8 Spooky Wardrobe Essentials You Need for Fall 2022

Spooky Halloween Costume

I love dressing for different holidays, but I don’t like spending hundreds of dollars buying holiday-themed clothes that I can only wear a few weeks out of the year. So, in the spirit of sustainable fashion, I decided to create a list of wardrobe essentials that you can wear year-round and that you can also use to capture the spooky spirit of the Halloween season this fall. Whether you’re looking to channel more freaky vibes into your everyday wardrobe or trying to create a Halloween costume with pieces you already have in your closet, these wardrobe essentials will give you a sophisticated, Halloween-ready style this 2022.   

Little black dress

Little black dresses are the easiest go-to wardrobe essential, and they can be as spooky as they are sophisticated. The right little black dress is effortlessly gorgeous with a side of sultry. You can pair it with pearls and sunglasses for an Audrey Hepburn-inspired style or add stilettos and fishnet stockings for an irresistible look. The versatility of the little black dress extends to Halloween, making it the perfect backdrop for your favorite witchy accessories, like thigh-high black boots, leather jackets, pumpkin earrings, or skeleton makeup.

spooky little black dress 2022

Add orange accessories to an LBD for an easy Halloween look you can wear all season.

little black dress for halloween 

A little black dress is also a must-have for last-minute Halloween costumes, whether you’re channeling the fashion-forward Cruella De Vil…

cruella little black dress 

An adorable witch…

little black dress witch costume 

Or classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s look.

breakfast at tiffany's little black dress

Dark denim

Having a pair of black, gray, or charcoal jeans in your closet will instantly add thousands of new outfit combinations. I love dark denim for fall because it’s effortlessly chic, while also giving off modern-witch vibes.

dark denim spooky outfit 

The right pair of dark jeans will become your new favorite fall and winter essential, and you can even dress it down for spring and summer days too.

spooky black denim outfit 

Besides, there are hundreds of Halloween costumes you can make with black pants, from a pirate to Sandy in Grease to a superhero to a bat or cat… the list goes on!

cat black denim halloween outfit

Black body suit

A black body suit is easy to style and super flattering because you don’t have to worry about tucking, bunching, or wrinkling. It’s essentially a black t-shirt or blouse, but it snaps at the groin to help the suit lay more smoothly and flatly on your body. A good body suit is a key wardrobe essential that will act as the foundation for hundreds of fall outfits you can wear for seasons to come.

black body suit fall outfit 

Like black pants, a black body suit can be the base of a lot of Halloween costumes, but it’s also an easy go-to for spooky, yet stylish workwear.

black bodysuit outfit for work

Black blazer

Speaking of workwear, that black blazer you wear to the office every day can double as a spooky accent piece! Pair it with all-black everything for an October look that’s as chic as it is spooky…

all black spooky outfit 

Or throw it over a striped shirt for a subtle nod at spooky season…

black blazer halloween vibes 

Or channel your inner Helena Bonham Carter (the Queen of Halloween) with a black blazer, black coat, black denim, and a white bralette for an ultra-chic outfit that feels just a tad spooky thanks to the red nails and undone hair. 

black blazer Helena Bonham Carter

And just another picture of a young Helena Bonham Carter sporting a black blazer to prove that black blazers are as quintessentially Halloween as they are professional.

black blazer Helena Bonham Carter

Black and white striped top

Channel your inner Betelgeuse, Jack Skellington, and everything Tim Burton with a black and white striped blouse. Black and white stripes are inherently spooky, but they’re also inherently classy. The classic and classy French girl aestheticutilizes a lot of black and white stripes to create a clean, aesthetically-pleasing look. A striped top is a great way to maintain an elevated sense of style while still channeling those creepy-crawly fall vibes. 

striped top halloween vibes 

So, for Halloween, pair a black and white striped top with black leather pants or a leather skirt. And don’t forget the Halloween accessories (and hair)…

black and white striped spooky outfit aesthetic 

And then you can re-wear your striped shirt all year long as a neutral piece paired with your other favorite neutrals.

neutral striped top

White button-down

We have a lot of black on this list, but white can be equally as spooky. A white button-down is one of our favorite year-round wardrobe essentials, but it’s also a great Halloween costume DIY piece. Throw it under a black sweater or shirt for a Wednesday Addams vibe…

Wednesday Addams Halloween costume 

Or add a black mini skirt, gray cardigan, and pigtails to channel Britney’s “Hit Me Baby One More Time” (like Brie Larson did here)…

White button down outfit for halloween 

Or just add boxer shorts, a necktie, socks, and sunglasses for a little Risky Business action…

Risky business white button down outfit 

Or try out black pants, a bob cut, and a red lip for Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction.

white button down halloween costume ideas

But a white button-down isn’t just good for a costume. It’s a great foundational piece to add some classy Halloween vibes to your everyday wardrobe, like pairing it with a black and white checked sweater and black pumps…

white button down casual fall outfit 

Or black leather pants and lace-up heels.

white button down fall outfit

Leather jacket

Like a black blazer, a leather jacket can work wonders for your closet (and your spooky aesthetic). A leather jacket takes any outfit from casual to edgy, and it’s the perfect way to add a little oomph to your style.

leather jacket fall outfit 

I love how effortless this leather jacket looks paired with a black outfit and stunning Halloween makeup and hair.

leather jacket with halloween makeup 

Or how this leather jacket takes this skeleton look to a whole new level.

leather jacket skeleton costume 

Like a lot of the other pieces on this list, a leather jacket is a great go-to piece for DIY costumes, like a cool biker girl or Sandy from Grease (use your black body suit too!).

Grease Halloween costume leather jacket 


Women often reserve their velvet for the holiday season, but it can be equally as gorgeous for fall. Whether you’re opting for a blood-red velvet dress with skeleton earrings…

red velvet fall dress

Or a gothic black velvet look…

black velvet spooky outfit 

Velvet is a sensual way to add texture, dimension, and warmth to your fall outfits. Plus, velvet is a timeless material thanks to its luxurious quality, so you’ll be able to wear it for seasons to come.

fall velvet outfit

Spooky wardrobe essentials

I’m a huge fan of using, reusing, and repurposing fashion pieces for different reasons and seasons. Having a few key essentials in your closet that you can use for casual spooky wear or Halloween costumes is a great way to reduce spending, streamline your wardrobe, and always look and feel great in the clothes you wear!

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