Find YOUR 2024 Fashion Aesthetic (Take this Quiz!)

A fashion aesthetic is more than just what you wear. It’s a reflection of your personality, interests, and preferences. But finding “your” aesthetic takes some work… So we’re here to help make the process easier – and more fun! Take this 10-question quiz to find the 2024 fashion aesthetic that suits your style and vibe. 

Here’s how it works.

  • Open the Notes app on your phone or take out the trusty paper and pen.
  • Keep track of the letter for each of your answers.
  • At the end, you’ll find out which aesthetic fits you best based on the letter you chose most often.
  • If you have a blend of several letters, you might want to incorporate different elements from several aesthetics to create your unique style!

Remember: this quiz is just for fun! It’s a great starting point for developing a wardrobe that feels like “you.”

1. Where do you want to be right now?

A.  A cozy library or bookstore
B.  Amalfi Coast
C.  A tearoom or garden
D.  On a yacht
E.  A spa
F.  An arcade
G.  A laidback beach
H.  An enchanted forest

2. What colors do you gravitate towards when choosing an outfit

A.  Deep neutrals like beige, sepia, cream, burgundy, navy
B.  Bold, vibrant colors like bright yellow and cherry red
C.  Soft, feminine colors like pink and lavender
D.  Clean neutrals like white, ivory, and black
E.  Pastels like baby blue and soft peach
F.  Bright, playful colors like hot pink, neon green, and silver metallic
G.  Natural colors like ocean blue, sandy beige, and sunset orange
H.  Dreamy, ethereal colors like pastel mint, forest green, and muted jewel tones

3. How do you want to spend your Sunday?

A.  Visiting a museum or art gallery
B.  Hitting the farmer’s market
C.  Crafting or knitting
D.  Going to a five-star restaurant
E.  Shopping spree at a consignment store
F.  Roller skating
G.  Grabbing brunch with your besties
H.  Hiking nature trails

4. Which accessory would you never leave the house without?

A.  Leather-band watch
B.  Colorful sunglasses
C.  Hair ribbon or bow
D.  Pearl stud earrings
E.  Silk scrunchie
F.  Butterfly hairclips
G.  Cowboy boots
H.  Flower crown or mushroom earrings

5. What’s your favorite book genre?

A.  Classic lit or historical fiction
B.  Contemporary fiction
C.  Romance books
D.  Mystery and detective novels
E.  YA romance or fantasy
F.  Dystopian and sci-fi
G.  Beach reads
H.  Fairy tales and mythology adaptations

6. Which of these patterns are you most drawn to?

A.  Houndstooth and small polka dots
B.  Fruit and citrus prints
C.  Floral, hearts, and bow patterns
D.  Thick stripes
E.  Plaid or checked print
F.  Unexpected, bold patterns
G.  Gingham or porcelain
H.  Natural prints, like animals or plants

7. What’s your favorite type of dessert

A.  Homemade cherry pie
B.  Decadent olive oil cake
C.  Fluffy macarons
D.  French pastry platter
E.  Poppable mini cupcakes
F.  Colorful cake pops
G.  Warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream
H.  Sugar cookies baked with edible flowers

8. What’s your go-to hairstyle?

A.  Messy bun
B.  Silk headscarf tied in hair
C.  Half-up, tied with a bow
D.  Smooth, straight hair with lots of volume
E.  Long, soft hair with cute barrettes
F.  Small braids and pigtails
G.  Loose beach waves
H.  Natural curls or braids adorned with wildflowers

9. How do you unwind after a long day?

A.  Reading a novel
B.  Trying a new recipe
C.  Taking a bubble bath with scented candles
D.  Sipping on a glass of wine in your matching PJ set
E.  Cozying up to watch a rom-com
F.  Jamming out to music in your room
G.  Exploring downtown
H.  Writing poetry or journaling

10. Which of these décor accents are you most likely to have in your home?

A.  Vintage clock
B.  Reusable grocery bags
C.  Tiny floral print wallpaper
D.  Curated art
E.  Perfume collection
F.  Neon sign
G.  Disco balls
H.  Fairy lights


Now it’s time for the results…


Mostly As: Classic-core 

fashion aesthetic quiz

Classic-core or “vintage” aesthetic is a love letter to bygone eras, especially between the 1920s and 1960s. This style is similar to light and dark academia but emphasizing more vintage, timeless pieces. This aesthetic blends beautifully with other trends, like French "it" girl or Old Money. If this aesthetic calls to you, try wearing more:

