17 Classic Summer Essentials for The Perfect Warm Weather Wardrobe

Summer Wardrobe

Figuring out how to balance looking cute and staying cool when it’s hot outside can be a challenge, so your fellow fashionistas at Current Boutique are here to help! Curating a timeless summer capsule wardrobe will make it easier to get dressed, so you can focus on sun, sand, and fun – all with effortless style. Filling your wardrobe with a few key summer essentials and basics means you can mix and match pieces to create an endless number of chic and classy outfits that are perfect for summertime fun. So, what should you have in your wardrobe to beat the heat?

  • Classic white tee
  • Muscle tank
  • Striped tee
  • White button-down
  • Denim shorts
  • Tailored shorts
  • White jeans
  • Overalls
  • Midi sundress
  • Summer LBD
  • Slip skirt
  • Neutral suit
  • Sunglasses
  • Floppy hat
  • Big tote
  • Espadrille wedges
  • Strappy sandals

Classic white tee

Every woman needs a white tee in her summer wardrobe. It’s the perfect basic for just about any warm weather (or cold weather) outfit, particularly when paired with a lot of the other summer essentials on this list! You can wear a classic white tee with denim or tailored shorts, wide-leg trousers, a pantsuit, or even a slip skirt. Just look at all the ways you can make a white tee come to life!

white tee summer essential 

The key to doing the classic white tee well is quality. A white tee that comes from a fast fashion store will often be made from thin material and have fraying seams and an unflattering silhouette. It’s made with loose or fragile fibers, which means it will deteriorate quickly (sometimes even after just one or two washes).

high quality white shirt for summer

A high-quality white tee, on the other hand, is made with fit and finish in mind. The weave is tight, so the garment will have a long life while still looking as beautiful, tailored, and flattering as the day you bought it.

white tee summer basics

Although it might seem like buying white tees in bulk is easy and cheap, it will actually end up costing you (and the environment) more in the long run. If you invest in a quality white tee that is flattering and well-made from the get-go, you’ll be able to wear and re-wear it for years without throwing it out or having to buy more. That’s the perfect summer essential if you ask me!

classic white tshirt

Muscle tank

The muscle tank is like the edgier sister to the white tee. It’s like a white tee but with the sleeves cut off to reveal all or part of the shoulders. I love a muscle tank for summer because it’s a chic silhouette that also allows for a little more airflow around the armpit area (there’s nothing worse than pit stains!). A muscle tank also has a gorgeous feminine vibe with its higher neckline and emphasis on the shoulders and collar bone, while at the same time can offer a more masculine vibe with the right oversized jeans and sneakers.

You can opt for a classic white muscle tank that will go well with everything, no matter how casual or elevated: 

casual muscle tank for summer

classy muscle tank outfit

Or a black muscle tank for that chic, no sweat-line look:

black muscle tank for summer 

Don’t be afraid to try out something patterned, like a summer tye-dye or cute floral print:

tye dye muscle tank 

Add layered gold chains or dangly earrings to draw attention to the neckline. This is an easy way to elevate a casual outfit: 

muscle tank with layered gold chain

Striped tee

Patterns come and go with changing trends, but classic stripes are forever timeless. Black and white stripes are an easy and flattering go-to, while navy or light blue stripes offer that nautical summery vibe. Tuck into denim shorts or white denim for an easy summer outfit that you can wear and re-wear throughout the season.

Keep it simple and classic with a black and white striped shirt paired with jeans, shorts, or white denim. The neutral colors make it a good base to pair with colorful, bright accessories, but the striped pattern adds a little more dimension than a plain black or white tee.

classic stripes for summer 

I also love the look of a white and black striped casual dress paired with a denim jacket and gold accessories. It’s so simple yet so cute. I love how this blogger styles her striped dress!

cute summer striped dress 

Look how polished a black and white striped tee can look with a midi dress and some sandal wedges!

stripes and midi skirt 

Or opt for something a little more colorful! Multicolored stripes are so playful and fun, perfect for basking in the summer rays. Tuck into tailored shorts for an easy, comfortable, put-together look.

