19 Best Holiday Gifts of 2021 for Stylish Women

Holiday Gifts for Stylish Women

Looking for holiday gifts for the chic, stylish ladies in your life? If you’re not sure how and where to start shopping for the fashionistas on your list, I'm here with 19 of the best holiday gift ideas to get you started!   

Note: None of the products in this article are sponsored. They’re just some ideas that I love to get your gift-giving juices flowing!

1. Designer clothing (bought on consignment)

Every fashionista loves designer clothes. Couture runs in their blood. But don’t worry, if you want to buy your friend something designer, you don’t have to break the bank. You can “wow” the recipient with stunning, gorgeous designer pieces that you purchased on consignment. You can gift them a gorgeous Kate Spade bag, a Tiffany’s necklace, a Burberry coat, or even a Chanel purse… all at a fraction of their original price. At Current Boutique, we believe that quality matters and that you don’t need a millionaire’s budget to own (or gift) quality designer pieces. So, you can give them a thoughtful gift that they’ll absolutely adore without overextending your holiday gift budget. 

P.S. Learn the difference between a consignment store and a thrift shop and see why purchasing on consignment is a better option than thrifting for holiday gifts.

2. Current Boutique gift card

This is the easiest gift that will 100% be a hit with every fashionista on your list. If you want to give them a quality gift but are not sure what brands or styles they like or what size they are, give them a gift card to Current Boutique! A Current Boutique gift card doesn’t just give them clothing; it also gives them the freedom and excitement to go on a consignment treasure hunt! It also grants them access to a community of fellow fashion-lovers who live and breathe sustainable style. Purchase a gift certificate in any of our stores or contact us directly!

3. Masterclass subscription

Any woman with an eye for design would love to learn fashion from the very best, and some of the best fashion icons are available on Masterclass. Marc Jacobs teaches fashion design, Diane von Furstenberg teaches building a fashion brand, Anna Wintour teaches creativity and leadership, and Tan France teaches style for everyone. There are also so many other lessons from some of the greatest geniuses in their crafts, with everything from Gordon Ramsey teaching cooking to James Patterson teaching writing to Jon Kabat-Zinn with mindfulness and meditation. Giving a Masterclass subscription is a unique idea for anyone on your holiday shopping list who loves to learn and be inspired by the greatest minds of our time.

4. Jewelry stacking vase

Does your recipient love jewelry and flowers? This Stack ‘Em Up Vase is such a gorgeous and clever idea to combine these two loves for beauty. This porcelain vase holds flowers and stacked bracelets. Not only is it practical, but you also create a vase that is 100% unique based on the bracelets you own! Take the gift to the next level by adding in a bracelet or two from Current Boutique to get their collection started.

5. Jewelry dish

Does your friend prefer rings to bracelets? Then get them a gorgeous and unique jewelry dish or ring holder. You can find a variety of jewelry dishes to cater to your recipient’s unique tastes. You can get one personalized with their name, an engraved wood tray, a trinket tray with an adorable etching, or even a catch-all bowl made of their favorite crystal. The options are endless! Do a search on Etsy of “jewelry dish + (an interest of your friend’s)” or “ring holder” to start browsing lots of cool holiday gift ideas.

6. Books about fashion

Books are one of my favorite gifts to receive, and they’re an easy gift to give that’s a hit every time! There are so many wonderful books about fashion that your stylish friend will love, from how-to dress guides to histories of famous fashion icons. Check out this list of some of Teen Vogue’s favorite fashion books or do a quick Google search for fashion coffee table books to gather some gift-giving inspiration.

7. Glam fashion mug

For the fashionista who always has a mug in her hand, consider gifting her a coffee mug with a fashionable drawing on it or a quote from their favorite designer. Mugs are an easy gift that you know will be used, so this is a safe gift option for friends, acquaintances, or even a Secret Santa in a fashionable work environment. Check out YippeeChic on Etsy for some ideas, or do some digging to find the perfect fashion drawing on a mug, poster, or set of postcards.

8. Silk scarfs

A gorgeous silk scarf or bandana is the most versatile accessory a woman can have in her closet. She can tie it around her neck for a jetsetter vibe, tie it in her hair for a feminine flounce, or wrap it around a handbag strap or backpack to add some flair. Silk scarves are a gorgeous way to add texture and color to even the most neutral outfits. Gifting a high-quality silk bandana is a stress-free holiday gift that you know will always be a hit with the recipient.

9. Long white gloves

Like silk scarves, silk gloves can be a stunning accessory that adds grace and old-world sophistication to an outfit. If your friend loves the cottagecore aesthetic or has always imagined themselves as a princess, they will love receiving a pair of silken elbow-length white gloves. Trust us, no one else will think to give them such a fun and unique style! (Plus, long white gloves are not only timeless, but they’re also trendy for fall and winter 2021.)

