11 Bridgerton Trends to Spice Up Your Spring Looks

Dearest Readers… Lady Whistledown is returning to the ton, and we couldn’t be more excited! Bridgerton’s lavishness, opulence, and romance have captivated audiences worldwide, creating a social-style revolution. This cultural phenomenon has brought with it a resurgence in Regency-era fashion, complete with pale pastels, empire waists, and statement sleeves. 

What’s unique about Bridgerton fashion is its surprising timelessness. Although the styles are chic and contemporary thanks to the Netflix show, they’re also not anything new… Similar looks have been around since 19th century England. That makes Bridgerton styles as trendy as they are timeless.

If you’re looking to be the diamond of the season and infuse Bridgerton’s charm and romance into your life, here are 11 exquisite ways to channel the spirit of Bridgerton in your outfits.

1. Pastels

bridgerton pastel outfits

Bridgerton’s costume color palette is awash with soft, romantic pastel tones reflecting spring’s delicate and fragrant blooms. Powder blues, blush pinks, and mint greens give a vintage yet fresh feel perfect for warm weather.

Check out this article to see if pastels work well with your skin tone!

2. Florals

bridgerton floral inspo

Floral patterns are a quintessential element of Bridgerton fashion. In fact, flowers are so crucial to Bridgerton that many experts have dubbed the floral styling a “main character” of the show.

Because florals are feminine, natural, and inherently timeless, you’ll be able to wear your favorite Bridgerton-inspired floral pieces for years to come without going out of style. Look for garments adorned with intricate, delicate floral motifs reminiscent of the English countryside.

3. Jewel tones

bridgerton jewel tones

Along with pastels, many Bridgerton characters also wear rich jewel tones. In Regency times, creating jewel tones required a very expensive dye. Thus, these deep, rich tones became a status symbol among the aristocracy.

We can pull these luxurious vibes into the modern day by incorporating more jewel tones. Vibrant emerald greens, sapphire blues, ruby reds, and royal purples evoke a sense of opulence and sophistication that can add a touch of regal glamour to your outfits.

4. Ruffles

bridgerton ruffles style 2024

Ruffles are a key feature of Regency-inspired fashion. They add volume, drama, and a feminine flair. Try out ruffled blouses, tiered skirts, flounced sleeves, or cascaded ruffles that evoke the romanticism of Bridgerton’s costume design.

5. Statement sleeves

bridgerton statement sleeves

Bridgerton dresses emphasize the sleeves. Short sleeves tend to be puffed and poofy, and cropped elbow-length sleeves are often worn with gloves. Search for buffed or bishop sleeves to add elegance and drama to your everyday contemporary looks.

6. Corseted silhouettes

bridgerton fashion

Corset-inspired silhouettes accentuate the waist to create an hourglass figure. While corsets have gone out of style, lace-up and boned bodices are still popular in modern design. Consider pairing a more structured blouse with flowing skirts or tailored trousers for a contemporary take on this classic profile.

7. Lace and embroidery

bridgerton fashion 2024

Elevate your look with delicate lace and intricate embroidery inspired by the exquisite craftsmanship of well-tailored Bridgerton costumes. Look for garments adorned with lace overlays, embroidered florals, or intricate needlework detailing to add a romantic flourish to your ensemble.

8. Brocade

bridgerton brocade outfit inspo

Feel like a true queen by incorporating brocade into your wardrobe. Brocade is a luxurious, intricate material characterized by its raised, three-dimensional fabric and intricate ornamental designs inspired by art, nature, and history. The texture is smooth and lustrous, like silk, but with a slight stiffness that allows the garment to hold its shape.

It’s not easy to find modern brocade, but it lends beautifully to the maximalism trend. Although often considered a fancier fabric, there’s something extraordinary about bringing its sophistication and grandeur to everyday wear with blazers, skirts, or sundresses.

9. Romantic accessories 

bridgerton inspired accessories

Accessories complete the Bridgerton look. Pearl jewelry, satin gloves, ornate hairpins, tied ribbons, and embellished headpieces are unique and enchanting ways to add a touch of old-world style to modern ensembles.

10. Empire waistline

empire waistline outfits 2024

Few Bridgerton styles are as iconic as the empire waistline. The empire waist offers a flattering, feminine look that accentuates curves and elongates the lower half of the body. This romantic, playful vibe transcends time and is a perfect addition to 2024’s trending “girlcore” aesthetic.

11. Square necklines

square necklines bridgerton

Although the Regency era had many different necklines, like sweetheart and off-the-shoulder, none were more prevalent in Bridgerton than the square neckline. Square necklines beautifully frame the collar bones and décolletage and create an alluring shape when paired with the empire waist. Square necklines have become popular in modern styles, making them the perfect bridge between vintage and contemporary style.

Modern Bridgerton fashion

Be the main character this spring by channeling Bridgerton vibes into your daily fashion. Regency-era fashion is romantic, opulent, and elegant, and taking these vibes into the modern world adds femininity and sophistication to our contemporary looks.

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