colorful summer stripes 

You can’t go wrong with a blue and white tee, perfect for hanging out on the beach.

blue and white striped summer shirt 

For a slightly more refined look, get a blue and white button-down and use it as a swimsuit cover-up, underneath a sweater for chilly nights, or as its own statement piece with matching espadrilles.

beachy blue and white stripe shirt 

Don’t sleep on pink and white stripes either. Although not as classic as the blue and white or black and white, it’s so flirty and feminine. If you have a lot of pink in your personal uniform, a striped pink shirt could easily become your new summer essential.

pink and white stripes for summer 

White button-down 

A white button-down is one of the most classic and classy wardrobe essentials of all time. Plus, there are a million and one ways to style a white button-down. The key is in finding a flattering silhouette and quality material, so you always feel like a million bucks when you put on your white button-down. 

summer essential white button downs 

For an easy summer outfit that always looks refined, pair a white button-down with denim shorts and nautical accessories like tortoiseshell sunglasses, a hair scarf, and an oversized tote.

white button downs summer essential   

Add sneakers and jeans for a more casual look that will have you feeling put-together, even when you’re running errands.

button down with jeans cute summer outfit 

Tie up the shirt and pair it with cute, colorful jeans or shorts for a beachy, boho aesthetic.

tie up button down summer essentials 

Something about an all-white look is so summery and effortless. A white button-down with beige or white tailored linen shorts is the perfect way to feel both beachy and elegant.

white button down with linen shorts 

And, my personal favorite, pair a white button-down with another summer essential—a satin skirt! You can’t go wrong with a classic white button-down with bold bottoms, like animal prints or bright florals. 

white button down with satin skirt 

Denim shorts

We’ve already mentioned them a bunch in this article and for a good reason. Denim shorts are the “it” item every. single. summer. Because what’s easier than denim shorts? Nothing! They go with just about every blouse, every shoe, and any casual event you might be attending this summer. Like buying long jeans, though, denim shorts can be tricky because there are so many different rises, lengths, silhouettes, and embellishments. You just have to find the perfect pair for you!

Frayed jean shorts with a band tee is casual with a side of edgy.

frayed denim shorts 

With short-shorts out of style, you might want to opt for shorts that hit at mid-thigh if longer shorts don’t suit your body shape.

mid thigh denim shorts for summer 

Long, Bermuda-style shorts are trendy right now because they offer more coverage and have a more mature, polished aesthetic than short-shorts.

Bermuda shorts for summer 2022 

You can even style up a pair of denim shorts with an elegant tank, a blazer, and tasteful accessories.

denim shorts and blazer for summer 

I would consider short denim overalls to be just as essential as denim shorts! I love my denim overalls because they look cute with any tee or tank underneath.

denim overalls summer basics 

Not sure how to find the right denim shorts for you? Check out this guide to find your perfect denim shorts fit on Oh So Glam.

Tailored shorts

We love denim shorts, but sometimes they’re just too casual. For a complete summer wardrobe, you’ll want to have at least one pair of neutral-colored tailored shorts as well. Tailored shorts are hemmed at the bottom and have a bit more structure than denim or casual shorts. They work beautiful with casual outfits, fancy looks, or even workwear (where shorts are allowed).

You’ll never go wrong with classic white shorts that fit you well. White shorts can pair with just about any blouse, making them the ultimate summer wardrobe essential.

tailored white shorts for summer 

I particularly love the look of white tailored shorts with a bright, bold shirt. This is a great way to beautifully incorporate color, even if you’re new to adding color to your wardrobe!

bright summer outfit 

Black tailored shorts that fall at mid-thigh or lower are an office must-have. They function like work trousers, but they’ll give your legs some room to breathe on those really hot days. Paired with a blouse and blazer and you have an outfit that’s as put-together and polished as your favorite cold weather outfits.

work shorts for summer 

Wide-leg shorts, like wide-leg trousers, are particularly trendy right now, but they’re also a timeless investment if they suit your body type. The wider cut gives the illusion of long, thin legs, particularly high-rise shorts paired with a fancy blouse or cute crop top.

wide leg shorts for summer 

Although linen shorts are unstructured, they generally offer a more elevated and “tailored” look than jean shorts, especially when paired with a silk blouse or white button-down. Linen is one of the best materials for summer because it’s lightweight and airy, as well as being one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable materials out there.  

linen shorts for summer 

Shorts with a bow in the front (also called “paperbag shorts”) add a flirty and feminine touch to casual summer outfits.

paperbag shorts for summer 

There are so many styles of tailored shorts out there, so start searching Current Boutique to find your perfect pair of quality designer shorts at a fraction of their original sale price! 