10. Silk pajamas

Can you tell we love giving silk pieces? That’s because silk is one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly fabricssince it’s all-natural and long-lasting. It’s also super luxurious and comfortable! Silk pajamas are particularly chic, and they make every woman feel sultry, sexy, beautiful, and confident. We often forget that wearing high-quality PJs that make us feel good is just as important as wearing quality clothes during the daytime. So, give your friend the gift of luxury and sophistication with a pair of silk pajamas that will make them feel like a goddess as they drift off to sleep.

11. Cozy slippers

For your friends who work from home, what could be better than receiving a pair of comfortable slippers? You can get them something stylish and elegant, like faux-fur lined slip-ons, or something cute and silly, like a pair of avocado slippers. Your friend will love having warm feet on blustery winter days, and they’ll appreciate that you thought of their comfort.

12. Sherpa socks

If you don’t think your friend wears slippers, give them some snug Sherpa socks instead. These cozy socks feel like a blanket is hugging your feet all the time. This is the perfect holiday gift for the lady who loves cuddling up on the couch with hot cocoa in her hand to watch movies all Saturday. They’re also a good last-minute holiday gift idea if you’re searching for a gift for Secret Santa or White Elephant/Dirty Santa, or you could even give them to a hostess of a holiday potluck.

13. Vanity mirror

Makeup (particularly lipstick) is an important part of an outfit, so make applying makeup easier for your friend by gifting them a lighted vanity mirror. A vanity mirror is a unique holiday gift that they probably haven’t received before but that they’ll definitely use. There are lots of different options based on price point and what kind of mirror you think they’ll use; check out Glamor’s article with 19 vanity mirrors to start browsing.

14. Fashion holiday ornament

Help your recipient adorn their Christmas tree with style by gifting them a fashion ornament. There are so many fun ornaments out there, so with a little treasure hunting, you’re bound to find one you know they’ll love! You could get them a cute pink purse ornament, a Fashion Lady, a Disney stiletto, or even a Karl Lagerfeld ornament.

15. Nail polish

A great stocking stuffer idea is nail polish. Nails tie together an ensemble, so nail care items are the perfect holiday gift for chic ladies who pay attention to the details. There are so many options, so narrow it first down by brand and then by color. Check out this article on Harpers Bazaar about the 20 best nail polish brands of all time to get started. For a bigger gift, consider giving them a manicure set or even a gel kit. 

16. Custom fashion illustration

This is a special and meaningful holiday gift that will make your fashionista friend shriek with delight. You can hire someone to create a personalized fashion illustration of your friend—and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Do a quick search on Fiverr for fashion illustration or lifestyle/beauty sketch, and you’ll see a lot of talented artists offering their services for reasonable prices. Here’s just one example of the kind of artwork you could get for your friend. Then, print it out and put it in a classic frame for a unique holiday gift you know they’ll adore.

17. Shopping spree (together)

Shared experiences are great holiday gifts that allow you and the recipient to spend time together and try something new. If your stylish friend is particular about the clothes and accessories they wear, rather than buy them something they might not like, take them shopping instead. You can both have fun wandering downtown or through the mall, window shopping and playing dress-up. If you’d like, you can surprise them by buying something that really catches their eye or just treat them to a cinnamon pretzel while you walk around. The time you spend together is what matters most. Stop by one of Current Boutique’s store locations – we’d love to be a part of your fun shopping spree!

18. Friend photoshoot

For the friend who has everything she could want, surprise her instead with a photoshoot! Tell her to wear and pack five to ten of her favorite outfits, then get together and take pictures. You can hire a professional photographer, or you can just use a ring light and your cell phones. Take cute pictures that accentuate your friendship and your unique fashion styles. This is a holiday gift that’s sure to have you both laughing and smiling for hours, and it’ll send you home with gorgeous memories you can keep for a lifetime.

19. Clothing and accessories that make great holiday gifts

If you know your friend’s sizes and want to surprise them with a unique accessory or a special article of clothing, here are some fail-safe holiday gift ideas:

  • Black or camel trench coat with a belt that cinches the waist
  • Pajamas (silk or otherwise)
  • Quality cashmere cardigan
  • Chunky knit sweater (which is always in style but particularly trending for fall and winter 2021)
  • Leather or faux leather tote (learn how to select the perfect handbag here)
  • Gorgeous scarf (plaid or neutral scarves + blanket scarves are always a safe bet)
  • Warm hat or beanie
  • Leather or suede gloves, especially in black and brown
  • Wristlet purse or clutch in a fun color or pattern
  • Hoop earrings (a classic accessory that’s always in style)

Want more holiday gift ideas? Check out our fashion gift guide from 2020 as well as our sustainable gift-giving list! Happy holidays!

Carmen Lopez, President & CEO www.currentboutique.com


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