What to Wear to a Spring Wedding in 2022

Spring Wedding

Spring weddings are full of promise, beauty, love, and fun – but deciding what to wear as a guest can feel daunting. Weddings are the perfect place to show off your style and have fun getting dressed up, particularly in the wake of COVID when more and more women are looking to step outside their comfort zones and show a new side of their fashion selves. In this guide, we’ll give you lots of spring 2022 wedding guest outfit inspiration based on five key wedding factors: formality, venue, weather and time of day, body type and personal style, and accessories. Let’s dive right into it so you can start shopping at Current Boutique for your perfect spring wedding guest look!

1. How formal is the wedding?

Most wedding invites will have the formality or attire listed, such as white tie, black tie, formal or black tie optional, cocktail, semi-formal, or casual. Here are some ideas on what to wear based on the formality of the attire.

Formal (white tie and black tie)

White tie

white tie wedding guest dress 

White tie is the most formal type of event, even more formal than black tie. Think opening night of an opera or attending a royal ball. This is an uncommon wedding attire these days, but you may still find it at fancy venues such as a museum, opera house, or ballroom or if there will be distinguished guests in attendance. For white tie, you should wear a formal evening gown, elegant jewelry, long white gloves, and fur outerwear (or faux fur to be more sustainable). Although this may seem out of fashion, it can lend itself to some of the most beautiful and magical weddings you’ll ever attend.

Even though it’s “white tie,” steer clear of wearing a white dress. White is always reserved for the bride!What other colors should you not wear to a wedding? Find out here!

Black tie

black tie spring wedding guest dress 2022 

Black tie is typically what you would think of as formal wear. This generally requires a formal gown, but it doesn’t have to be a full ballgown. The safest bet is to wear a full-length dress that doesn’t show the legs, and you want to focus on gowns with high-end materials and solid colors. If you’re wearing a print, it should be understated, purposeful, and elegant. Don’t be afraid to wear colors or add a little shimmer. You can’t go wrong with a timeless satin dress or a gown with a few ruffles or lace elements. Heels and simple (but sparkly) jewelry take formal dresses to the next level. Avoid anything too bold, ballgown-esque, or dramatic cut-outs, as the attention should stay on the bride and groom.

If the wedding is black tie optional, you have the choice if you’d like to wear an evening gown, but you can also opt for a sophisticated cocktail dress. This gives you the freedom to fall somewhere between the formal and semi-formal range, depending on your unique style. (If it says black tie encouraged, assume the formality is black tie.)

Semi-formal (cocktail)

cocktail dress spring wedding guest 2022 

Most wedding invites you’ll get will fall into the semi-formal category. This attire is more relaxed than black tie, but it still requires an elegant cocktail dress or skirt. Mini and midi dresses are particularly popular for cocktail attire. The style, patterns, silhouettes, and colors of your outfit will depend on the time of day and venue. For spring and summer cocktail attire, choose light fabrics like chiffon, linen, or organza. Floral or pastel midi dresses will work for most daytime events, and a tailored jumpsuit is a great option for those looking to break the mold a bit. Most of our style ideas below are cocktail dresses, so keep reading to find a cocktail dress based on the venue and time of day.

Our number 1 tip for spring 2022 wedding guests is to make an effort and put your best foot forward. You’re celebrating your friend or family member’s marriage, so dressing for the occasion will show your support and excitement for them. When in doubt, dress up (not down).

Tip: If the ceremony is held in a church, you might want to dress a little more modestly. If your dress shows a little skin, you might want to bring a shawl or sweater for the ceremony in case the church has attire requirements.

Informal (casual)

informal spring 2022 wedding guest dress 

If the wedding invite says informal or casual attire, you have a little wiggle room with what you want to wear based on the venue. But this doesn’t mean jeans or sweats (unless you hear this directly from the couple’s mouths). Instead, think of it as business casual attire, like sundresses or a nice blouse with tailored pants and skirts. You’ll most likely find casual attire for daytime receptions or informal venues, but we’re seeing more and more weddings (particularly during the warm weather months) leaning towards a sort of elevated-casual look.

