20 Best Fashion Movies and TV on Netflix Right Now

Best Netflix On Fashion

If you can’t get enough fashion in your life and want to escape into a Netflix show that’s brimming with style, elegance, and fun, we’ve got you covered! Whether you’re into documentaries about fashion icons, rom coms with a stylish flair, or dramas with jaw-dropping costumes, we’re here to give you 21 of the best fashion movies and TV on Netflix right now. So, grab some snacks and a cozy blanket, and get ready to indulge in these binge-worthy Netflix fashion movies and TV series.

If you’re into competition shows… Next in Fashion

next in fashion on Netflix

Next in Fashion is a new competitive reality fashion TV show on Netflix, hosted by fashion stars Tan France (also from the Queer Eye series on Netflix) and Alexa Chung (a famous model who started her own clothing line inspired by international and vintage looks). Watch as 18 professional designers compete to win $250,000 and a debut collection with Net-a-Porter. With the chance to become the next big name in designer fashion, this show promises lots of ups and downs, jaw-dropping surprises, and plenty of feel-good moments.  

Or if you’re looking for a classic competition… America’s Next Top Model  

America's next top model on netflix

Can we even talk about fashion TV without mentioning America’s Next Top Model? Thank the fashion gods that Seasons 21 and 22 are on Netflix in 2022. This Tyra Banks powerhouse competition fashion show chronicles the highs and lows of aspiring models, who are competing for their shot at becoming “America’s Next Top Model,” a title that can skyrocket their career in the modeling industry. This show is filled with spectacle, sprinkled with some life lessons too.

If you love a good makeover… Styling Hollywood

styling hollywood Netflix fashion show

Jason Bolden and Adair Curtis, married business partners of JSN Studio, are the stars of this lifestyle and fashion TV show on Netflix. They work with celebrity A-listers to help redesign their lives, from their personal style to their red carpet looks to even the interior design of their homes. If you’re a fan of celebrity lifestyles and all things aesthetically pleasing, you’ll love how Jason and Adair “style Hollywood” in the chicest looks… with a little drama and a few meltdowns along the way.

Or how about a go-to makeover show… Queer Eye on Netflix

queer eye fashion Netflix

Netflix’s Queer Eye with the new “Fab Five” is about more than just a makeover. This feel-good show will have you crying, laughing, and smiling as people glow up and find themselves through home and style transformations. Get ready to binge, because beloved Queer Eye has 6 seasons as well as a season in Japan and an upcoming one in Germany.

If you want a fashion show on Netflix inspired by a true story… Halston

halston on netflix

Halston was one of the biggest names in fashion in his time, but his brand hasn’t held the weight in modern-day as much as his counterparts. And this Netflix show tells you why. This dramatic fashion TV series explores the rise and fall of Roy Halston Frowick, showing how he worked to create a signature look and style (inspired in part by his friend Liza Minnelli) and how being gay during this time period impacted his life and his brand. With just five episodes, you’ll easily get through this sad but riveting show in a weekend. Here’s everything you need to know before binging, thanks to Vogue.

If you want an emotion-driven fashion documentary… Wonder Boy

wonder boy fashion movie netflix

This documentary follows Olivier Rousteing, the creative director of Balmain since 2011, as he creates designs and builds a fashion empire while also on a journey of personal discovery. With a mix of French and English, this is one of those fashion movies that will make you feel like you’ve stepped into Rousteing’s life firsthand.

If you want to watch the life of a classic fashion icon… Audrey

Audrey on netflix

Audrey is an inspiring documentary about Audrey Hepburn, the famous fashion icon, Hollywood actress, and humanitarian. Though she’s often remembered for her timeless style and Breakfast at Tiffany’s elegance, this film also shows the loving, kind, and caring side of Audrey in a beautiful and inspiring light. This is one of the best fashion movies if you believe in the power of fashion and love and want to learn more about a one-of-a-kind woman.

Or the life of a modern style queen… Gaga: Five Foot Two

gaga five foot two netflix

Although not technically “about” fashion, Lady Gaga’s style, grace, and personality throughout this movie definitely make this documentary worth a watch. You’ll fall in love with her stunning red carpet looks and extravagant costumes, and even her everyday streetwear is stylish and enviable. You’ll be hooked on this honest and real backstage pass to Lady Gaga’s inside life, filled with love, heartache, and hard work.

If you believe fashion is the key to life… Worn Stories

worn stories on netflix

Everyday folks (and a few names you might know) tell the quirky and emotional stories about their favorite pieces of clothing in this unique fashion TV docuseries on Netflix. In eight episodes, Worn Stories will show you the “why” behind people’s cherished clothing, giving you a deep appreciation for the clothes in your closet as well.

