How Social Media is Making Fashion More Accessible and Inclusive

How Social Media is Changing Fashion

Social media has changed the way the world interacts with fashion. Social media has become such a big player in fashion that many prominent designers have started using social media to predict trends. In the past, “being fashionable” was reserved for people who could afford only high-end brands and designer boutiques. Now, we’re seeing a shift away from an entirely status-driven industry to the emphasis on fashion as a means of self-expression.

As more “everyday” fashion influencers pop up on the social media scene, there’s been a tidal wave of body positivity, self-love, sustainability trends, and unique fashion options. Let’s take a look at some of the ways social media is making fashion more accessible, inclusive, and diverse.

1. More accessible fashion

Social media has seen the rise of thousands of smaller-scale fashion influencers, bloggers, and everyday fashionistas. Anyone with a passion for fashion and an eye for working the algorithms can emerge as a significant fashionista on social media. Gone are the days of designers and modeling agencies gatekeeping the fashion world.  

This doesn’t just mean more people are becoming fashion icons. It means that fashion icons are becoming more accessible to their fans. In order for these influencers to gain a following, they need to make fashion relatable and achievable for their followers. There’s a very small market for unachievable fashion looks. Most social media followers want to be able to emulate their favorite fashion icons.  

2. Breaking down beauty standards

In the past, fashion was often limited to a narrow range of body types and skin tones. Social media has made fashion more inclusive by breaking down traditional beauty standards and showing the beauty of all women. High-performing content showcases and celebrates a broader range of body types, sizes, skin tones, and styles. More representation is inspiring and empowering a lot of women. This has also had a significant impact on the fashion industry as a whole because big brands have been forced to adopt a more inclusive approach to their marketing. 

3. More awareness and growth for small businesses

Social media provides a platform for small and independent fashion brands. In the past, it was difficult for small to mid-size brands to gain exposure and compete with large, established companies. Social media gives smaller businesses the opportunity to connect with potential customers in fun and authentic ways, creating a more dynamic and conversation-oriented fashion industry. In fact, social media has started to encourage more people to favor small businesses over big box stores.

For example, Current Boutique is a small business that gets lots of new customers from our Instagram account @currentboutique.  

4. Niche fashion aesthetics and customization

Social media has made it easier for consumers to customize their fashion choices. You are no longer confined to what the big box stores are showing each season. Since social media has opened the doors to small and mid-sized businesses, we’re also seeing a lot more pieces in various styles, aesthetics, vibes, and personalities. Whether you like cottagecore, neutrals, designer brands, maximalism, or a personal aesthetic, there’s something for everyone on TikTok and Instagram.

This means that you can curate a wardrobe that’s more customized to you. Your wardrobe should say something about who you are as a person. Fashion is meant to tell a story, so fill your closet with pieces you love. Plus, this will create a more sustainable closet because you’re not buying clothes whenever the trends change. You’re buying what makes you happy.

5. More diversity in fashion

We’re also seeing more diversity in terms of genders, races, cultures, and lifestyles being promoted in fashion. Influencers and bloggers use their platforms to highlight designers and styles that may otherwise be overlooked in traditional fashion media. This fosters a more accepting and diverse fashion community where representation and inclusion matter. This has been a beautiful shift to watch unfold over the last few years!

Check out some of our favorite influencers who rock preloved fashion!

6. Easier to access trends

It’s easier than ever to stay up-to-date on fashion trends and find new inspiration. You can log on to TikTok and find hundreds of influencers doing outfit hauls and try-ons. You can get style inspiration on Pinterest for every item in your wardrobe. This creates a fluid fashion industry where trends emerge, evolve, and shift more quickly than ever before.

These micro-trends can have pros (fashion in the hands of the people) and cons (not environmentally friendly). Learn more about why we love and hate micro-trends here.  

7. Education about sustainability

We’ve been thrilled to see that social media has created a shift towards more sustainability in the fashion industry. Social media has made it easier for consumers to learn about eco and ethical concerns in traditional fashion (especially fast fashion). Also, social media opens the doors to smaller brands that emphasize eco-friendly and ethical practices, like Current Boutique.

Many influencers and bloggers leverage their platforms to promote sustainable fashion, which has formed a more responsible and conscious fashion industry. With so much information at our fingertips, it’s easier for consumers to learn and make informed decisions. We’ve seen many women choose to purchase from sustainable stores like Current Boutique because social media has shown them the dastardly impacts of shopping at big box stores.

Do you use social media for fashion?

Social media is helping create a more diverse, dynamic, and exciting fashion world.  At Current Boutique, we’ve been leveraging our social media to connect with like-minded fashionistas who want to invest in high-quality, sustainable, affordable luxury pieces. Check us out on Instagram @currentboutique to join our community!

Carmen Lopez, President & CEO


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