How to Wear the 2022/2023 Winter Pantone Color Palette

Winter Pantone

Color is one of the most critical elements of fashion. Colors not only impact our psychology and confidence, but it also defines our style to the world. Wearing an entirely black outfit is much different than an entirely white outfit which is entirely different than an outfit with sixteen different colors! Certain colors can evoke certain places, memories, and emotions. Colors make us feel something.

Every year, Pantone creates a Fashion Color Trend Report for the fashion industry to determine that season’s color trends. It features the top ten key colors as well as five core classics that were most popular amongst designers for the season. Taking a look at these colors is a great way to get a sense of what colors will be trending this season, but it can also help you figure out which colors will work best for your own unique style.

Let’s dive into what Pantone is showing for the autumn and winter 2022-2023 season, so you can decide which (if any) trending colors speak to you!

Note: The Pantone London color palette is different than the New York Fashion Week color palette. We are focusing on the London winter palette, but we’ve included the corresponding NYC colors so you can play around with colors and styles that suit you. Some of the NYC and London colors are similar, and some are different – and I love how the Pantone color palettes demonstrate how fashion changes and develops based on cultural influences as well.  

Core Classics 

This year’s “Core Classic” colors are those colors that are trending for winter 2022-2023, but they’re equally as versatile and timeless as they are stylish. They are considered “core classics” because they will never go out of style, and they can easily be used as neutrals in your closet.

Pantone 12-1403 Tapioca

Tapioca Pantone 2022-2023

This tapioca color is the pinnacle of elegance. It’s an easy, creamy neutral that looks just as beautiful with black as it does with white. Tapioca pairs perfectly with the rich colors of fall, and there’s nothing more sophisticated and rich feeling than a monochrome cream outfit.

Arctic Wolf Pantone 2022-2023

A slightly lighter version of Tapioca is Arctic Wolf (Pantone 12-0602), which is a soft off-white in Pantone’s NYC color palette for 2022/2023.

Pantone 15-1040 Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee Pantone 2022-2023

If you are a diehard iced coffee fan on even the chilliest winter days, you’ll love rocking the Iced Coffee tone this winter. Although browns are generally considered warm colors, this iced coffee has some cool undertones to it. If you generally look better in cooler tones, this creamy brown might be the right fit for your autumn wardrobe. This is a neutral color that works particularly beautifully in outerwear, pants, and purses.

Autumn Blonde Pantone 2022-2023 

If you’re looking for something a little brighter and warmer, you might prefer NYC’s Autumn Blonde (Pantone 12-0813).

Pantone 16-1347 Peach Caramel

Peach Caramel Pantone 2022-2023

Neutrals aren’t just black and white. A lot of neutrals have a hint of color, and these are usually the most interesting neutrals to incorporate into your wardrobe. This peach caramel is a rich orange-brown that leans more towards neutral territory than orange. Peach caramel is the perfect shade for leather pieces if you’re looking for a classically timeless leather look.

London Frost Pantone 2022-2023

Instead of peach caramel, NYC colors are showing Loden Frost (Pantone 17-0210), which is a more earthy neutral-green as opposed to a neutral-orange.

Pantone 19-4021 Blueberry

Blueberry London Pantone Winter 2022-2023 

We almost always see some sort of navy popular for fall because there’s just something irresistible about the pairing of blues with browns, reds, and oranges. This year’s navy has less black than usual, offering a richer and fuller blue hue. This blueberry is a deep, dark indigo that looks stunning paired with denim, white, and varying shades of warm browns.

Polar Night London Pantone Colors 2022-2023

NYC’s Pantone color palette forgoes the blueberry in favor of the sleek, urban Polar Night (Pantone 19-4105). 

Pantone 18-4006 Quiet Shade

Quiet Shade London Pantone 2022-2023

I love the name of this gray tone because it insinuates serenity and tranquility. We’re seeing this cool shade of gray pop up in a lot of home décor, so we’re not surprised to see it moving into fashion as well. As opposed to a heather gray that’s very light or a deep gray that’s very dark, this is a gentle shade that works beautifully with white, black, other shades of gray, and highly-pigmented colors.

Chiseled Stone New York Pantone Color 2022-2023

Quiet Shade is a slightly darker tone than NYC’s trending Chiseled Stone (Pantone 16-3917), which leans more towards the streetwear heather sort of gray.

London Color Palette 

This year’s London Pantone palette is unique in that it beautifully blends serene, nature-inspired colors like Abundant Green and Cardamom Seed with bold, fiery ones like Dragon Fire and Molten Lava. This year’s hues emphasize the dichotomy of our human needs for both stability and excitement, serenity and vitality. These colors focus heavily on individuality, opening the door for outfits that are filled with brightness, bold patterns, and a more maximalist leaning.

Pantone 18-1555 Molten Lava 

Molten Lava London Pantone 2022-2023

I am obsessed with wearing red. Not only is red super flattering on many women, but it also is psychologically shown to add a confidence and power boost! This Molten Lava shade is a fiery red but with deep, rich undertones. This sophisticated pop of color moves perfectly from an autumnal aesthetic to the holiday season with just a few tweaks, and you will be able to re-wear these pieces year after year.

Lava Falls NYC Pantone Winter 2022-2023

Molten Lava is similar to NYC’s Lava Falls (Pantone 18-1552), but Lava Falls is slightly deeper and darker than its brighter Molten Lava cousin.

