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Have you been looking for a little fashion inspiration recently? Want to try out new styles and outfits based on some of your favorite iconic celebrities? We’ve gathered 7 of our favorite fashion icons of all time – some classics and some modern– to give your wardrobe a little glow-up. We love these ladies because they’re not just fashion icons – they’re powerhouses in their sphere, and they have spearheaded revolutions in fashion, culture, and society.

Audrey Hepburn

How could we not start this list with Audrey Hepburn? She’s often considered the quintessential icon of feminine fashion and elegance. From her signature Breakfast at Tiffany’s black dress to her years as the muse of Hubert de Givenchy, Audrey Hepburn has remained the epitome of understated elegance and refinement for decades.

Some key styles and pieces that you can wear to channel the classy style of Audrey Hepburn…

A well-fitted black dress paired with sunglasses, pearls, and even long gloves if you’re feeling feminine (and a little “extra”).

Audrey Hepburn black dress

Gingham trousers, perfect for a summertime picnic or walk through the fall leaves.

Audrey gingham trousers 

An oversized white button-down, accessorized with timeless diamonds and pearls.

Audrey white button down classic outfit

Classic ballet flats that are as practical as they are cute.

Audrey Hepburn ballet flats 

A feminine boat neckline that accentuates the shoulders and draws attention to the face.

Audrey Hepburn boat neckline 

For more inspo, check out this Vogue article with the 13 items that defined Audrey Hepburn’s wardrobe.

Marilyn Monroe

While Audrey is known for her demure looks, Marilyn Monroe gave us those classy-sultry vibes. She is most known for those outfits that ooze sex appeal – without being as traditionally “sexy” as we might think of today. Channeling Marilyn Monroe in your wardrobe is an easy way to turn on your confidence and feel as unstoppable as Marilyn herself.

Get the Marilyn vibe for yourself with these go-to essentials…

A comfortable black turtleneck (with a smile to match).

Marilyn Monroe black turtleneck 

High-waisted pants or shorts that hug all the right curves.

Fashion icons like Marilyn Monroe 

Comfortable peep-toe heels that elongate your legs.

Marilyn Monroe peep toe shoes 

A bright, bold lipstick that accentuates your skin tone. 

Marilyn Monroe red dress and red lips

And a glamorous dress that shows as much or as little skin as you’d like – as long as it makes you feel powerful and sexy

Marilyn Monroe classic dress

Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish, who channeled Marilyn Monroe at her first Met Gala, has herself become a pop culture icon for her incredible talent, her chill personality, and her unique sense of style. She’s not afraid to dress how she wants. Whether it’s bright green hair and oversized clothes or a fitted ballgown with sultry makeup, Billie Eilish knows how to make a fashion statement.

Billie Eilish fashion icon 

Her style is best described as cozy-chic, a mixture of streetwear and work-from-home elegance with a hint of refinement. Her purposeful outfits take oversized clothes from grungy to edgy, casual to chic.

Billie Eilish streetwear 

To get Billie’s style, try thrifting or buying consigner clothes. Billie once said she loves preloved designer clothes because she can find unique pieces that cater to her style. She likes the intersection where “super-cheap meets fancy.” Shop at Current Boutique and find pieces that inspire you, like Billie’s clothes do for her!

Billie Eilish fashion icon 

As Billie said, “I’ve always done whatever I want and always been exactly who I am.” Take this sentiment into your closet when you’re getting dressed and you’ll always rock your style with cool-girl confidence.

Billie Eilish fashion icon 

Check out this article about how to get Billie’s unique vibe.

Lady Gaga

Another icon known for her wild and provocative looks, Lady Gaga has been the spearhead of modern-day daring looks, inspiring her “little monsters” around the globe.

Lady Gaga daring fashion icon 

But along with her bold and revolutionary looks, Lady Gaga also knows how to pair classic pieces for a tasteful and refined ensemble. Look how elegant she looks in this classic A-line skirt and white blouse. The bold red lip, face-suiting sunglasses, and tie neck draw attention up towards the face, while her sparkly boots give that Gaga flair we know and love.

