Chic Workwear for the Fall 2023 Season

Fall Workwear

Fall is the season of change, and that includes updating your workwear wardrobe. It’s time to transition to cool-weather workwear that’s polished and professional yet still cozy and chic. Make elevating your closet even easier with these outfit ideas and tips for fall 2023 that are as stylish as they are practical.

1. Embrace autumn colors.

Autumn is filled with rich, natural colors, and pulling these tones into your workwear is a beautiful way to embrace the season in a sophisticated, refined way. Rich, warm shades are dominating the fashion scene for fall 2023, like deep burgundy and vibrant fuchsia.

autumn colors 2023 

You can’t go wrong with browns and beiges for fall. The key to making brown feel vivacious rather than plain is to opt for shades that best suit your unique coloring. You should also mix and match various hues of brown to get a more visually intriguing look. 

browns for fall workwear 2023

Burgundy is one of the hot colors for fall 2023, and it looks stunning when paired with beige, brown, camel, and cream. Red is a powerhouse color, and its deeper cousin burgundy exudes that same confidence and authority.

burgundy fall 2023 outfit 

Consider pairing neutral autumn colors like brown with more vibrant ones like mustard yellow to create an eye-catching look that’s sure to demand attention at work. 

mustard yellow fall 2023 workwear 

If you don’t like traditionally warm autumnal colors, opt for muted, cool tones with the same earthiness, like this blue pantsuit. Notice how the brown leans this color towards fall, whereas a white sweater might give it summer vibes, and black could elevate it for winter. When shopping, try to look for these kinds of versatile pieces that can work through the seasons.

blue outfit for fall 2023

2. Try out classic tailoring with a twist.

Traditional workwear staples like blazers and pencil skirts are a must-have for any professional wardrobe, but fall 2023 is showing fresh, modern updates to these classics.

classic tailoring 2023 

Look for oversized blazers, belted at the waist or cinched with a cross-body purse.

oversized blazer for fall 2023 

Tailored pants are going from skin-tight and fitted to looser and wide-leg.

wide leg fall 2023 workwear 

And keep an eye out for textured and asymmetric pencil skirts. We’re starting to see the world of pencil skirts open up to be a bit more playful and fashionable while still keeping the refinement that makes them a workwear staple.

fall 2023 workwear outfits 

Opt for classic workwear pieces – but in new and unexpected textures. For example, a satin pencil skirt and a knit blouse add a fashion-forward twist to this traditional workwear look.

satin skirt for 2023 workwear

3. Invest in versatile dresses.

Dresses are a fantastic transitional piece – both in the transitions from summer to fall and day to night. Wear them alone for warmer days, or throw on a sweater or blazer for chillier ones. Wear kitten heels to work and flats for running errands. Dresses are versatile and easy to style, making them a quick out-the-door style for those mornings you’re running late. Even a sweater dress can be instantly work-ready with some matching accessories.

sweater dress fall 2023 

Invest in classic dress silhouettes like A-line or sheaths from high-quality designers. The quality of the dress matters when it comes to the overall feel of refinement and classiness. Buying designer dresses on consignment is a great way to access superior luxury pieces at a fraction of the cost – so start browsing our trendiest dresses here.

sheath dress fall 2023 

Consider long or three-quarter length sleeves to provide warmth for those cold autumn and winter days.

fall workwear 2023

Pair dresses with opaque tights or stockings for a fall look that will make you feel confident and stylish.

dress with tights for fall 2023 workwear

Add ankle boots or heels for an outfit that’s just as cute for work as it is for apple picking!

fall 2023 dress outfit ideas

4. Treat the sweater as the new work blouse.

A fitted sweater is a professional choice for most work environments. Dress it up with a skirt and accessories for a professional yet comfy outfit that will keep you warm throughout the day.

sweater and skirt fall 2023 outfit ideas 

Mock turtlenecks and low turtlenecks are trending for 2023. This conservative neckline is great for the office while offering all the fall vibes. I also love a mock turtleneck because it beautifully frames the face and draws attention to your smile.

turtleneck fall 2023 

Even a chunky sweater can look polished when paired with tailored pants, booties, and elegant accessories.

chunky sweater fall 2023 

When in doubt, keep the outfit monotone, like this all brown-outfit with a pop of red shoes and lips. Pairing matching pieces with a singular statement ensures your ensemble is clean-cut for the office.

monotone workwear outfit 2023

Layering is an essential part of fall styling to help you stay temperature regulated and to make your outfits look put-together and purposeful. Sweaters are an essential piece to include when mastering the art of layering, because they’re effortlessly cool and easy to style.

art of layering for fall 2023

What to wear to work in fall 2023

Fall 2023 is the perfect opportunity to refresh your workwear wardrobe with chic, professional pieces. Embrace the rich colors of autumn, experiment with classic tailoring, and add more dresses and skirts to elevate your style this season. 

If you want to refresh your wardrobe on a budget, explore consignment stores for sustainable, affordable designer pieces that will make you stand out at the office. With the right preloved pieces and a little fashion know-how, you’ll curate a workwear closet that helps you exude confidence, sophistication, and prowess this fall 2023 season.


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