7 Hot Fashion Trends for Summer 2023

Summer Trends 2023

The trends for summer 2023 are proof that all trends are cyclical. Summer 2023 is showing the resurgence of styles you may already have at the back of your closet but haven’t worn in years, like Bermuda shorts and statement jewelry. Let’s take a look at the 7 hottest fashion trends for summer 2023 that can be equally as timeless and sustainable as they are trendy and stylish.

1. Bermuda shorts

Bermuda shorts are making a comeback in a major way for summer 2023. These knee-length shorts are perfect to stay cool and comfortable while covering more of your leg. These have become the go-to for fashionistas who see the longer capri pant as outdated but want to a more mature (yet still trendy) silhouette than mini-shorts.

Bermuda shorts come in a range of styles, colors, and fabrics, so they’re easy to dress up or down. Light-wash denim with a button-down shirt gives an effortlessly beachy vibe.

Bermuda shorts for 2023 summer

Pair white Bermuda shorts with a crop top and heels for a day at the office. 

Bermuda shorts for summer 2023 

Or you can even layer a chic blazer for a stylish yet comfortable summer look.

Bermuda shorts for summer 2023 

Colorful Bermuda shorts are also popular for summer 2023 because they offer a pop of color. You can easily match them with more neutral, basic tops in your skin tone’s color season. 

Bermuda shorts for 2023 summer

2. Mermaid-core

Mermaid vibes are stylish every summer, but we’re particularly seeing mermaid-core hit the runways for summer 2023. (Maybe because of the release of Disney’s live-action remake of The Little Mermaid.) This aesthetic is about flowing fabrics and iridescent finishes that sparkle like mermaid scales. And the great part about this trend is you can interpret it however you want.

You may want to go for a fishnet-style sweater or cover-up.

mermaidcore for summer 2023 

Or try out the fun, flirty purple and seafoam color scheme.

mermaidcore for summer 2023 

Add mermaid touches like scalloped edges or seashell jewelry.

summer 2023 mermaidcore 

Mermaid-core fashion is about flowy maxi dresses and skirts that make you feel like a mermaid trying out her beach legs for the first time. It’s all about having fun and feeling like your best beach-goddess self!

mermaidcore for summer 2023 

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3. Shimmer and shine

In keeping with the mermaid vibe, summer 2023 runways showed lots of glimmer, glitz, and metallics. Designers showed a lot of “daytime shine,” like easily-wearable metallic pieces that dress up basic staples like white tank tops or blue jeans. This trend is hitting all the metallic shades – gold, bronze, rose gold, and liquid silver – so you can find the perfect shine for your wardrobe.  

A cute glitter top with denim jeans is casual enough for daytime but elegant enough to carry you into the evening.

glitter for summer 2023 trends 

A shimmery midi-skirt can become your summer go-to with a sweater, crop top, or tank top. Dress it down with flip-flops or sneakers, or dress it up with heels for date night.

shimmer for summer 2023 

You can also get this vibe with a “wet” satin look. Satin or silk tops and skirts are forever timeless, so you’ll be able to rework these basics for years to come.

wet satin for summer 2023 trendy 

If you like the shimmery look but don’t want to commit to adding it to your outfit, try a metallic purse – another hot trend on summer 2023 fashion runways. A metallic bag adds that wow factor to your look in a subtly elegant way. 

metallic purse trend summer 2023 

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4. Summer black

If you have a lot of black in your wardrobe, get ready to style it this summer. Bright colors are usually the primary choice for the warm months, but many designers like Valentino and Tory Burch embraced all-black for summer 2023. This look is giving French-girl elegant vibes, and we’re all for it.

Wearing summer black is all about fabric choice. Make sure you opt for breathable, lightweight materials like cotton or linen, which will help keep you cool. Plus, these fabrics generally give a warmer-weather vibe, which will make your all-black outfit feel more summery as opposed to autumnal or wintery.

all black for summer 2023 

I love the look of comfortable black shorts with a black tank top. This is elegant and sleek, and you have a lot of room to play around with statement accessories.

all black for summer 2023 trend 

A black sundress with brown boho accessories is stylish and gorgeous. I love how the tassels on this dress add to the summery vibe while still offering a clean silhouette that’s just as perfect for work as it is for play.

all black dress for summer 2023 

Match black and white together for a timeless, classy look that will never go out of style. This gives an instantly upgraded vibe that’s perfect for city summer days.

all black for summer 2023 

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5. Statement jewelry

Smaller, more minimalistic jewelry pieces have been the gold standard in recent years, so I’m excited to see that bold statement jewelry is back on the scene for summer 2023. Statement jewelry is the perfect way to add interest, personality, and fun to your summer looks.

Focus on statement pieces in bright colors to accentuate a more neutral summer outfit, like an all-white outfit with colorful beads or sunglasses.

colorful statement jewelry 2023 

Or even an all-white outfit with white or neutral jewelry that draws the eye.

statement jewelry 2023 summer 

I love a statement earring that reflects the warmer months, like seashell earrings, loose tassels, or artistic designs like these oversized flowers.

summer statement jewelry 2023 

Layer several minimalistic pieces to create a statement that’s uniquely you.

statement jewelry summer 2023 

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6. Cargo pants

We’re still seeing a huge Y2K reemergence for summer 2023, like hot pink (maybe inspired by the Barbiemovie), mesh-wear, and low-rise jeans. One of the hottest Y2K trends for summer is cargo pants. You can really make these pants work for you because they’re a great way to cover the leg with a slouchy, oversized vibe. (Plus, they have plenty of pockets for snacks, sunglasses, and summertime needs!) 

This slouchy outfit is effortlessly cool and comfortable. Throw on your favorite flip-flops and an oversized button-down for an ultra-trendy streetwear look with closet pieces you probably already own.

slouchy cargo pants for summer 2023 

Cargos with a cropped top, tank top, or your favorite basic tee is an easy outfit to throw together and look instantly on-trend. This is also a great outfit to incorporate some of your favorite statement jewelry pieces.

cargo pants for summer 2023 trend 

I love white cargos. They’re perfect for summer and go with almost anything in your closet, from neutrals to patterns and prints.

white cargo pants for summer 2023 

If you don’t like the traditional cargo look, try tapered or cuffed cargos. These give the same vibe but with a slimmer silhouette that can even be appropriate for some workplaces.

tapered cargo pants for summer 2023

7. Fit and flare

The fit and flare dresses from the early 2000s are back too! This summer, it’s all about mini dresses that are fitted, baby-doll style on top and A-line flare at the bottom. This shows off your legs and waist while giving some wiggle room in the belly and hips area, creating a flattering, feminine silhouette for many women. A fit and flare is an easy go-to outfit when it’s hot and humid outside.

You can never go wrong with white for summer, and a white fit-and-flare is effortlessly sweet and chic.

white fit and flare for summer 2023 

A mini dress in a cute pattern or print, like mini florals, is girly and playful.

floral fit and flare for summer 2023 

You could also consider a mini dress in a bold, fun color. I’m a fan of vibrant colors for summer because colors can put you in a good mood!

colorful fit and flare dress for summer 2023 

If you’re not into the baby doll style, opt for a more timeless profile that flares closer to the waist or hips as opposed to the bust.

fit and flare for summer 2023 trend 

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Summer 2023 fashion trends

If you want to look hot (but stay cool) in these summer fashion 2023 trends, start browsing Current Boutique. We’ve made it easy to shop the hottest trends or treasure-hunt for your new favorite wardrobe essentials. Which of these 2023 fashion trends are you rocking this summer?



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