Lady Gaga gorgeous outfit 

If you want to Gaga-fy your closet, try adding:

Sparkles and sequins,

Lady Gaga daring outfits with sequins 

Feathers and ruffles,

Lady Gaga feather dress 

Asymmetrical hemlines and necklines (and hairstyles),

Lady Gaga asymmetric dress 

And anything bold, fun, and unique. You don’t have to buy out-there designer pieces. Just mix and match different styles, patterns, and prints to create outfits that channel the eccentric, fun-loving style of Poker Face star.

Lady Gaga pride outfit 

Princess Diana

We of course have to mention the princess of fashion herself (and the queen of the revenge dress): Princess Diana. Her fashion-forward looks are forever burned in every fashionista’s mind for their comfy, playful, yet incredibly-chic nature. She could go from a whimsical sweater and overalls to a well-fitted white blouse and pearls in no time flat.

Princess Di will always remain classy and classic, but some of her go-to styles have thankfully come back as trendy too. Here are some pieces you need to get her look:

Bike shorts and graphic sweatshirts, which are ultra-trendy right now as more women move towards work-from-home fashion that’s comfortable and easy to throw together.  

princess Diana bike shorts fashion icon

Cute sweaters that are as quirky as they are practical.

Princess Diana fashion icon

Large collars and flowy, yet tailored silhouettes.

Princess Diana large collar 

Matching pastels, especially if your coloring is light and muted (check out our DIY season article to find out which colors look best on you).

Princess Diana Overalls

A classic, cute hat that will hide bad hair days and make even the simplest outfits look princess-worthy.

Princess Diana hat style 


Zendaya is our modern athleisure queen, walking in the effortlessly-chic footsteps of Princess Diana. Zendaya, with the help of designer Law Roach, went from Disney star to fashion icon, wearing stunning designer pieces that have put her on best-dressed lists and in modeling shoots. What I love about Zendaya’s style is that she perfectly blends comfortable athleisure with elevated, tailored pieces, creating a unique vibe that’s still accessible to the every-woman who wants to take her style to the next level.

If you want to dress like Zendaya, you’ll need:

Bright, bold colors that command attention.

Zendaya fashion icon 

A power suit, perfect for walking a red carpet or commanding a work meeting. (Did you know that what you wear impacts your psychology, and wearing a power suit can actually make you more successful and accomplished?)

Zendaya power suit fashion icon 

Crop tops that show just the right amount of skin.

Zendaya crop top outfit

An oversized blazer you can wear just about anywhere.

Zendaya fashion icon oversized blazer

And a wardrobe essential: a long trench coat that’s warm, timeless, and forever fashionable.

Zendaya in trench coat fashion icon

Check out this article about a girl who dressed like Zendaya for a week!

Emma Watson

Emma Watson is on the list not just for her impeccable style, but also for the way she utilizes her style to help change the world. Emma Watson has been a champion for sustainable fashion since 2009, and she has since become the face of fashion that’s as ethical and eco-friendly as it is gorgeous. Learn more about Emma Watson’s sustainable fashion journey with this in-depth article.

Emma Watson has participated in the Green Carpet challenge, where celebrities wear eco-friendly fabrics and designers to help promote sustainable fashion, like this Calvin Klein gown made entirely from recycled plastic bottles from the 2016 Met Gala.

Emma Watson Met Gala 2016

To dress like Emma, you’ll want to invest in high-quality, sustainable pieces that are good for the planet (and good for your wallet).

Emma Watson sustainable fashion

She also loves tailored tops with flowy skirts or dresses, allowing movement while still accentuating her curves.

Emma Watson sustainable fashion icon

But she’ll also never turn down a tailored pantsuit that gives her strength, poise, and the powerhouse Hermione Granger look.

Emma Watson power suit

And a cozy sweater with a classic checked jacket that’s giving us all the academic aesthetic vibes.

Emma Watson sustainable fashion icon

Check out these 7 trends in sustainable fashion to learn more about the eco-friendly future of the industry.

Which fashion icon inspires your style the most? Start searching for unique, one-of-a-kind (like Lady Gaga) and eco-friendly (like Emma Watson) goods on consignment (like Billie Eilish) at Current Boutique!


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