Trendspotters: 8 Accessories Heating Up Summer 2024

From coquettish sweetness to nostalgic Y2K, summer 2024 is shaping up to be one of the most playful and fun fashion seasons we’ve seen in years.

At Current Boutique, we don’t believe in fast fashion, fast trends, or fast living. We like to slow down and savor the moment, laying in the sun and enjoying the summer breeze on our skin.

Fashion should be the same.

That’s why we’ve curated a list of the hottest summer accessories for 2024 that are not only chic and contemporary but also timeless and sustainable.

We’ve broken down the trending accessories into two categories: girlcore vibes and youthful Y2K. Keep reading to find inspo for your summer wardrobe!  

Girlish trends 2024 

Let your inner child play with accessories that celebrate femininity and girlhood. Delicate bows, whimsical florals, and quiet luxury help you channel your inner princess with grace and elegance.

Tied with a bow

Bows are the hottest trend in 2024 from fashion to home design to wedding décor. Evoking images of romance and femininity, bows are the epitome of youthful charm and girlcore. Although bows are trending, they’re just as timeless as they are cool. Bows have been stylish for centuries and will continue to persist for centuries more. If you have a flirty, coquette style, incorporating bows into your summer 2024 outfits is a must.

bow trend 2024

We’re especially loving preloved bags with glamorous bow embellishments.

bow trend designer bags 2024

Heels with a bow accent draw the eye and add whimsy to your outfit.

2024 bow trend for shoes

You can even tie a delicate bow around your ponytail or half-updo for a simple, clean look.

bow trend 2024

Floral flourishes

Florals will always reign supreme in the spring and summer months, but this year, we’re seeing florals come out in a bold, exciting way. Many designers are showing large, vibrant floral patterns or 3D flower appliques on their clothing and accessories.

florals for 2024

You can adapt the florals trend to your own style, whether you like something vibrant and bold…

floral accessories for summer 2024

Pastel and dainty…

pastel floral accessories for 2024

Or even edgy and cool.

floral accessories 2024

Whispers of luxury

Understated elegance is drifting through spring into summer. The “quiet luxury” trend is the cool big sister to minimalism, taking the idea of a capsule wardrobe and upgrading it without big logos.

quiet luxury 2024

This includes accessories like clean, well-tailored leather purses…

quiet luxury summer 2024

Minimalist pearl jewelry and accents…

quiet luxury trend 2024

And designer sunglasses that fit your face perfectly.

quiet luxury summer trends 2024

If quiet luxury is your style, learn the ins and outs of dressing in this sumptuous, sophisticated style here.

Flats, but with a point

We’re thrilled to see flats making a comeback in fashion. They’re comfortable, practical, and easy to dress up or down. This season, we’re seeing pointed silhouettes with delicate embellishments, crafted from luxe materials like suede, leather, and satin.

pointed flats for summer 2024

They’re a perfect complement to tailored workwear pieces…

pointed flats trend 2024

But you can also find flats with fun patterns and colors for casual wear. 

pointed flats trend

Pointed flats are the new “it girl” shoe, likely thanks to the quiet luxury trend that’s permeated the fashion culture.

cute pointed flats

Y2K reemerges for 2024

Take a trip down memory lane with accessories inspired by the iconic fashion of the turn of the century. From tiny sunglasses to chunky platform sandals, fashionistas are putting a contemporary spin on fun, retro favorites.

Pretty in millennial pink 

Pink is once again dominating the color palette, infusing a bubblegum energy into your wardrobe. Unlike the hot Barbie pink of last summer, this summer we’re seeing the return of the soft, retro pink that will have you missing the days of razor phones, oversized sunglasses, and low-rise jeans.

millennial pink 2024

Today’s millennial pink pairs perfectly with neutral, clean styles…

millennial pink summer 2024

Just as beautifully as it complements bold, daring looks.

millennial pink trends 2024

Whether pink is your go-to color or not, a muted but vibrant pink infuses your summer wardrobe with excitement and fun.

millennial pink summer trend 2024

Go bold with chunky jewelry

Command attention with chunky jewelry. That’s right – we’re seeing the return of big necklaces, heavy chain-link styles, and thick cuff bracelets.

chunky jewelry 2024

The 2024 contemporary version of this Y2K style is less about chunky necklaces themselves and more about heavy hardware, purposefully stacked. 

chunky jewelry trend 2024

Keep it clean and simple with pure metals and pearls…

chunky jewelry trend 2024

Or opt for something fun, playful, and bright to match your personality.

fun chunky jewelry 2024

Wide and waist-cinching belts

Wide, outfit-defining belts are back on the scene. For summer 2024, we’re seeing belts that cinch your waist into an hourglass silhouette while making a statement.

wide belts trend for 2024

These can be a great way to add form to a flowy dress…

wide belts 2024

Or add a fashion-forward touch to your workwear blazers.

wide belts trend for 2024

Although belt sizes and styles come in and out of fashion quickly, they’ve proven to be cyclical, meaning you’ll likely be able to re-wear this year’s belt fashions in a few seasons.

wide belts outfit inspo

Color your world with tinted sunglasses

Tinted sunglasses add a fun pop of color to your outfit while shielding your eyes from the sun’s harsh rays. Channel the spirit of Y2K with vibrant mini sunglasses…

tinted sunglasses for summer 2024

Or something big, bold, and exciting…

tinted sunglasses 2024

Retro-inspired aviators (in a color that accentuates your hair and skin tone) never go out of style. They’re a vacation must-have, too!

tinted sunglasses for summer

Or try tinted lenses with iridescent finishes or gradients for an otherworldly, mesmerizing effect. 

cute summer sunglasses

Summer 2024 accessories

This summer is all about fun in fashion. Whether you’re drawn to the youthfulness of girlish trends or the playful nostalgia of Y2K, accessories are a great way to dip your toe into new trends without changing your wardrobe too much.

Current Boutique offers hundreds of curated designer accessories. We only stock the hottest trends and most classic pieces, so you can feel confident that anything on our shelves will be high-quality, authentic, and on-trend.

Start shopping for summer accessories here.


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