2. Where is the wedding located?

The venue is one of the key factors in determining the formality and type of attire you should wear as a spring wedding guest. For example, ballrooms will tend to be more formal, while a beach or vineyard might be cocktail or informal. Below we’ll give you a few of our favorite wedding guest outfit inspiration for spring 2022, so you can start browsing dresses or outfits that will gorgeously match the venue.

Ballroom or castle

For a formal wedding in a ballroom, castle, or other upscale venue, you’ll want to break out your full-length dresses. This is such a fun opportunity to get dressed to the nines. (We all love getting a little fancy once in a while!) For spring wedding guest outfits, focus on:

  • Bright, saturated You can get away with darker colors for evening weddings, but don’t be afraid to try out gowns in lighter colors or pastels to reflect the springtime.
  • High-end, flowy fabrics. You don’t want to get warm or bogged down in heavy fabrics like you might wear to a winter wedding. Instead focus on luxurious materials that flow with movement, such as chiffon, organza, georgette, or crepe. If you want a more natural and eco-friendly fabric that is also timelessly elegant, opt for a gorgeous silk or satin gown.
  • Stunning silhouettes. Find a neckline, sleeve length, waist, and skirt that best suit your style and body type. There are so many gorgeous gowns out there, so you’re bound to find something that makes you feel beautiful.
  • Unique embellishments. Now is the time to add a little glitz to your dress if you’d like, like a few flouncy ruffles, striking lace, or a sheer layer of sparkles. Just don’t go overboard; the attention should stay on the marrying couple.

What not to wear to a formal ballroom wedding:

  • White – leave that to the bride!
  • All black – a black dress is fine, but spice it up with some pops of color or some shimmer to avoid a dark, gloomy look
  • Overly revealing dresses, both low cut and/or sheer
  • Mini dresses
  • If wearing sparkles, avoid anything too eye-catching that will try to steal the spotlight from the couple
  • A ballgown, unless otherwise specified – a slim and striking evening gown will do the trick, avoid anything too full or princess-y as it might mimic the bride’s dress
  • Anything that looks like the bridesmaids’ dresses (if you know what they will look like)

The elegant high neckline, springy pale pink, and gentle 1920s-style ruffles make this gown irresistible:

ballroom spring wedding guest dress 

This full-length deep-yellow gown incorporates a subtle pattern that adds texture without going overboard. She dresses it down with a wicker handbag, but you could easily dress it up with a sparkly clutch for a more formal affair: 


wedding guest formal dress spring


You can’t go wrong with a classic, solid structured dress with an intriguing silhouette. The best part is that you can easily dress it up or down based on your accessories, so you can wear it to multiple weddings (of varying formalities) this spring 2022:

wedding guest dress spring 2022 formal 

The pink color and length make this dress vibrantly springy, while the fabric and high neck maintain that more elegant and formal feel. It also has a unique waistline; it may or may not work for some people, but it shows how versatile an evening gown can be!

formal spring 2022 wedding guest dress 

Museum or library

I’ve been loving alternative venues, like art galleries, museums, restaurants, breweries, libraries, and downtown areas. What’s so wonderful about these venues is that you can get creative with your outfit to match the unique atmosphere. These venues are typically semi-formal, but they might also lean towards either formal or casual depending on the couple’s preference. Here are some of my favorite ideas for these different kinds of environments:

For an art gallery wedding, add color or a bold pattern to your look. Now is the time to get creative and chic, particularly if the marrying couple tends to be more artistic or daring as well. Play around with patterns and styles that fit your personality and the anticipated aesthetic of the event.

art gallery wedding guest dress 

For a museum or urban-chic wedding, you might want to tone down on the bold patterns and instead focus on striking silhouettes. If you like going outside the box, a tailored jumpsuit in a high-quality fabric offers the glamour of a dress with the comfort and ease of pants. Dress it up with heels and an elegant bag. Re-wear it after the wedding with flats and a tote for work or happy hour.

museum spring wedding guest dress


If the event is held at a more formal restaurant, you might want to opt for a classic cocktail dress with tailored silhouettes. You can even pair your favorite skirt and top to create an entirely new dress that perfectly matches the vibe of the restaurant. 

restaurant spring 2022 wedding guest dress 

If the event is held at a brewery or winery, you can play around with casual looks a bit more. For breweries, opt for deep rich colors. For outdoor wineries, play around with ruffles and textures.

