10 Classic Clothing Pieces You Need in Your Wardrobe

Classic Clothing Pieces

Whether you love trying out new trends or you’re a diehard capsule wardrobe fan, every woman needs certain fundamental closet essentials. These 10 classic clothing pieces you need in your wardrobe are our Current Boutique go-tos. If you have these 10 items in your closet, you can make an infinite number of classic, classy, and fabulous outfits. 

1. Classic white button-down

A white button-down can be the most versatile garment in your closet. Dress it up with a pencil skirt or midi skirt for work

essential wardrobe pieces 

Or dress it down with a cute sundress or skirt for play.

white button down essential wardrobe piece 

There’s nothing more effortlessly fashionable than a white button-down, jeans, and your favorite accessories.

high quality white button down 

The key to the classic white button-down is quality. A low-quality button-down will be itchy, uncomfortable, and unflattering, while a high-quality, investment button-down can add polish to just about any outfit.

white button-down essential wardrobe pieces

2. Fitted blazer

The blazer has become the new must-have outerwear piece. No longer contained to the boardroom, the blazer has become the power move for powerful women.

power blazer essential wardrobe pieces 

It adds structure to casual outfits…

casual blazer outfit 2023 

And it complements a chic, French-girl refinement for formal occasions.

cute blazer outfits

A classic black, navy, or beige blazer is a timeless choice that will pair with most outfits in your closet.

chic blazer outfit ideas 

But if you want to make a statement, opt for a blazer in a bold color or unique print.

blazer outfits for 2023 

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3. Little black dress

It’s time to invest in the perfect little black dress. An LBD that makes you feel happy, confident, and sexy every time you put it on.

little black dress essential wardrobe pieces

Not sure what kind of LBD to get? Focus on quality, fit, and style. First, look for a dress created with high-quality fabrics, stitching, and design. When investing in something as important as the LBD, I recommend going for a designer brand. (Buy your LBD on consignment to get designer pieces at a more affordable price. Shop for your next little black dress here.)

quality little black dress 

Next, make sure the dress flatters your figure. Black is slimming on most people, but that doesn’t mean every dress will look and feel right on your unique body type.

flattering little black dress outfit 

Finally, invest in a versatile style. A classic shift dress, for example, can be easily dressed up or down and adjusted for each season.

LBD shift dress

4. Statement coat

The easiest way to incorporate color or patterns into your wardrobe is with a statement coat. A cute statement coat will add personality to your outfit with minimal effort.

statement coat essential wardrobe pieces 

Just button the coat to show off your style while walking to work, then leave it at your desk for more formal business meetings. I like having a “removable” statement piece, so you can adjust your outfit throughout the day.

statement coat for an essential wardrobe

5. Designer handbag

Your handbag is the keeper of your life, so it should reflect your unique style!

essential wardrobe pieces

Designer handbags focus on quality and style. They’re made with high-quality materials and durable construction, so they should last for years.

get a quality handbag for your wardrobe 

Moreover, luxury brands offer thorough attention to detail and craftsmanship, one reason designer handbagsare a cut above the rest. They’re an excellent investment for your life – and for your wallet if you ever decide to resell your handbag on consignment.

investment bags 2023 

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6. Neutral pumps

If you keep up with my blog posts, you know I LOVE a good black or nude pump. They’re the most versatile shoe. You can wear pumps to the office, a cocktail party, shopping, or hanging with the girls.

neutral pumps 

The key to the perfect pair of pumps is comfort. Look for pumps with a cushioned insole, thicker heel, and appropriate height. I love pumps with a raised insole, so the foot isn’t as arched while walking.

comfortable pumps outfit 

You also want to find pumps that suit your style. Pointed-toe pumps are powerful and confident…

pointed neutral pumps 

While round-toe pumps are flirtatious and sweet.

round toe pumps

Psst… “Neutral” doesn’t always mean black or nude. These cheetah print heels can be “neutrals” too, since their natural colors can go with most anything in your closet.

neutral cheetah pumps outfit

7. White sneakers

Sneakers are comfortable and versatile. They’re not just for walking the dog and going to the grocery store. The right pair of crisp white sneakers can become your go-to pair of “flats.”

crisp white sneakers 

White sneakers are fresh and modern, but they’re also a timeless staple for your closet. Today’s classic white sneakers will still be trendy in ten years. So, all you need to worry about is finding a high-quality pair that will withstand the test of time.

white sneakers essential wardrobe

Not sure how to keep your white shoes clean? Check out our clothes cleaning hacks here.

8. Structured skirt

Structured skirts are an easy way to add polish to your outfit. A structured skirt will create a silhouette that can enhance your body’s natural shape.

structured skirt outfit 

A pencil skirt is slim-fitting, ending at or just-below the knee. This classic, sophisticated option can easily go from the office to happy hour to date night.

pencil skirt classic wardrobe outfit

You can even wear a pencil skirt with a graphic tee for a cool, casual outfit.

pencil skirt casual outfit ideas 

An A-line skirt is fitted at the waist and flares towards the hem, giving the illusion of an A-shaped silhouette. This is flattering on many women because it accentuates the waist and adds a sweet, feminine flow.

a line skirt

Wrap skirts wrap at the waist and are secured with a tie or sash. I love how adaptable wrap skirts are with just a few tweaks to your outfit.

wrap skirt cute outfit

9. Flowy maxi dress

A maxi dress is one of my favorite wardrobe essentials because it’s gorgeous yet comfortable. A maxi dress is a dress – generally a sundress or skirt – that extends to the floor.

maxi dress is an essential wardrobe piece 

Floor-length dresses aren’t reserved for formal occasions. There are so many beautiful sundresses and long skirts that can become a new favorite in your wardrobe.

maxi sundress 

You can wear a maxi dress on vacation or for a night on the town at home.

maxi beach dress 

And you can transition your summery maxi dress to fall by adding a cute sweater, denim jacket, or leather outerwear.

fall maxi dress

10. Matching sweats

We’re not talking about Juicy tracksuits here (unless that’s your style). Every woman should own a pair of high-quality matching sweats that make her feel confident at home. I recently purchased a pair of luxurious, ivory, wide-leg sweatpants trousers with a matching ivory knit top; wow, every time I wear it, I feel like I have my life together. Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you should forgo your love of fashion.

matching sweats are an essential wardrobe piece 

If you’re a homebody, matching sweats will instantly transform your morning and evening routine.

cute outfit to wear at home 

Trust me, incorporate a matching sweat set into your 2023 glow-up, and you’ll instantly feel more put-together.

matching sweat set for 2023


What are the clothing pieces you wish you’d owned sooner? DM us @currentboutique to let us know which pieces you think we should promote to fashionistas this 2023! 


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