White jeans

For longer pants, you can’t get more summery than white denim. There are a million ways to make white denim work for your summer wardrobe…

A vacation-worthy asymmetrical blouse and sandals…

vacation white denim 

Something classy and cute for a backyard BBQ with heels and statement accessories…

summer essentials white denim 

Paired with cute espadrilles (which are also on our list off summer wardrobe essentials)…

white jeans with espadrilles for summer 

Matched with your other summer essentials like a striped top, strappy sandals, sunglasses, and a straw tote…

white denim with striped shirt for summer 

Or wide-leg white jeans with a clean black tee and cute sandals for a simple Parisian aesthetic.

white wide leg trousers for summer 

You can never go wrong with a well-fitting pair of white jeans!

classic white denim for summer  


Overalls are a timeless warm weather basic, but they’re particularly trendy right now thanks to their youthful and fun vibe. Overalls can be rugged and outdoorsy, ready for a hike, or cute and playful for hanging out in a garden. If you want to look pretty, be comfortable, and don’t feel like putting together an entire outfit, overalls fit the bill. Check out this great love letter to overalls.

Classic denim overalls are flattering and simple.

summery denim overalls 

But I’m also a huge fan of more sophisticated overalls, like these cotton ones with a tie waist…

overalls tie waist for summer 

Or these cute linen overalls with a striped shirt.

 summer linen overalls

Shorts-length overalls are so youthful and perfect for warm summer days.

short overalls for summer 

Do you have a pair of overalls you can’t get enough of?

cute denim overalls for summer 

Midi sundress 

Sundresses are a no-brainer for summer! Midi sundresses are particularly useful because they’re comfortable and airy, while still having a more polished and mature look. There are thousands of styles of sundresses out there, so you just need to find the right neckline, length, silhouette, and pattern that fits your style.

A white, flowy dress will be an easy summer option for years to come.

white sundress for summer 

And I love dresses that incorporate stripes, buttons, or oversized pockets for a more casual, warm-weather look.

striped dress for summer 

Florals are always perfect for spring and summer days!

floral summer dress 

A sundress with an open back is cute and sexy, but the length, pattern, and neckline still make it an easy go-to for daily wear.

backless sundress for summer 

There are so many sundresses to choose from. The easiest way to find one that will work for your closet is to start browsing Current Boutique’s collection of designer dresses that are made with fit and finish in mind. Invest in your wardrobe with a quality sundress that will make you (and your wallet) happy!

Summer LBD 

The little black dress isn’t just for winter! There is nothing more timeless, seasonless, and feminine than the little black dress (LBD) and yes, you can make it work for summer too! A little black dress is universally flattering and easy to style, so it’s definitely one of my favorite summer essentials. The key is finding a little black dress that’s specifically designed for warmer weather, like an LBD with shorter hems and sleeves, lighter fabrics like organic cotton or linen, and summery silhouettes like spaghetti straps, tube tops, or cut-outs.

You can’t go wrong with a classic cotton black t-shirt dress that is the perfect foundation for your favorite summer accessories.

black tshirt dress 

A belted black shirt dress with buttons down the front is professional enough for work yet stylish enough for happy hour with the girls.

black belted dress summer essentials 

A black linen dress is light and airy while still giving a relaxed, boho, and chic aesthetic.

black linen dress summer lbd 

A square neckline with thick straps and a leg slit is sexy yet refined, as beautiful for summer as it is for winter!

square neck black dress 

And you can never go wrong with a black sundress in a silhouette you love, like this dress with ruffles and a tie waist. You can dress it up with heels or down with sneakers, making it a must-have summer essential.

black sundress for summer 

Slip skirt

The classic slip skirt or dress is effortlessly classy and flattering on all body types. Silk and satin are cool, breezy, and light, while still maintaining that level of elegance that you might want for work or date night.