winery spring wedding guest dress 


Lean into the library theme with pleated skirts, checked prints, high and collared necklines, and scholastic accessories like glasses and scarves. Finish the look with a polished, sophisticated blazer over your shoulders.

library wedding guest dress ideas 


If the wedding is held in an urban or city setting, you might want to wear darker colors and more dramatic silhouettes. Bodycon, fit and flare, sequins, and fringe are all fun options for a downtown chic look, particularly for an evening wedding. Don’t sleep on unique sleeves, hems, and necklines that draw the eye and add intrigue to the look. Although black isn’t very springy, now’s the time to break out your favorite little black dressif you’d like to. Check out our Downtown Darling collection to find your perfect dress and style!

downtown wedding guest spring 2022 

Country club

Country clubs or other semi-formal events call for a more classic, preppy, and sophisticated style. You’ll want to focus on dresses in pastels or light prints for daytime or early evening. These dresses tend to be more structured with accents on high or modest necklines and sleeves. For country clubs or other high-end outdoor venues, I tend to opt for a more classic or basic dress and dress it up with accessories like heels, handbags, and sunglasses.

This baby blue dress is perfect for spring 2022 at a semi-formal outdoor wedding. Pair with sandals for dancing or heels to dress up a bit.

country club spring wedding guest dress 

This dress is light blue too, but you can see how the fabric, bow neck, and accessories can create an entirely different vibe:

country club spring 2022 wedding guest dress 

Lace is always a good choice. Our Lace Affair collection is always on-trend because it’s a stunning, feminine accent year-round. This dress is perfectly embellished to create intrigue, while gorgeously matching a spring outdoor wedding vibe.

country club wedding guest dress ideas 

When in doubt, opt for pleats. Pleats are elevated and sophisticated, and I love how they flow with movement.

country club spring wedding guest dress 

Dresses are an easy go-to but don’t forget about skirts either. Tulle skirts, structured skirts, or pleated skirts paired with a gorgeous blouse give you the freedom to play around with silhouettes that work best with your style. Recently, I saw a dress that had the perfect bottom half but I didn’t love the neckline– so I bought a similar skirt and found a stunning lace cream top from Current Boutique that had a neckline that I loved; so I paired those together to make my own “perfect” dress! Keep in mind, though, that you still want to stay away from white, even if it’s just a white top, so you’ll need to mix and match colors accordingly.

spring 2022 wedding guest country club 

Love this vibe? Check out our Classic Beauty collection for timeless classics and stunning semi-formal and informal wear. 

Garden or backyard

Gardens are one of my favorite spring wedding venues. When it comes to an outdoor spring wedding, you can’t go wrong with florals. Fresh florals are particularly trending for spring 2022, but the right floral pattern will be a timeless addition to your wardrobe.

Find a floral pattern that speaks to your sense of style. If you love ruffles, opt for something feminine and flouncy!

garden spring wedding guest dress inspo 

If you want something more elegant and upscale, try embroidered florals on a solid color.

spring 2022 wedding guest dress for garden 

Give the cottagecore aesthetic a go for a dreamy, escapist vibe at your friend’s garden wedding.

spring 2022 wedding guest dress cottage core 

The right maxi floral dress can be informal enough for outdoor weddings but elegant enough for a polished finish.

maxi garden spring 2022 wedding guest dress 

If florals aren’t your thing, you can’t go wrong with a beautiful pastel lace dress with your favorite wedges. (Wedges are a good idea for outdoor weddings so you don’t risk your heels getting stuck in the grass.)

wedding guest dress for garden wedding

Beach or destination 

Beach weddings tend to fall somewhere between semi-formal and informal. You’ll want flowy skirts, light colors, and airy vibes. You’ll likely want to opt for long midi or maxi dresses to avoid your skirt blowing up in the breeze, and a mermaid silhouette is always fitting for a by-the-sea vibe. You have the freedom to show a little more skin with these wedding guest dresses, but don’t forget your SPF.

When it comes to an ocean or destination wedding, you can’t go wrong with vibrant blues to match the sea and sky. Keep it flowy to reflect the waves.

blue beach dress for spring beach wedding 

You can also play around with fun colors or an ombre vibe. The beach is the perfect time to wear light, vibrant colors!

beach wedding guest dress idea 2022 

Check out some more gorgeous beach wedding guest dress ideas on Harper’s Bazaar here.

