20 Cute Ways to Style Joggers

How To Style Joggers

Joggers are comfortable and casual and, odds are, you have a pair or two in your closet. Thankfully, joggers are no longer confined to the home. They’re a must-have piece for athleisure and stylish work-from-home outfits, but they’ve also become the new fashion-forward legwear for chic and cozy streetwear. So, how can you style joggers without feeling shabby or underdressed? Check out these 20 outfits that beautifully incorporate joggers into everyday style. 

What are joggers?

Joggers are lightweight sweatpants with an athletic vibe. They were originally used by athletes, but they’ve expanded beyond athleisure into everyday wear. They are typically widest at the top and taper down the leg with a cuffed ankle. They often come with drawstring waists and elastic ankles, which allows for a more slimming look than traditional sweatpants While joggers have traditionally come in “sweats” or jersey material, joggers now come in a variety of fabrics, from lightweight athletic styles to more tailored pieces ready for work.

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Cute jogger outfits

The simplest way to style any pair of joggers is to add a clean white tee or long sleeve. Pair with matching shoes, and you have a casual outfit that feels fresh rather than frumpy.

how to wear cute joggers

Take this look to the next level by adding a neutral overcoat and some of your favorite layered jewelry.

how to wear cute joggers outfits 

For something a little more casual but equally as refined, throw on a denim jacket and baseball cap. I love the addition of the hip bag, which is trending (and practical) for 2023.

how to wear cute joggers 2023 

Notice how the same basic pieces of a white tee, joggers, and a denim jacket go from casual to upscale with just a transition of accessories from a hip bag to a structured purse and from a baseball cap to designer sunglasses and minimalist jewelry.

denim jacket with joggers outfits 

Pair crisp joggers with a cropped tee, clean sneakers, and an oversized blouse, jacket, or blazer for an effortlessly cool aesthetic.

cute joggers for 2023 

Joggers under a long trench or camel coat give that gorgeous model off-duty style that’s so easy to throw together.

styling joggers with an overcoat 

The blazer, jewelry, and sunglasses do the heavy lifting here to make this comfy outfit look oh-so-chic.

blazer and joggers outfit 

Joggers are an essential part of streetwear style. Lean into this look with the addition of some streetwear staples like a graphic tee, a hoodie, and clean sneakers. (I adore the look with the edgy leather jacket, too.)

streetwear sweatpants outfit 

Look how simple this outfit comes together with pieces you usually only wear around the house. Now, make them chic for the street! Bonus points for comfort.

cute streetwear outfit 2023 

Although a lot of streetwear styles show wide-leg joggers, you might want to focus more on joggers with an elastic ankle cuff that hugs your leg. These will add structure to the outfit, enhance your silhouette, and draw attention to your shoes.

how to wear cute joggers 

Make getting dressed even easier with a matching jogger set. Monochrome sweats outfits were trendy in the Juicy Couture era, but now we’re seeing a more neutral and elevated version with draw-string classics.

matching joggers set

Look how stunning this slimming, neutral jogger set is, especially when paired with a designer bag, quality shoes, and a stunning overcoat.

classy joggers outfit

Now it’s time to talk about ~fancy~ joggers outfits. These joggers look like work pants because of the cuffed ankle. Because these joggers are paired with crisp, clean elements, this look goes from casual to work-appropriate. Yup, that means you can wear your sweats to the office! 

joggers work outfit 

Just add a blazer and some cute heels, and you’re ready for work! Oftentimes, people won’t even be able to tell you’re wearing sweatpants, especially if your joggers are slim-fit or structured.

work joggers outfit 2023 

I’m obsessed with the look of joggers and a blazer, particularly an unstructured blazer. This gives a natural vibe that can easily go from work to happy hour to relaxing on your couch.

joggers with blazer outfit 

When it comes to dressing up joggers, it’s all about layering. When you have one casual element (like sweatpants or joggers), you want the other elements to be particularly structured, high-quality, and purposeful.

cute joggers outfits 2023 

Another way to add a touch of elegance to your outfit is with the use of textured joggers. Classic sweatpants joggers are great but don’t be afraid to try out different materials. Velvet joggers are beautiful for the holidays – and you can even wear them to a holiday party! 

velvet joggers outfit 

Linen joggers are a classy touch and perfect for warmer weather. These offer an effortless, laidback, vacation-y vibe while still looking more formal.

cute linen joggers 

If you want to keep it simple, a monochrome look with black joggers and black everything-else will always urban and chic.


black monochrome joggers outfit


Or try out different colors and styles of joggers. What could be better than a wardrobe filled with fun joggers that you can dress up or down depending on your mood?

pink cute joggers outfit 

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