14 Cute Fashion Outfits for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day Outfits

Valentine’s Day is a great time to celebrate love—all kinds of love: romantic, friendly, and self-love! Whether you’re enjoying takeout at home with your main squeeze, attending a Galentine’s Day with your girls, or hitting the town dressing up in a cute Valentine’s Day outfit is always a great way to celebrate this holiday of love.

We’ve gathered our favorite V-day style inspiration for all the ways you might want to indulge this year, from relaxed and cozy evenings-in to elegant and stylish date nights. Plus, our curated Valentine’s Day outfits are both trendy and timeless, so you can continue wearing these sustainable looks long after the day of love is over—which is better for the environment and your wallet!

If you love red…

The little red dress is the sexy counterpart to the LBD.

red dress lace Valentine's Day 2022

Every woman needs a little black dress, a little white dress, and a little red dress. Red is the color of desire, so a gorgeous red dress is the perfect bold statement, whether you’re on a first date with your crush or adding a little spice to a decades-long marriage.

When it comes to choosing a little red dress for your Valentine’s Day evening out, go with something classic and elegant that you can wear and re-wear for years. Choose a dress that you could wear for multiple occasions: dressed up with sexy accessories for V-day, paired with a scarf and jacket for Christmas, or with a blazer for a work event. The more you can use the dress, the more you’ll love it! I personally love the look of an elbow-length bell sleeve. It’s sophisticated and feminine, and it looks absolutely stunning in photos. 

Valentine's Day 2022 red dress bell sleeve 

Psst… For a chillier Valentine’s Day, add some black stockings or black leggings under your dress. Not only will they keep you warm, but they’ll also add a sexy touch to your look. Pair black leggings with gorgeous black heels to lengthen the appearance of your legs and make you look taller!

Valentine's Day 2022 red dress cheetah shoes

What shoes should I wear with a red dress? Nude or black heels are always winners, but also feel free to go bold with animal prints like these cheetah print shoes for something sexy and stylish.

Throw on a red blazer.

Valentine's Day 2022 red blazer

You can get dressed up for Valentine’s Day, even if you have to work all day from home. A red blazer is a bright, cute way to add some red to a more casual outfit, and it’s the perfect outfit piece to transition from a Zoom meeting to a happy hour first date.

red jacket and heels Valentine's Day 2022

If you own a red jacket, throw that on too! Pair a red overcoat with red heels and a neutral outfit for a casual showstopper that’s perfect for an evening out or a cozy dinner at home.

Pair red with black or white.

Red and black are a sultry, intriguing duo perfect for an evening out on the town, while red and white are flirty and feminine, great for a day date with a partner or girlfriends. If you want to go from a day to a night outfit, wear a red shirt that you can pair with white pants or a skirt for a walk in the park and then throw on some black jeans or leather pants for drinks and dinner.

Notice how the red and white is a little light and airy…

Valentine's Day 2022 red and white

While the red and black is a little more on the sexy side, even when it’s still a casual outfit?


Valentine's Day 2022 red and black 

Don’t sleep on red and cheetah print.

Valentine's Day 2022 cheetah print

Not sure when to break out your favorite cheetah print? If you have an animal print piece in your closet you always want to wear but don’t know how, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to try it out! February 14th is a day when bold, sensual looks are a necessity. So even if you’re not used to rocking animal prints, it will be an easy introduction to new, fun patterns that are guaranteed to make you feel sexy and confident!

Another confident way to incorporate red into your Valentine’s Day outfit is with a bold red lip! Learn how to match your lipstick to your outfit here.

If you love pink…

Match a pink and white outfit with red accessories.

Valentine's Day 2022 pink white and red

I adore the simplicity of a pale pink and white outfit with red eye-catching statement pieces like a bright red purse and shoes. The best part is that you can make this work with any items you already have in your closet: a white tee with a pink corduroy skirt, a pink tee with white jeans, or even a white dress with a pink sweater. Then, add your favorite red statement pieces and you’re ready for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day 2022 pink accessories

Don’t have red accessories? No problem! Any accessories in the pink or red family can do the trick. Even a mauve purse with matching flats works or light pink heels with a feminine flair!

light pink heels for Valentine's Day 2022

Play with different shades of pink.

pink tone outfit for Valentine's Day 2022 

If you have a lot of pink in your closet, don’t be afraid to mix and match different pink tones and hues. Try out different pieces in the same pale pink paired with a bright pink accent, like hot pink pants or a hot pink purse, for a simple pairing that looks refined and sophisticated. Check out this article by Italist about how to mix and match pinks like a pro.

pink tone outfit for Valentine's Day 2022 

Try out a timeless pale pink paired with neutrals.

