textures, you'll open up a world of possibilities for your wardrobe.

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6. Get the right undergarments.

how to look more fashionable

This is one of those fashion tips that’s not talked about a lot, but it can have a major impact on the overall look of your outfit: your underwear. Having a visible bra or strap, an ill-fitting bra under a shirt, or noticeable panty lines can make even the most put-together outfits look dingy. Thankfully, there’s an easy fix for this. Go to a professional to make sure you get the right bra size and bra style (yup, there are different bra styles for different breast shapes). And only have your bra showing if it's part of a purposeful style, like underneath an oversized sweater or with high-waisted leggings.

Also, stock your underwear drawer with a bunch of skin-colored, seamless underwear. These no-show undies typically hug your curves to create a beautiful silhouette (without constricting you like shapewear), but they don’t have any lines that will show up under your skirt or jeans.

7. Clean your shoes.

“The right shoe can make everything different.” – Jimmy Choo

clean white shoes

Shoes can make or break an outfit. There is a theory that you can judge 90% of people’s personalities by their shoes. Though we might not realize it, shoes are one of the first things we notice in another person. Taking time to care for your shoes is a detail that can make a huge difference in the overall appearance of your outfit – and how you make a first impression.

This doesn’t mean you need to spend all of your money on your shoes (unless you love shoes as much as I do…). Instead, focus on keeping your shoes clean. Spray your shoes with a protectant, store them properly, and clean them regularly. Get some tips on how to clean 5 types of shoes with The Spruce.

8. Remove wrinkles from clothes.

This rule doesn’t just apply to shoes. Caring for your clothes is the best way to prolong their life, while also showing that you care about your appearance. Clean, polished clothes that fit well are the key to looking polished. 

steaming clothes

That starts with getting rid of wrinkles. Clothes wrinkles make your clothes fall differently on your body, and they make even the most fashionable outfits look drab. If you hate ironing as much as I do, get a garment steamer. Spend a few minutes every morning or evening steaming your clothes to get rid of wrinkles, and you’ll instantly see a step-up in the way your outfits look and feel. I like to steam my clothes in the morning and use this time to meditate and get in a positive mental state for the day. This “found” time steaming my clothes is the perfect chance to try out some positive self-talk, which makes you look prettier and feel more confident for the day ahead!  

P.S. In a pinch, throw any wrinkled dryer-friendly clothes in the dryer with a wet towel. This can help get out some of those last-minute wrinkles. 

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9. Wear your jacket over your shoulders.

how to be super fashionable

This is one of the easiest fashion tips you will ever hear, and it works every time. Drape your blazer or jacket over your shoulders, rather than putting your arms in the holes. No matter what you’re wearing, this move makes your outfit look more purposeful.

10. Half-tuck your shirts.

half tuck shirt to look stylish

Another of my favorite super-simple fashion tips for women is to not tuck your shirts in all the way. Tucking in just a little of your shirt creates a waistline and elongates your legs, which creates a more purposeful silhouette, while still offering a casual and chic vibe. I particularly love partial tucks when wearing bulky sweaters because the tuck adds shape while still having that cozy, oversized look.

Check out this awesome tutorial by Emily Elizabeth May to learn how to tuck your shirt so the tuck looks clean, whether it’s a simple tee or a sweater.

11. Throw on some sunglasses.

sunglasses look stylish everyday

Sunglasses are the most magical accessory you can have in your fashion arsenal. Here’s a case study to prove this. The other day, I was wearing sweatpants and a white tshirt. I hadn’t even showered yet. I wasn’t feeling my freshest or most fashionable. I grabbed my favorite pair of sunglasses, simply because it was sunny. When I caught a glimpse of myself walking out the door, I felt gorgeous. You know that feeling – where you suddenly feel like your whole life is together and you’re that “it” girl. Without the sunglasses, I felt like I’d just rolled out of bed; but with a pair of sunglasses on, I felt unstoppable.

If you are looking to learn how to dress simply but stylishly, it all has to do with the right pair of sunnies. Whether you have a go-to pair that you wear daily (like a quality pair of designer glasses you got on sale from Current Boutique) or you’ve got a collection of different colors and styles, keep your sunglasses easily accessible so you can always add that spice of elegance to your look.

Along with sunglasses, try matching your lipstick to your outfit for a pulled-together look that will have you feeling bold, gorgeous, and poised.

12. Choose your outfit the night before.

lay your clothes out the night before

If you’re wondering how to improve your style without making major changes, this one little switch to pre-planning your outfits can make a huge difference in how you get dressed in the mornings. It will save you time in the mornings while also making your outfits more purposeful and put-together.

Mornings are busy enough without having to worry about finding the perfect outfit—before even having your first cup of coffee! Instead of trying to be fashionable at the expense of being late (or vice versa), take a few minutes the night before to decide what you’ll wear the following day. It sounds simple but setting aside time for fashion is a surefire way to become more fashionable!

You can even do “closet prepping” – like meal prepping but for clothes! On Sundays, select a few different outfit ideas, including accessories. Then, you have a bunch of looks ready to grab-and-go throughout the week.

What are your fashion tips?

What do you do to feel more put together? What makes you feel chic and confident in your clothes? For me, I believe that investing in quality clothes, shoes, accessories, and bags is the best way to make you excited to wake up, wear your clothes, and rock the day. You can find high-quality designer pieces for your signature style here.

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