3. What will the wedding day look like?

Time of day

Consider the time of day of the wedding, too. If the wedding is in the late afternoon or evening, it’s likely a more formal affair – even if the invite says semi-formal or casual. You may want to opt for darker colors, a little glitz and sparkle, or more dramatic patterns and silhouettes. If the wedding is in the morning or midday, it is likely to be a little less formal, so light colors, subtle patterns, and shorter dresses and skirts might be appropriate.

Weather (bring layers!)

You’ll also want to consider the weather. Spring weddings usually mean warm, humid days (depending on where the wedding is). However, spring can also be a little finicky and you might run into one of those late-winter chills or a thunderstorm for the ages. Check the weather the days leading up to the wedding to make sure you have appropriate outerwear and shoes. It never hurts to bring an extra layer like a light jacket, cute cardigan, or shoulder wrap just in case you get cold. And, when in doubt, opt for wedges that won’t sink into the ground on wet or muddy days.

Pro-tip: Bring a pair of ballet flats in your purse! If there’s a lot of dancing at the wedding, no one will care if you switch out of heels and into flats so you can bust a move easier.

4. What dress will make you feel good?

There are so many options out there that it can be hard to sort through everything to find the right dress. So, stop searching for the “perfect” dress. Instead, browse for dresses that make you happy! If you feel good in a dress, your confidence will shine through. Moreover, if you buy a dress that you like and that suits your personal style, rather than something trendy or that you think you “should” wear, you’ll have an outfit that you’ll be able to wear and re-wear, becoming a timeless staple in your closet.

The only thing I dislike about buying a wedding guest dress is that you wear it once and then it sits in your closet collecting dust. But if you buy a dress that you love, that suits your body and style, and that’s timeless enough to wear season after season, that dress can be a high-quality investment piece that you can love and wear for years to come.  

So, whether it’s a maxi or midi dress, a wrap dress, a floral or printed dress, or even a jumpsuit or matching set, find the piece that speaks to you and rock it!

5. What accessories should you add?

Accessories can completely transform your dress from casual to formal (or vice versa), so it’s important to take time to consider your accessories accordingly. Here are some general guidelines for picking out wedding guest accessories – but they’re not hard and fast rules.

  • Clutch handbags tend to be more formal. Steer clear of oversized bags that will just get in the way. For semi-formal or casual events, a crossbody or long shoulder bag will work as well. (Make sure your purse is big enough to fit your phone, wallet, and any other items you might need, so you don’t lose or forget them.)
  • Match your purse to your shoes. It’s the easiest way to look classy and purposeful with your outfit.
  • For more formal events, jewelry can be either work as a minimalistic enhancement or more of a focal piece. For semi-formal events, let your jewelry come second to your dress. If you’re wearing a plainer dress, though, feel free to wear more statement jewelry.
  • Formal hats, like veil hats or pin hats, can be a fun addition for country club or garden weddings.
  • Wear heels or elevated flats to formal events. Most semi-formal events will also require heels, wedges, or fancy flats. Sandals can work for beach weddings or casual outdoor affairs. Always steer clear of flip-flops.
  • Bring an extra layer. It might get chilly at night or in the venue. A light sweater, jacket, or wrap that matches your dress will make you look more polished while also making you feel more comfortable.

Try out different shoes, purses, and jewelry with your chosen dress to see what looks best. It might take a little trial and error, but don’t be afraid to play around until it feels right. I recommend that every woman have a pair of nude pumps and a matching nude clutch purse on-hand. Nude is neutral enough to pair with almost any outfit, making it a great investment that can work with any wedding, party, or work event you attend.

What to wear as a wedding guest in spring 2022

There are no hard and fast rules for wedding guest attire – which is what makes dressing for the occasion so challenging and also so fun! Think first about formality, then about the venue, and then how you can dress it up with accessories to suit your style! Opt for timeless dresses that you can re-wear to other weddings and even to other events based on how you style them, so you can spend your investment fashion money wisely.

What will you be wearing to a spring 2022 wedding? 


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