Valentine's Day 2022 pale pink neutral 

If you want a Valentine’s Day outfit that is romantic and flirty but can also be worn all year, then incorporating pale pink elements is the way to go. Hot pink, neon pink, red-pink, and other “trendy” pinks are trendy for a reason: because they go in and out of style. But pale pink is timeless regardless of season, year, or trends. It’s always feminine, always beautiful, always refined. I even consider pale pink almost as its own sort of neutral.


pink and grey Valentine's Day 2022 

Pale pink pairs perfectly with grays, beiges, navy, jeans, and whites. Make pink the focal point of the outfit, like a pink dress or sweater, or add gentle pops of blush with shoes and a sweater. 

If you like a romantic Valentine’s Day vibe…

Floral is flirty and feminine.

Valentine's Day 2022 floral dress 

Floral prints aren’t just for spring and summer. I love the fresh aesthetic of a floral print in a winter or fall outfit too. You can’t get more romantic than a rose-patterned dress or a dress with wildflowers to reflect your wild soul. When wearing florals in the winter, try florals that have darker tones, like a pink dress with deep reds or a black top with white flowers. If you choose a floral pattern that speaks to your unique style, it’s sure to become a timeless addition to your wardrobe!

You can’t go wrong with a slip dress.

slip dress for Valentine's Day 2022 

Although satin has recently become “trendy” with Gen Z, a satin or silk slip dress has always been – and always will be – one of the most timeless pieces you can own. Silk dresses are soft and touchable while creating a feminine silhouette that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day (and any other date night).

satin dress with sweater romantic Valentine's Day 

Slip dresses are surprisingly versatile: pair them with heels for a night out, wear a tee underneath for a casual vibe, or throw a sweater on top for an outfit that’s ready for any event day-to-night. It doesn’t matter what color the dress is for Valentine’s Day because the cut and softness instantly give off that romantic vibe!

Try a tulle skirt.


tulle skirt Valentine's Day 2022

Tulle is an underrated fabric. It is so flirty and feminine, and it’s basically a socially acceptable way to dress like a princess whenever you want. A tulle skirt will have you spinning in circles for hours on end (oh, is that just me?) and pretending you’re at a Bridgerton ball. Dress it up with a sweater and heels or pair with a tee for a casually sexy aesthetic that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day.

If you want an “unconventional” Valentine’s Day outfit…

Go for a black heart look.

black lace dress for Valentine's Day 2022 

Black is the sexy, sultry counterpart to red and pink. You can never go wrong with a little black dress, a black jumpsuit, black jeans, or a black skirt paired with your favorite tee. Black is effortlessly elegant, and you’ll be able to re-wear your black outfit for countless other events throughout the year. There’s a reason black is a must-have for sophisticated French girl style—it’s casual yet refined, simple yet graceful. Black silk, satin, or lace can be particularly alluring and will have you feeling oh-so-stunning for a Valentine’s Day dinner date.

black sweats for valentines day night in

Want something sexy but casual for a night at home? Try a black silky top with black sweatpants or black leggings. You’ll be cozy for movie night but still put together enough for date night (or girls’ night!).

Spice it up with leather.

black leather jacket Valentine's Day 2022

Speaking of black, why not incorporate some black leather into your Valentine’s Day outfit? Whether it’s a black leather jacket over a pink top, black leather pants, or thigh-high leather boots, leather will instantly elevate your confidence and V-day vibe. I especially love black leather paired with an animal print like cheetah or snake for a fierce look that’s ready for any date night event! Psst… Choose vegan leather for a more sustainable option!

black leather skirt valentines outfit 

Wear a love-inspired tee.

love tee for Valentine's Day 2022 

Want to keep it casual but cute? Wear a tee with a cute Valentine’s Day-worthy quote about love or some hearts on it! Dress it down with jeans or leggings or dress it up with a satin skirt and heels! Even better, support a small business and treat yourself to a Valentine’s Day tee you love on Etsy or buy one from a thrift shop!

Wear what makes you comfortable!

comfortable Valentine's Day 2022 outfits

No matter what you decide to wear, as long as you have on your confidence and smile, you’ll look and feel sexy! So, wear your favorite heart sweater or throw on that dress that makes you smile. It doesn’t have to be red or pink or conventionally “Valentine’s Day” themed. If it makes you feel good, then your date—whether your partner, best friend, or doggo—will see your beautiful love and radiance shine through!


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