11 Gorgeous Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

Not sure what to wear to Thanksgiving this year? Whether you’ll be dining at home, attending a Friendsgiving, going to a fancy party, or volunteering at the soup kitchen, here are some fall outfits and accessories that you’ll be grateful for this Thanksgiving.  

Black outfit with camel accents 

Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas black and camel

Black is an easy color go-to for any wintertime occasion, whether formal or informal. You likely already have black pieces in your wardrobe, so let’s style them for thanksgiving.

Start with a black “base:” a little black dress or a pair of black pants paired with a black tee or mock turtleneck. Then, autumn-ize the black outfit with camel-colored accessories like a camel jacket (regular or trench coat), light brown plaid scarf, your favorite caramel leather purse, or knee-high beige boots. The pairing of black and light brown is a timeless and refined look that’s easy to pull together in a snap.

Orange, brown, and rust

Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas orange, brown, rust

You can make just about any outfit Thanksgiving-ready if you add a few autumnal colors like rust red, burnt orange, or varying shades of brown. You can use these colors as accents, like pairing a burnt orange scarf with a white tee and jeans, or you can use them as the focal piece of the outfit like a burnt orange knit dress, brown plaid skirt, or rust-colored pants and purse. These warm colors match beautifully with black and winter white, so play around pairing neutrals sprinkled with a little pumpkin-colored spice on top.

Oversized sweater

I adore oversized sweaters. They’re comfortable and adorable, and you can dress them up or down so they’re ready for just about any occasion. You should have at least one oversized sweater in your closet that you can use as your go-to. This knit might be a crisp white, an elegant black, a saturated earth tone, or a color block of white, brown, and light pink. Pair your oversized sweater with a good pair of jeans and some cute accessories, and you’re Thanksgiving-ready! 

Oh, and don’t skimp on comfort, too. You don’t want to wear an itchy sweater all Thanksgiving. Grab a high-quality sweater from Current Boutique, so you’ll feel comfortable and confident wherever you wear it.

White or black turtleneck

Thanksgiving outfit ideas white turtleneck

Or you could go the opposite route and go for a more form-fitting top. Turtlenecks are super flattering and feminine because of the way they frame the face, and they give off that cozy, wintery vibe. While you can try out different colors and patterns of turtlenecks, a solid white or black turtleneck is a wardrobe staple that will never let you down. Use a neutral turtleneck as the foundation for the rest of your Thanksgiving outfit. Pair it with a plaid skirt, corduroy overalls, or just with jeans and a cardigan for a simple, comfortable, and sophisticated outfit.

Plaid skirt or pants

Thanksgiving outfit ideas plaid

Plaid is the epitome of the fall aesthetic. It’s an easy pattern to incorporate into your outfit, either in a skirt, a dress, a scarf, or even your outerwear. Mini and midi plaid skirts are particularly popular for fall, especially when paired with a white or black turtleneck.

There are lots of variations of plaid out there. Some have larger checks while others have smaller ones. Some come in various hues of brown and black, while others incorporate more colors. That’s one of the reasons I love plaid so much: it’s “mainstream” autumn, but you can find a pattern that is unique to your personality as well. The search for the perfect plaid that speaks to you might take some time, but the journey is worth it for that stunning fall look.

White tee, jeans, and cardigan

Thanksgiving outfit ideas white tee, jeans, and cardigan

This is the simplest Thanksgiving outfit that always works, particularly for an informal holiday or a Friendsgiving. Pair a white tee, tank, or turtleneck with your favorite jeans and a neutral-colored cardigan. This is a classic that you can throw together in a pinch. What really makes this look shine are the accessories you add to it. Sunglasses, scarves, purses, and jewelry all take this from an everyday look to a put-together outfit worthy of a Thanksgiving banquet. 

Corduroy pieces 

Thanksgiving outfit ideas corduroy 

When you think corduroy, you instantly think of autumn. That’s because corduroy is a fall essential! Corduroy always makes its way back into the fashion cycle because of its sophistication and elegance. It’s a slightly heavier fabric, though less heavy than velvet, and the tufted cords create a gentle texture that adds a touch of class and refinement to any outfit.

Don’t sleep on corduroy. Whether it’s a jacket, skirt, or pair of pants, a corduroy piece can build layers of texture to an otherwise “flat” outfit. Plus, corduroy has that sort of contemporary vintage vibe that will instantly make your Thanksgiving look both timeless and trendy.

Knit midi dress

Thanksgiving outfit ideas knit midi dress

Knit midi dresses are particularly hot for fall and winter 2021, but a chunky knit is always in style. Knits offer an element of warmth—both in terms of temperature as well as aesthetic. Knit midi dresses, whether chunky and form-fitting, provide texture while creating a stunning silhouette.

Plus, I love a knit dress because it’s so easy: it’s just one piece that you can mix and match with different accessories for a completely unique look. You can style the same knit dress a hundred different ways!

Stretchy pants 

Thanksgiving outfit ideas stretchy pants

Need we say more? If food is your favorite part of Thanksgiving, find yourself a pair of pants with an elastic waistband. It’ll be worth it! Thankfully, more and more high-end designers are coming out with more comfortable and stretchy pants in the movement towards work-from-home attire.

A good pair of boots

Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas boots

Knee-high and thigh-high boots have been trending for a few years, and it looks like they’ve become a staple of the fall wardrobe for the foreseeable future. These higher boots lengthen the leg and are a great way to elevate any outfit.

If you have thicker calves or thighs, high boots might not feel right for you. Ankle-high booties are also a gorgeous option that pair well with dresses, skirts, and cropped or flared jeans. You can find them with or without a heel, whichever is your preference.

When choosing a pair of boots, quality is key. There’s nothing worse than wearing an uncomfortable pair of boots. I’m never a fan of fast fashion, but it’s particularly problematic in the shoe department. A bad pair of shoes that’s going to wear out quickly is not only wasteful (for your wallet and the environment), but it can also cause serious pain and injury. When it comes to such a functional piece of clothing, you want something high-quality that’s going to treat your feet right. The good news is that Current Boutique sells preloved designer boots and booties at a fraction of their original ticket price, so you can get quality and craftsmanship for less.

Blanket scarves or wraps

The final accessory that ties together the entire Thanksgiving look is a scarf. I absolutely adore blanket scarves, wraps, and ponchos. They create a silhouette that’s distinctly autumnal, and they’ll keep you warm on crisper nights (but you can also take them off if you get hot while making your Thanksgiving pumpkin pie). Blanket scarves can also function as a cozy blanket when you get those post-turkey sleepies! What’s better than a wearable blanket?   

What are you wearing to Thanksgiving this year? Tag @currentboutique on Instagram to show us your Thanksgiving outfit inspiration!

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