Pantone 16-1460 Dragon Fire

Dragon Fire London Pantone Colors 2022-2023

Orange can be tough to wear, but when done well, it’s a stunning statement that’s sure to turn heads. The winter 2022-2023 season is seeing a bold, vibrant orange with this Dragon Fire shade. It’s the perfect accent piece if you’re looking to enliven your wardrobe and brighten your mood. Style tip: if you’re not sure a color (like orange) looks good with your skin tone, wear it as your bottoms and keep your blouse a flattering neutral color! This ensures your face still pops, but you have more freedom to play around with colors and patterns in your wardrobe.

Orange Tiger NYC Pantone Colors 2022-2023

NYC’s Orange Tiger (Pantone 16-1358) is very similar to Dragon Fire in its whimsicality, fun, and playful nature.

Find colors that best speak to your natural coloring with this DIY seasonal analysis.  

Pantone 19-3526 Meadow Violet

Meadow Violet London Pantone 2022-2023

With cottagecore still very much on-trend, we’re not surprised to see this decadent and enchanting hue of purple hit the stage. This is a more muted violet as opposed to a bright, pigmented purple, which makes it more approachable for everyday streetwear. If you’re already itching for spring to return, adding a little Meadow Violet will help bring your favorite purple flowers to life this winter 2022.

Rose Violet NYC Pantone Winter 2022-2023

In NYC, rather than a muted purple, we’re seeing Rose Violet (Pantone 17-2624) hit the scene. This purplish pink is bright and zingy, and it looks stunning as an accent to black and white outfits.

Pantone 18-6026 Abundant Green

Abundant Green Pantone 2022-2023

Abundant Green is nearly true-green with little leaning towards yellow or blue. This verdant shade will have you thinking of crisp leaves and groomed grass, but it’s also the perfect Christmas-y color when paired with white or red.

Amazon NYC Pantone 2022-2023

The NYC equivalent Amazon (Pantone 18-6024) is just two notches away from London’s Abundant Green, showing that some color tones are beloved worldwide. 

Pantone 14-0952 Spicy Mustard

Spicy Mustard London Pantone 2022-2023

Spicy Mustard is an exotic color that looks stunning with warm-toned skin and hair. If you’re looking for an accent color that is striking yet subdued, Spicy Mustard will do the trick. Pair mustard and navy for an irresistible fall combination that is unexpected yet timeless.

Samoan Sun New York Pantone Colors 2022-2023

Remove some of the gray elements of Spicy Mustard and you get NYC’s Samoan Sun (Pantone 14-0851), which is a little brighter and more pigmented than its London counterpart.

Pantone 17-4032 Lichen Blue

Lichen Blue London Pantone 2022-2023

This year’s trending blue is muted and serene, indicating a tranquil oneness with nature. It is evocative of childhood snow days, especially when paired with white or cream pieces that draw out the cool tones of the blue. We’re seeing this blue show up in velvet wrap dresses, long cardigans, and even full pantsuits.  

Midnight NYC Pantone 2022-2023

NYC’s color palette has a slightly darker shade in Midnight (Pantone 19-4127), which is more suggestive of an evening twilight than its lighter Lichen Blue counterpart.

Pantone 13-2005 Strawberry Cream

Strawberry Cream Pantone 2022-2023

Strawberry Cream is a light pink reminiscent of – you guessed it – strawberry cream. What I love about this shade is how much white it incorporates while still holding its bright pigment. This is the perfect Y2K pink that is flirty and feminine. It’s a unique statement piece when paired with traditional red and white holiday outfits.

Nosegay NYC Pantone 2022-2023

NYC’s pink shade is equally as light and pigmented, but Nosegay (Pantone 14-2806) is slightly more reddish, like a pink petunia, compared to the sweet, candy-like Strawberry Cream.

Pantone 14-4618 Waterspout

Waterspout Pantone 2022-2023

Waterspout is an icy, frigid color that’s as bright as it is chilling. This refreshing blue is equal parts summer-pool and winter-snow, making it a perfect addition to a year-round closet. It is reminiscent of the bright sort of pastels we saw in the ‘90s, especially in this sort of greenish-blue tone. With the resurgence of Y2K fashion, we’re not surprised to see this shade hit the fashion scene once again.

Pantone 2022-2023 Waterspout Color 

This is such a popular color for the season that the same shade is found in both London and NYC!

Pantone 19-1419 Chicory Coffee 

Chicory Coffee London Pantone 2022-2023

Chicory is deeper, richer, and earthier than traditional coffee beans – and this Chicory Coffee tone reflects that! This roasted brown is unfailingly sophisticated and classy. It is perfect as a dark accent when worn with lighter browns, but it is also mysterious and elegant in a monochrome ensemble. This color is perfect for those who can’t get enough of the dark academia aesthetic.

Caramel Cafe NYC Pantone 2022-2023

NYC’s brown is much lighter and smoother. Caramel Café is more reminiscent of a cozy fall day nestled up with a delicious cup of caramel or hazelnut coffee. This is the light academia sister to Chicory Coffee’s dark vibe.

Pantone 17-0529 Cardamom Seed

Cardamom Seed London Pantone 2022-2023

Cardamom seed is an herbal sort of green, reminiscent of forest moss, cooking herbs, and cottagecore vibes. It leans more towards a citrusy sort of yellow-green than a pure green or jewel tone (like Abundant Green). This is a beautiful warm-toned green that looks stunning when paired with browns, off-whites, and other warm neutrals.

Martini Olive Pantone Winter Colors 2022-2023 

New York’s equivalent is Martini Olive (Pantone 18-0625), which leans more towards a grayish green than a yellowish one. This is perfect for the NYC girl who loves sipping a martini in her all-black outfit.

Which Pantone colors are you going to be rocking this winter 2022-2023? DM us at @currentboutique with your favorite Pantone shade!



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