Dress up a slip skirt with a matching blouse, heels, and a structured purse…

 dressy summer slip skirt

Or dress it down with a white tank, oversized button-down, and sandals.

casual summer slip skirt 

I love the look of a slip skirt paired with a plain tee and clean sneakers for a chill vibe.

summer essentials satin skirt 

Slip dresses can go from a sundress to a party outfit with just a change of shoes.

summer slip dress 

Layering a fun tee underneath your favorite low-cut slip dress is also trending for 2022. I love a trend you can wear with pieces you already have in your closet!

summer basics slip dress 

You can even make a slip dress beach-ready when paired with other summer wardrobe essentials: a white button-down, a cute hat, a woven tote bag, and your favorite sandals or slippers.

beach slip dress 

Want more tips on how to look hot while staying cool? Check out our 12 summer fashion tips here!

Neutral suit

Want an outfit that is equally as trendy as it is professional? As chic as it is classy? Try out an unstructured pants suit! A free-flowing white blazer and matching pants is a polished and comfortable outfit, and it easily transitions from day to night with just a few tweaks.

An unstructured, slightly-oversized blazer with loose trousers is stylish without looking messy.

unstructured neutral summer suit 

For something casual and on-trend, pair a fancy bralette or bright shirt underneath your oversized suit. 

trendy suit and bralette 

If you prefer something more structured to suit your office environment or body type, don’t be afraid to dress down a tailored with white sneakers and a cute backpack for off-work day trips to really make use of your wardrobe!

neutral structured suit for summer 

You can even pair a light, slightly loose blazer with matching tailored shorts for a polished yet summery vibe that’s perfect for travel or going out with friends.

summer blazer and shorts 

Opt for a neutral, light color like white and beige to keep the suit summery (and reflect the sun’s rays).

gorgeous summer essentials suit 

Or feel free to go bold with a bright color that makes you happy!

colorful summer suit 

Summer essential accessories

Here are our must-have summer accessories that will take your outfits up a notch. The best part is they’re not only cute but practical too!  

Psst… Learn how to accessorize for 2022 here.


Every girl needs a quality pair of sunglasses that accentuates her face shape and matches her style. Sunglasses instantly add a layer of polish and refinement to any outfit. Even the simplest outfits, like a tank top and denim shorts, look chic and purposeful with the addition of sunnies. Check out our guide to choosing the right pair of sunglasses here.

summer sunglasses 

Floppy hat

Hats protect your face, neck, and shoulders from the harsh sun rays while at the same time looking gorgeous and fun. Opt for an oversized and floppy straw hat for a beach vibe or something more structured with a black accent for refined daily wear.

floppy hat for summer 

Big tote

Big tote bags go in and out of style, but they’re always practical and cute for summer. Where else would you put your sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, deodorant, water bottle, snacks, and all your other gear for those hot days? A woven straw tote is forever summery, and the neutral color should pair beautifully with most of your summer wardrobe! Learn how to find your perfect bag here.

big summer tote 

Espadrille wedges

Espadrilles are shoes that have a rope sole and a canvas or cotton top. They come in flats, but I am particularly a huge fan of espadrille wedges. They’re so comfortable and let your toes breathe while giving you a little boost of elegance to even the most casual outfits. They create a polished vibe when paired with a midi sundress, tailored shorts, a floral maxi, or even your favorite pair of blue jeans.

espadrille wedges 

Start shopping for your perfect pair of summer wedges here!

Strappy sandals 

Switch out those casual flip-flops for something a little nicer (but equally as easy and comfortable). Strappy sandals are the perfect blend of casual and sophisticated, great for walking around town, hitting the beach, or going to work.

scrappy sandals for summer 

Need to stock up on some quality summer essentials? Start browsing Current Boutique’s newest arrivals to fill your summer wardrobe with designer goods for less!


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