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Despite (and maybe because of) the COVID-19 era, we’ve seen massive shifts in 2021 fashion trends. What’s exciting for us at Current Boutique is that a lot of these trends are just a resurgence (with minor tweaks) on the wardrobe essentials we’ve been holding in store for years.

(We’ll tell you a style secret… There are some fashion pieces, like denim and the little black dress, that never go out of style; they just see slightly different cuts and silhouettes each season. Those are the kinds of pieces we most adore, because you can use and reuse the same pieces in different styles.)

Let’s take a look at some of the 2021 fashion trends that we are in love with, stocking up on, and styling in new and fun ways!

1. Designer denim

As we mentioned, denim never really goes out of fashion. A good pair of jeans that fit well will always be a wardrobe staple. Recently, we’re seeing that a lot of women are moving away from the fast fashion denim world and more towards designer denim. This is likely because:

On the other hand, designer denim is comfortable, made with quality materials, is designed for a stunning fit and silhouette, and is made to last. Smart and stylish women are looking for investment denim pieces that make them look and feel great while also safeguarding their wallets. (This move from fast fashion to investment pieces is a significant transition we’ve seen due to COVID-19.)

Some denim trends we’re seeing particularly for 2021:

  • Slim boot cut is in, while wide cut is out
  • Loose and distressed is in, while frayed and ripped are out
  • Light washes are in, while colored washes are out

Pro tip: Forget the trends. Buy denim that you feel good in. Fashion is self-care, and you deserve to wear pieces that speak directly to your soul.

2. Baguettes

Those bags we know and love from the early 2000s are back! Baguettes are so trendy right now because they’re super cute and aesthetically pleasing, and they’re big enough to only carry what you need. Fendi termed the word “baguette,” and just about every designer has picked up on this word and trend in their own iconic ways since then.

We love buying and selling baguettes because they’re such unique designer pieces that can make such a bold yet subtle statement to your outfit. Plus, if you love trying out new designers but don’t want to spend a lot, you can buy a preloved baguette at a super reasonable price in our store! Check out our current baguettes now.

3. Tiger print

We. Love. Animal. Prints. There is always at least one animal print that’s on-trend at any given time, and for 2021 fashion trends it’s tiger print! (Maybe because of the residual effects of the Tiger King?)

We particularly love tiger print because it is so fierce and stunning, and the muted orangish-brown can work as a neutral backdrop for other statement pieces. Whether you like a simple color palette or you go for bold statements, tiger print can work for both!

4. Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits have become a fashion go-to in recent years, and we think they’ll be around for a while yet. From fancy jumpsuits to trending “utility” or “boiler” suits, you’re sure to find a jumpsuit that fits your style. Best yet, jumpsuits are so easy to style. It’s like a premade outfit! Just throw on some bling, add a few accessories, and you’re ready to go.

Adore jumpsuits or want to learn more about this look? You’ll love this L’Officiel article about how jumpsuits are taking over for 2021 fashion trends in spring.

5. Casual blazers

Blazers are a must-have for your closet. They are my go-to piece for just about everything. The right blazer can make a t-shirt look more professional, it can make a ballgown look more casual, it can elevate the silhouette of a pantsuit, and so much more.

We’re seeing a huge movement towards women pulling the blazer into everyday looks. As the office transitions into the home, we expect that the blazer is going to be a part of casual wear for years to come.

There have even been a lot of 2021 fashion trends and shows that present blazers layered atop hoodies for a cozy look that’s equal parts polished and grunge. There are no rules – try out different looks with your blazer to find what works for you!

Get the scoop on how to wear and style blazers here.

6. Loafers

You can get rid of the heels (if you want). Loafers add a polished, professional look without the wear and tear on your ankles, arches, and toes. Plus, they’re super comfortable, easy to style, and go beautifully with jeans, skirts, dresses, or even sweats.

With 2021 fashion trends we’re seeing a big push towards “chunky” loafers—loafers that have a thicker sole and heel. If that’s not your style though, the classic penny loafer is also a classic and timeless favorite. Check out some more trending loafers here.

7. Sustainable fashion

At Current Boutique, we care about our world (and our wardrobes). Sustainable fashion refers to those fashion systems and products that emphasize eco-friendly processes and social justice. It’s about keeping fashion—which we all wear and use—safe for our world and its inhabitants.

We love, love, love that more consumers are waking up to the dangers of fast fashion and are instead focusing on purchasing from consignment stores and small businesses that work hard to make sustainability a top mission. Sustainable fashion is changing the world, and we’re expecting that 2021 is going to be a pivotal year in making sustainability the norm in the fashion world.

What are you obsessed with right now? Which 2021 fashion trends are on your radar? Share this article with your thoughts and tag us for a chance to be featured!

Carmen Lopez, President & CEO www.currentboutique.com


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