If you’re all about French fashion… Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris on netflix

French “it girl” style makes a stunning display in Netflix’s Emily in Paris. This is a romantic, fun rom-com TV show about a girl who moves to Paris, where she is wholeheartedly un-welcome by everyone except for a few handsome Parisian men. With a lighthearted story and a whole lot of bright, stunning French fashion, this is an easy binge-watch when you want to be transported into a chic European life for a few hours.

If you love fashion, comedy, and the side hustle lifestyle… Girlboss

girlboss netflix

Girlboss is a fashion comedy movie inspired by the best-selling memoir by the same name. It tells the story of a broke, rebellious Sophia who builds an online business “flipping” clothing. A tale of fashion, entrepreneurship, and girl-bosses, this fashion movie on Netflix will have you laughing and feeling empowered at the same time. 

If you’re interested in both fashion and true crime… The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story

Versace fashion show netflix

Want a taste of crime with your fashion? This American Crime Story series tells the sad but true story of Gianni Versace’s assassination by a former lover. While Versace’s designs and life story are integral to the show, this series more so follows the life and timeline of the killer. For those with an interest in true crime and luxury fashion, you’ll be intrigued by this dramatic rendition of the tragic death of Versace.

If you love period piece costuming… Bridgerton 

Bridgeton fashion netflix

Bridgerton, set in the Regency period, has some of the most elegant and jaw-dropping costumes on Netflix. This show has romance, drama, queens, and dancing in a setting with fantastical dresses and designs. Bridgerton is an easy binge if you love romantic period pieces. Thankfully the second season is on its way to Netflix, so I can re-watch my favorite characters and costumes soon.

More period piece costuming that steals the show… Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey fashion netflix

Downton Abbey is filled with drama, emotion, and laughs (particularly from Maggie Smith). Alongside the interwoven storylines are striking costumes from the early 1900s, including the transition into roaring ‘20s styles. Although the show isn’t about fashion, we see incredible moments of the evolution of women’s fashion throughout the seasons, like when Lady Sybil buys a pair of pants and when Lady Mary cuts her hair short.

Or if you want more royal fashion… The Crown

fashion in the crown on netflix

The Crown has an impeccable eye for detail in its outfitting as it offers a dramatic retelling of the royal family’s history throughout the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. It’s more than just royal ballgowns; The Crown has some near-exact replicas as well as some costumes with creative freedom that bring a stunning visual aesthetic to this show. I love that the recreation of Princess Diana’s wedding gown had input from David Emmanuel, who designed Princess Diana’s actual wedding dress.

If you like a little history with your fashion… Jackie: A Tale of Two Sisters

Jackie Onassis style netflix

Jackie Kennedy Onassis had an iconic style that still holds weight in American fashion today. Fans of Jackie’s classy, timeless aesthetic will love her looks in this documentary about Jackie and her younger sister Lee Radziwill. The story of Jackie and her sister isn’t an easy one, with high fashion and parties masking tragedy and rivalry underneath, but it’s a fascinating glimpse into the lives of one of America’s beloved fashion icons.

Check out a gallery of Jackie Kennedy Onassis’s Iconic Style on Harper’s Bazaar.

If you’re looking for cozy, quirky fashion… Gilmore Girls

Gilmore girls netflix fashion

For a go-to series that’s lighthearted and fun, Gilmore Girls offers early 2000s style with a side of wit and humor. Lorelai Gilmore is a style icon for those of us who like creating our own sense of style. If you want something wholesome with intrigue and quirky-chic looks, give the Gilmore Girls a try.

If you’re feeling Y2K vibes… Wild Child

wild child netflix fashion

A teen movie with spice and style, Wild Child is about a spoiled 16-year-old Poppy, played by Emma Roberts, who is sent to an English boarding school to shape-up her attitude. In a world of drab school uniforms, can a selfish, spoiled fashionista survive? With Y2K styles coming back into fashion, Wild Child might give you some outfit inspiration.

If you want to feast your eyes on ‘50s and ‘60s fashion… The Queen’s Gambit

queens gambit fashion

The Queen’s Gambit shares one of my favorite fictional stories while addressing social issues and hosting an incredible costume wardrobe. With styles of the 1950s and 1960s, The Queen’s Gambit will have you yearning for pleated midi skirts, leather gloves, and berets… and playing chess too! Check out Vanity Fair’s article about how to recreate 7 Queen’s Gambit outfits.

If you want one episode of fashion TV on Netflix… 7 Days Out (the Chanel episode)

Chanel seven days out

Just looking for a quick fashion fix? 7 Days Out: World’s Biggest Events shows the dramatic behind-the-scenes of some of the world’s top events in sports, space, food, and fashion. I particularly love the CHANEL Haute Couture Fashion Show episode, which shows the hustle and bustle of putting on one of the greatest fashion shows of all time, designed by Karl Lagerfeld. (The Kentucky Derby episode is great too if you’re a fan of hats!)

What are your favorite fashion movies on Netflix? Which fashion TV shows can you not get enough of? Share this article with your recommendations!


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