7 Ways to Elevate Your Holiday Outfit

Elevate Your Holiday Outfit

What better way to spread the spirit of the holidays than through fashion? I love dressing up in rich colors, gorgeous materials, and lots of shimmer for the season. If you’re looking for new ways to wear festive fashion, these 7 tips will transform any everyday look into a chic, fun, and sophisticated holiday outfit that’s worthy of Santa’s season.

1. Use a festive focal point.

Add a little spirit and joy to your daily workwear or casual looks with a festive statement piece. This lets you keep your outfits simple by using an accessory or statement that does all the talking (or caroling). You could even wear one of my favorite go-to outfit formulas—a white tee, denim jeans, and a black blazer—and a single festive focal point can make it ready for a holiday party.

christmas sweater 

Red and green are classic accent pieces that will never go out of style, like a pair of red heels or a Grinch-green cardigan. Don’t be afraid to have fun with your festive focal piece, like a Santa belt to cinch the waist of your dress, a bow in your hair (you’re a gift!), or cute snowmen earrings. You may also want at least one go-to Christmas sweater in your closet that’s cute, funny, and can be dressed up or down for different events. (I have a sweater with a penguin in glasses that always gets a chuckle.) I also love pairing a classic holiday outfit with some cute nails, creating an elegant look with a festive and fun flair. When in doubt, add a Santa hat!

2. Add a pop of red. 

christmas red jumpsuit holiday outfits

Red is one of my favorite festive focal points. Red is gorgeous all year round, but there’s something so magical about being surrounded by that bright Christmas red in December. Incorporating red into your outfit can be as bold or as subtle as you like. You can be courageous with an eye-catching red jumpsuit (even paired with animal prints), or you can accentuate your face with a bold red lip. We also love the look of red tights or red shoes, which add a pop of color to white, black, and neutral holiday outfits.

holiday outfits red and beige scarf

For a subtler look, try pairing your favorite neutral outfit with an accessory that has a hint of red, like a white and red hat or a red and beige scarf. A less is more look will always be classic and sophisticated.   

3. Get your glitz and glam on.

cute holiday outfits

Sparkly garments were made for holiday outfits. For a casual look, pair a sparkly shirt or sweater with your favorite jeans. Or wear sparkly leggings underneath a knit sweater! When it comes to the holidays, you can always incorporate your favorite shimmery piece into any outfit.

sparkly holiday outfits

For a more elevated look, wear a sparkly skirt or dress paired with a cute top and cardigan. You can also add a bit of shimmer through your accessories like jewelry, a gold sparkly clutch, or glittery high heels. Be careful not to overdo it on the glitter; too much sparkle and you’ll leave a glitter trail behind you wherever you go. Pair sparkle with neutral or holiday colors like black, white, gold, green, and red for an outfit that’s equally festive and classy. 

4. Combine textures.

velvet holiday outfits

Mixing and matching different materials adds visual intrigue to your outfit that will make it look more put-together and polished. Some of my favorite holiday textures are velvet, satin, silk, and corduroy. They’re warm and comfortable, and they create a cozy yet refined vibe for your outfit. Ribbed turtlenecks also add a layer of subtle texture that can go beautifully with satin dresses, sparkly skirts, or denim. Pair a velvet dress with heels and tights for an easy holiday look, or mix and match a silk blouse with corduroy pants.

5. Hats, scarves, and gloves complete the holiday outfit.

elevate your holiday outfit

Comfy accessories like knit hats, beanies, blanket scarves, and leather gloves can make any outfit holiday-ready. I love how blanket scarves add texture and dimension to an outfit, while also keeping you warm and toasty with a cute bundled-up look. Bonus: you can use a blanket scarf with short sleeves to stay warm when outside, then take the blanket scarf off if it starts to get warm in the kitchen. (Have you ever noticed how warm holiday parties get between the fire, the people, and the HVAC? Wearing too many wintery clothing items can end up too warm, which is why I love layers!)

knit beanie holiday outfit

If you’ll be outdoors at all, a cozy knit hat and leather gloves add warmth and a spirited aesthetic. Is it just me or does wearing a knit beanie, gloves, scarf, and wool trench, strutting your stuff with coffee in hand, make it feel like you’re the main character in a Hallmark Christmas movie? We are here for those main-character, glow-up vibes!

6. Try leather leggings.

leather leggings holiday outfits

Leather leggings are a chic way to channel your inner rocker chick while also adding depth to your holiday outfit. Leather leggings can function in more formal settings, so they’re a great way to elevate other casual pieces like an oversized sweater or flannel top. For a polished, New York Christmas vibe, pair black leggings with a black sweater or blouse, open-toe heels, and shimmery purse or a textured winter white coat. You can even pair leather leggings with a black or shimmery blazer, ready for a holiday work party.

leather leggings holiday outfits

Don’t have leather leggings? No sweat. A classic black leather jacket—a wardrobe essential— can also spice up your holiday outfit. You can even try leather leggings with a leather jacket and sparkly top for a bombshell look that’s warm and sultry. P.S. There are a lot of vegan and faux leather options available if you want something more sustainable.

7. Break the holiday mold.

unique holiday outfits

You probably have a good idea of what holiday outfits typically look like: red, green, black, and white colors with gold sequins, etc. But don’t be afraid to change it up and make the classic holiday look your own. Add unpredictable elements like mixing and matching textures or adding in new patterns like animal prints. Go for an all-white snowy outfit with a touch of red. Try pairing a mauve tulle skirt with a grey top for an unexpected combo. You can even wear a plaid pantsuit or pair a black floral top with a sequin skirt. Why not wear red pants with a holiday t-shirt and black feathery jacket? The possibilities are endless—so wear what makes you feel good!

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