  • High-waisted trousers or A-line skirts
  • Button-downs, sweaters, and trench coats
  • Autumnal neutrals and preloved accessories

Mostly Bs: Tomato Girl

2024 fashion aesthetic quiz

You’re a tomato girl through and through! The Tomato Girl aesthetic draws from summery, Mediterranean vibes, like plucking tomatoes on a balmy afternoon, visiting the local farmer’s market, or wandering the streets of a European coastal town. Tomato Girl is more than just the bold reds and yellows of its namesake, though. It stirs up the ideals of a simple life filled with fresh food, sun-kissed skin, and outdoor dinner parties with friends. Your wardrobe would love more:

  • Tomato red, sunny yellow, and crisp white colors
  • Vintage citrus and Mediterranean prints
  • Silk head scarves and sunglasses

Mostly Cs: Coquette

fashion aesthetics quiz

You’re feminine, flirty, and romantic! The coquette aesthetic blends soft femininity with vintage style, characterized by pinks, florals, ruffles, lace, and delicate details. This aesthetic is all about embracing your inner ingénue and reveling in sweet, alluring girlishness. Lean into this coquette style with more:

  • Ivory, pale pink, baby blue colors
  • Pearl and bow accents
  • Ruffled skirts and tiny floral patterns

Mostly Ds: Old Money

old money fashion aesthetic

You’re as classic and sophisticated as they come, so the Old Money aesthetic suits you. While “New Money” is more flashy, the Old Money or “quiet luxury” aesthetic prides itself on discrete luxury. It’s all about timeless elegance, high-end fabrics, refined tailoring, and clean lines. Here are a few ways to make your wardrobe feel more Old Money:

  • Tailored blazers, trousers, and cashmere sweaters
  • Pearls and minimalistic jewelry
  • Leather or well-made shoes, purses, and accessories 

Mostly Es: Soft Girl

fashion aesthetic quiz

You’re a soft girl! The Soft Girl or Girlcore aesthetic is like the coquette style but with a modern, gentle lean. It revolves around a muted pastel color palette that’s calming and sweet. There’s a sense of wistful nostalgia, like returning to the fun of your childhood days. Add the soft girl look to your closet with more:

  • Pastel pink, lavender, mint green, and pale yellow
  • Pleated skirts and Peter Pan collars
  • Soft, comfortable fabrics like knits and organic cotton

Mostly Fs: Y2K

y2k fashion aesthetic

You’re bringing back the nostalgic, iconic style of the early 2000s with a modern twist! The beloved Y2K style is playful and fun, like the fearless and spirited fashion of the turn of the millennium. If the celebs rocked it in 2000, you can rock it today! Some Y2K styles to add to your outfits are:

  • Low-rise jeans, cropped tops, velour tracksuits
  • Platform sneakers and butterfly clips
  • Glittery accessories and rhinestone embellishments

Check out our guide on modernizing Y2K trends here!

Mostly Gs: Coastal Cowgirl

coastal cowgirl aesthetic

You’re the ultimate girls’ girl who loves living a free-spirited, adventurous lifestyle. Coastal Cowgirl blends the rugged, rustic charm of the Wild West with the refreshing, laid-back vibe of beach days. This aesthetic is all about feeling free and untamed, channeling your inner cowgirl and mermaid. If you love a look that’s both rugged and romantic, try adding more Coastal Cowgirl elements like:

  • Wide-brim hats and cowgirl boots
  • Breezy linen maxi dresses and chambray shirts
  • Western and coastal accessories, from lassos and horses to seashells and pearls

Mostly Hs: Whimsical

fashion aesthetic quiz

You’re a fairy walking among us! The whimsical aesthetic incorporates aspects of cottagecore and fairycore into something straight out of a storybook. This style celebrates the fantastical, magical, and ethereal, evoking ideas of enchanted forests, babbling brooks, and magical creatures. This nature-based aesthetic includes details like mushrooms, delicate flowers, and water elements. Try adding more whimsy to your looks with:

  • Flowing maxi skirts, bell sleeves, and vintage dresses
  • Earth tones and natural elements
  • Fantasy-inspired accessories, like mushroom earrings or a dried flower necklace

Which aesthetic did you get? Shoot us a DM on Instagram @currentboutique with your quiz answers – we’re dying to know which trend is the most popular amongst our fashionistas!


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